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Evidence released his third solo album Weather or Not on January 26, 2018 via Rhymesayers Entertainment. The production was handled by Alchemist, DJ Babu, DJ Premier, Nottz, and more. The album has features from Defari, Jonwayne, Khyrsis, Hommy, Rakaa, Rapsody, Slug, Styles P, The Alchemist, and more.

Weather or Not is a follow up to his 2011 album, Cats & Dogs and is the last album of his Weatherman series. Here is the Dead End Hip Hop album review of Evidence’s Weather or Not.

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Lamont Williams says:

So The best album of 2018….Rosebudds Revenge part 2…..the bitter dose…

Brenden Moheit says:

Review Maxo Kreams Punken, there is no reason not too

Michael Haight says:

Damn no love for Jonwayne

Multiply187 says:

Arcstrumentals vol.2 please

hud1231 says:

gotta review Apathy- the widow’s son

ODD Future says:

Cozz – Effected review

Jesse Lopez says:

If y’all don’t stop playin and hear that Victory Lap – Nipsey Hussle

Thomas Mabika says:

y’all be crazy stupid if you don’t do Apathy Widow’s Son review!

The Progressive Brit says:

how feefo complaining his flow slow when he loves jay z lol

Austin Watts says:

Please review Tech N9ne’s new album Planet. Many people are saying it’s his best solo project since “All 6’s and 7’s”. The main critique given by you guys on the last project you reviewed “Something Else” was that it was too long. Many people complained about his last album featuring too many people. This project has little features and a concise length (run time just over an hour). I really would love to hear your opinion on it guys. Thank You.

Lamont Williams says:

Roc Marciano….The G.O.A.T…

flopcom says:

Can you please review Hope World? It dropped March 1st and hit #1 on real-time iTunes charts in 63 countries!

NotRealMusic says:

I don’t really get the appeal. He’s introspective and lyrical but you need great songs to back that. The beats are pretty generic honestly, we’ve heard these a thousand times before. His delivery is pretty dull as well, I dunno I just feel anything from this. Jericho Jackson is a much better indie rap album.

Anthony Celestin says:

Review Lil Wayne Dedication 6 Reloaded, Wayne calls himself the GOAT in the mixtape. On the song where he raps over Takashi 69 Gummo he says “Cut the head off the sheep and send them all around the goat/GOAT, OMW.” Basically Wayne is saying he will cut your head off if u dont believe hes the GOAT. Hes call out everybody in that line by calling people sheep which they go wit the popular opinion that hes isnt the GOAT and they go wit the trend by naming other rappers that are the GOAT but dont go against the grain and say Wayne is in that #1 spot. Yall and every rap purist got to change your opinion of Wayne when he got bars like that.

NoahKhloeADon says:

Can y’all please review mozzy album

Bizarre N Rugged says:

Evidence is my least favorite rapper, I’m not saying he isn’t lyrical but he’s just boring to me. kinda like how J. cole is.

Daniel † DeJesus says:

ppl of a certain generation who were exclusively into cashmoney or eastcoast rap of the day rarely listened to Hiero, specifically the goat DEL. so they cant appreciate Slug’s style.

What IF R.A.P. Music says:

yoooo  new Black Milk album is fyyyrrre

Lamont Williams says:

PLZ review…Roc Marciano….RR2. The Bitter Dose……

djwarzone1 says:

Very Excited to listen to this. Thanks for the review guys!

S. P. says:

Could you review Hope World by jhope. It’s very throwback to 80’s and 90’s hiphop styles, even though it is in Korean. There are subtitles/English trans available. I’d love to hear your take on it.
Also how much do you think the language matters when it comes to music, especially when the lyrics – however good – comes in a language you don’t understand.

Michael Haight says:

MACH HOMMY HAS HELLA PROJECTS . Y’all need to get hip to him

YaRiKun says:

Can you, please, review mixtape Hope World by JHope? It was released on March 2nd and got #1 on itunes in 75 countries. It’s has old-school beats with house and moders trap influence.

Ovni Cabezon says:

D6 reloaded

Alejandro Ramirez says:

Loved the review but didn’t hear much about “to make a long story longer” and I thought that was one of the better tracks on it.

Peter the Nigerian Ⓥ says:

0:52 Rod wrong for all that hahahahahaha

Sir Robinson 22 says:


exisco says:


Jeremy Mohawk says:

CTown at 7:20 on slug. Haha

Umang Khosla says:

Please review Jericho Jackson

The DON says:

Review Hopsin no shame

Vee Vee says:

Review sob x rbe gangin


Roc Marciano’s RoseBudd’s Revenge 2: The Bitter Dose

Zachary Medeiros says:

Myke, Mach Hommy has a project dropping today actually. His debut

veksone77 says:

Nah, I’m with you son, Slug is wack…

ghstkllh _ says:

So they not goin to talk bout jonwaynes cum hand??

Shane Wallace says:

Review Blu & Exile : Below The Heavens

jersey Mcgee says:

Yooooo yall need to Review Roc Marciano’s Rosebuds Revenge Pt2 -The bitter dose, hiphop album of the year so far for me.

Giveth Taketh says:

review forever m.c. album.


Where is d6 reloaded?

Adam Phillip says:

Need to review that new Apathy album “The Widows Son”.

Reese NineEightNine says:

One of the dopest albums to release as of now. The beats on this thing is outrageous plus Evidence’s wordplay on here

TeerdKrepp says:

Y’all should review the new SOB x RBE album

damon johnson says:

So you’re not going to do Nipsey Hussle

J. E. Mason says:

Where is that Skyzoo Review? I hope it comes before that Phonte

Deven Mckay says:

Agreed, on all levels. Thank Yous!

Alejandro Ramirez says:

Glad you finally got around to it and it’s been probably over a month. Really enjoyed getting to know evidence for the first time listening to this album. Now I’ll watch the review.

Wilson Kids says:

Review SOB X RBE

Osman Iqbal says:

Evidence is a really incredible producer. Go and listen to his Purple Tape and Green Tape instrumental series, they’re really good.

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