Flatbush Zombies – Vacation in Hell Album Review | DEHH

You asked for this so here it goes – the Dead End Hip Hop album review of Flatbush Zombie’s ‘Vacation In Hell.’ ‘Vacation In Hell’ is the second studio album by the trio. It was released on April 6, 2018. The album has features from ASAP Twelvyy, Bun B, Portugal, the Man, Jadakiss, Denzel Curry, Dave B, and Nyck Caution. Check out our review and let us know what you think of the album in the comment section.

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DEHH presents: Who the hell is Damone Tyrell?

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ks2774 says:

47 Minutes Podcast ep.2 had Flatbush Zombies on there. Anyone else see that? Never listened to them before, but that was good had to check for ’em after

LonnieBruno says:

Denzel Currys verse on The Glory >>>>>>>>>>>> Joeys verse on vacation

Henry Sadlo says:

I don’t think they picked up on all the hip hop references on headstone, or if they did I figured they would’ve enjoyed it more cause the lyricism on that track is top notch

Afro Jamz says:

Rod came in late with the Favourite Tracks instrumental lol

Iroquois Plisken says:

Hey ya’ll, did yall know that Logic is biracial?

Dont Push Blackk says:

Review DaysB4 ll by LUCKI

Frank L. Garnica says:

My favorite tracks (because I feel u didn’t gave the love these tracks specifically deserve):
– U&I
– Headstone
– Chunky
– Trapped
– Best American

Chris Hernandez says:

U&I is a personal track, Get Yours is another one.

Fernn Plant says:

What do these guys know?? Lmao

JEFFMAN90 says:

Lol finally

jAIME _ says:

Damn, y’all been putting in work! Thanks for all the videos

Kanye West says:

Nigga in the gray shirt left his hairline at home !!!!

jason stubben says:

Take the glory out? Y’all trippin

King Divine Master says:

I’m glad y’all reviewed this, FBZ is definitely making my top ten list of 2018 and I want a FBZ album like the Speakerboxxx/Love Below concept split into two parts of solo work.

Dilan Ross says:

Headstone is arguably song of the year

StupidIsAsStupidDoe2 says:

I can’t believe you guys haven’t reviewed the new Pusha T, it’s been out a whole 24 hours!

Hippie Shrimps says:

“I mean they’re rapping over banging beats and making good music, but outside that what is there?”

Really? Are you mad that they aren’t mumbling? You literally described what you typically want in a good music.

mehoo8 says:

I want a spin-off show with Feefo listening to new releases in his whip before the DEHH review.

minh pham says:

Finally thankyou

Henry Sadlo says:

Thanks for getting around to this project, I don’t know if it’s just me but I think the zombies are really personal dudes and in front of the camera a lot

Mutale Malama says:

I play Reel Girls everyday. Without fail. I LOVE that shit man. The beat just speaks to me.

Anthony Adams says:

I feel like yall didnt sit down with this album well enough. Like I could have sworn yall would have went more in depth with the verses they were spitting on Headstone…or just how hard HELL-O was

And they definitely gave a lot of their back story. About Juice’s child, or Eric’s mom, or how meech was growinf up.

This was definitwly one of your weaker reviews. I mean it was only 15 minutes.

jason stubben says:

This review was terrible

Chef Sweaty says:

How was hell-o not given any praise, that beat drop with meechy’s voice is sickkkkkk

Chancelor Schreiber says:

How the hell did yall miss U&I? It’s personal and it’s solid overall, even with single capabilities. Keep it up tho, DEHH yall some real ones

The Genius Director says:

I can’t believe y’all didn’t talk about Headstones where they all reference a bunch of Classics and match them with their bars ! Fucking Ridiculous

trent evenson says:

Honestly this review is so misleading, listen to the album for yourself. Sit down and take your time listening to it and what they say. You’ll get more out of it than this 15 minute review

Socal Junior says:

Wow yall are just lost on FBZ lol

NotoriousYeshi says:

I enjoyed ViH. To me it was much better than 3001 which i found boring. BetterOffDead is still my favorite project of theirs, but I liked where they went with this one.

jonjo shelvey says:

What is the song at the end

Inglewood born L.A. raised says:

No headstone?????

WillMusic says:


Paul says:

great review guys

Darryl Miller says:

Can you please review …

Sylvan Lacue

These albums were released early in the year and as new music comes out these albums are being pushed into the back of our memories. I think two of these albums are neck and neck for album of the year.

Shawn Davis says:

We need a video on Kendrick and the white girl that said Nigga

Caylon Summers says:

They’ve done ItsTheReal twice, Rap radar, just did The Breakfast Club, did 47 Hours. What more do you need from them lol

TuskTheOtaku says:

I feel like they got pretty personal on some of the tracks. U&I talked a lot about their relationships with each other, Trapped had Meechy rapping a suicide note, etc. But yeah this is mostly knocking beats and dope flows, which is totally fine by me. Nice review guys, glad you guys back.

Sami Karra-Batak says:

This review is a 4/10

yung noc says:

TO THE PERSON WHO DOES EDITING ON THESE VIDEOS. Sir, there’s too much bass on the videos. I dont know if you are boosting it or mic placements affects this. Kinda infuriating hearing the muddy mix.

Dorian Priester says:

Man I been a patron for like 2 years bruh. But yall are definitely tripping on this review. Man that Flatbush album is the shit. Listen to 3001 laced odyssey then this. They definitely progressed. This album like a dope hip hop album period. It has rap and r and b and super dope production Erik produced 16 tracks. But Feef wildin. Mike wildin because they shouldn’t take nothing out period. Not deep?? Not giving themselves? #zombiegang

anandban says:

if you’re a true DEHH fan you already know modest media didn’t film this lol. Great review as always.

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