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Freddie Gibbs released his new album ‘Freddie’ on June 22, 2018 through ESGN and Empire Distribution. The project has features from Irie Jane Gibbs, 03 Greedo and Cassie Jo Craig. The album has production from Gibbs, Freddie Kane, Kenny Beats, Adrian Lau, RichGains and Tony Seltzer.

What are your favorite tracks?

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DaMaven7 504 says:

That Freddie album to me is wack

Lil Vegas says:

First time I seen Dead End Hip Hop show up on my feed since forever. I wish I can support but the last time I was a fan was 2012 then they gave a review of Life Is Good and the Nas fan out the group sad it was trash. Never took then seriously again and that was 6 years ago. Good to see them still trying but a lot of folks jumped of this train cause of shit like that.

Brandon Malone says:

This was alright but where Taboo at man?

Jordan Clemons says:

Bandana 2 will be better than this project

Dipson Pradhan says:

Queen plz

Joshua Kane says:

This album bumps at the gym

MrAjama9 says:


Dorian RC Taylor says:

Album was trash

InsanityRabbit says:

Show some love to Token

shaun biz says:

I fuxx with yall for this positive feedback

Solarisxx says:

great review guys, thanks

Shot By Nolan says:

The project was fye. I haven’t heard Gangsta Gibbs in this pocket since Pronto or Shadow of A Doubt. A sampler before Bandana.

Christian9TNAT3 says:

Freddie Gibbs is the closest rapper we have to Pac at this moment in time, in terms of style, swagger, flow, gangster shit.. Meek is a close second..


give us TA13OO or give us death

Dallas Ryder says:

Weight is my Go to track. On my last heavy set on bench or squat. Shit bumps period

Beau Jones says:

This is cool bit i’m gonna need that Ta13oo

Michael Hudson says:

you guys should do a vid where you all give your top 5’s

King Bri says:

Can’t wait to see ya’ll review of Queen

Ben Reid says:

So Myke finally maxed out his stealth skill huh

Brandon Malone says:

If they not gonna review Taboo cause of some personal BS, Pretty much ken old ass shitting on imperial. Which is decent at worse but imma have to unsubscribe. That’s wack, It should be about the music first

Fist Benoit says:

shadow & Yolo 2 beats were the perfect blend of beats for him IMO

Ernie Diaz says:


reubenbf says:

I love how Mike pops out at around 6 minutes

Sedrick says:

This was fucking hilarious! Amazing review guys

Solarisxx says:

Thanks for reviewing this Freddie Gibbs Album DEHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i asked for it on the midyear video , much thanks

mrpostman730 says:

Yea I LOVED this album and I get and agree with Everyone’s POV with this review….Bandana here we go!!!

Triple O.G. says:

Is that needledrop on Beezy shirt?

Kenneth White says:

Yo. Some of these niggas look sus to me. Idgaf.

Larry Legend says:

React to J Cole new song

rorvis gilmore says:

When y’all gonna react to TA13OO?

Lena Hedger says:

Bolder trap more so than dark.. but I get you. Agree. Loved it. Although death row and toe tag where both dark. I liked most of it.

SpeedHomeAttack says:

Already know ya’ll like the album before even watching the video. Had this album in your top albums of 2018 vid.

Rob Cleaver says:

I love when Feefo gets super excited about an album aww yeah

Wes Stork says:

#kenanticipated in the “if your watching” part

Jordan Clemons says:

Freddie over soulful production >

malikwms96 says:

Review Dave East “Karma 2”

Solarisxx says:

this album “bumps in the whip” (:

Cornbread says:

Didn’t know myke was in the video until 6 mins in

Cash Carti says:

Lol Travis sold 550k, still doubt him?

Glenn Quagmire says:

2:33 when your girl tells you her parents won’t be home for the night.

Chris Kusiolek says:

Lot of the content on here was pretty redundant for me, but maybe it would take me to a different place after a whip bumb

Jus Gee says:

On the Fin Freddie is not
to be fucked with ,ALMIGHTY Unknown to the Bone

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