Flatbush Zombies – Vacation in Hell ALBUM REVIEW

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzLJCu95RKI&ab_channel=FlatbushZombiesTV

Vacation in Hell has its share of great songs, but many of the deep cuts find the Zombies punching below their weight.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Jhawk says:

9:18 the “facts” is not an “overly cartoony voice” its just them shouting facts.

Ashen Hesh says:

This guy is a dickhead

Srucio Xra says:

Well this is dumb

Myth Turtle says:

Come on melon! Wtf

Dro Lee says:

Ive had it on repeat this album is great.

Landon Wells says:

I trusted you, this album was fucking amazing

Jorge Navarro says:

lmao fuck this guy. making the same music is NOT easy

Divine De Vice says:

You’re Trash…

J Smoove says:

As seen as he said Interpolate I left.

Rafael Dominguez says:

It definitely didn’t feel like a slog when listening to the album but I do agree with the questioning of the flow of the album, it sounded like they were trying to have the same type of flow in songs as in 3001 but it doesn’t flow as good but the songs are great no matter what

fmb1013 says:

Ur trippin you hippy yuppy hoe

Charles Johnson says:

6/10 is far too low, show credit where its due


This is their transformation into the mainstream, it’s all downhill from here for them. But they gotta get that chedda

NinjangoLegoMovieIsVeryGood Aight says:

This album was too long and a bit obnoxious, some decent bangers but not great. I agree with the melon

Golden Rooster says:

You’re gay.

Henry Langerveld says:

Personally I don’t think this album disappointed cause it has a classic Flatbush vibe as well as moments with more of some of the trippy stuff from 3001, on top of that I enjoyed some of the more personal stuff beyond political issues which seem to be a constant for the group and more talk about their family lives and (sorry I’m blanking on who referenced it multiple times on multiple tracks towards the end) because it showed they could hit hard on a more one on one level and not rap about the political issues we see them and plenty of other rappers talking about in most of their big songs nowadays. You also mentioned the tribute to yams which I agree had some nice lyrics to them and a catchy beat. Idk how you’re viewing this cause I’m obviously me and you are obviously you but have you considered that maybe some of their development or the directions they’re trying to approach is a route that allows them to dig into what they experienced in their lives more than just what we are always hearing about through the media and social conflicts appearing left and right? I think this album was more of a seven because they’re continuing to develop a sound and attempting to approach other topics that mean something to them, I also don’t expect perfection the first time they attempt this but I constantly found myself bumping to their beats and enjoying their flows and honestly the ideas they’re attempting to explain on some of the tracks. I’d love to hear your response on this and to know how many times you’ve given it a listen too develop this opinion cause I think I haven’t given it enough either since it only came out just over a week ago. I could quite possibly see this album being one you return to later and giving it a different score either better or worse but for now I think a more experimental album like this deserves a higher score and a few more listens.

Have Heart says:

i’m entirely convinced you didn’t listen to the same album as me. as soon as you said it felt longer than it was i knew this review was just gonna go downhill. coming from someone who fell in love with their sound since better off dead, this album is 100% their best work yet. it’s a 10/10 if i’ve ever heard one.

Silas Fisher says:

man I really wish I didn’t agree with a lot of this 🙁

Kevin Luster says:

Mac miller shouldn’t be reviewing other rappers albums. Course it’s gonna be biased

Mitchell Burr says:

&&A Girl Cried Red by Princess Nokia

Stratoscrafter says:

Someone needs to slap the melon out of him

Freddy Hernandez says:


Kobe Pincombe says:

I agree, but disagree you were too harsh. But I think there is a couple songs the best, but still have amazing production and they spent time making it, and even those are better than 80% of the shit out rn. This album should at least get a 8/10 u&i headstone facts vacation crown glory big shrimp leather synthony reel girls m.bison youaremysunshine like 80% of the songs were good so I wild give it a 8/10

xHip says:

Ima eat your ass for this one Fantano. You smoking crack!

International Relations says:

Anthony’s spot-on with this one. Go listen to “Better Off Dead” and tell me they couldn’t have done better with this album.

Joe Green says:

I’m not going to sham you or your channel, you’ve turned me on to so much good music. I appreciate you and the work you put in to these videos. But, HOW IN THE EVER LIVING FUCK IS THIS A 6?

MrUnluckycharms13 says:

You’re the worst

manuel solano says:

Yeah I’m gonna have to disagree but I can kinda see what you’re saying.

Mitchell Burr says:

Pookie Baby hit that review button

maxwell grandle says:

Zombie gang bitch, act like you know

ShutYoMouth says:

This album is pretty fucking average, and in some cases it’s below average. There’s a bunch of dislikes and “Disagree” comments from their stoner fan base, but this album isn’t really anything special. Just because they take liberties that are different from their discography does not mean this shit is good. What world do we live in where trying something new automatically makes your album new? This entire album, they spent trying to sound like their contemporaries, or they tried to sound like artists of Hip Hop’s past. This album definitely deserves a 5 or 6/10. It’s not awful, but it’s easily a forgettable album.

OG TV says:

10/10 album.


How is this as good as cardi b’s album? She is straight trash lmfao. You’re compromised lol

ziqurats says:

I just wanted to say again – fuck you melon , this review sucks

Ben says:

I can tell he literally listened to the album one time his opinion is invalid

Sticky Nugz says:

you don’t have a clue do you, jesus

Shafiat says:

wearing stupid ass glasses for his stupid ass opinion.

Saulo Barranco says:

At 8:12 he says, “i dont want to beat up the album from beginning to end” DUDE you just said negative things for 8 minutes straight?!?!?!?!?

LeoneTheLiger says:

Nigga dis album deserve infinity/10
Same thing for 3001
And every mixtape dey don released

Roshi Flaco says:

Big shrimp went hard asf. We disagree my sir. Its not always about substance.

Blaz3r says:

The goddess was one of Erik’s best beats and you didn’t mention it

Jonah Goughnour says:

Link to glasses pls.

jimi snowluck says:

Niggas with the most opinions usually have the least…xD

Carter Bliss says:

this guy bugging

Joey hills says:

There is not a single song on VIH that’s better than bounce, this is it, or new phone who dis

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