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Artist reviewed- @sipofreality

Instrumental by- @nododatlaf
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Blenkaaa /BLYAT says:

Wow Bro Suck my dick

ged_kid says:

Thanks for watching the first episode, I used the same microphone Nav used on the Yosemite song lol but sound will approve on future episodes. Thanks for the support, you all are awesome !

Luis Aguilera says:

This youtube channel gonna be be huge one day

Kj Life says:

Yo it’s Yung Krieg.. Nows your chance to hop on the new wave before all the clout chasers jump ship..

Julian Castillo says:


niko loncar says:

Back in my day, we done beef on the streets of Club Penguin

Mark Cervantes says:

You should also check out Freddie Gibbs and Curren$y’s collab album “Fetti”, it worth a listen!

NotSnorvo says:

mic quality boo boo

Tragiic Storm says:

OG Fan

Tarkyn Fin says:

I’m here first episode if u blow up

John says:

if you could do metro boomin i’d appreciate

castro6xx says:

Bro wait on. You gon be the next akademik. But Bigger. All facts g

Diego says:

This vid lit

Brody King says:

Nicki side for sure. But I definitely agree with you

1xrxaxrxex1 says:

imma supporter of you for months ❤️

Tyrique Smith says:

Takeoff defiantly

wiredhenry says:

Going to be the best channel on youtube no cap

Dylan 17 says:

This shit gonna be legendary

John Broski says:


Giannis Antetokounmpo says:

get better mic good vid tho

Nosha Reif says:

I love your content bro

Desmond .23 says:

Good shit. This series creative and unique af love the stuff you doing

loncelle daley says:

Bruh I don’t like cardi or niki

Vordon says:

This a massive W

jakob the G.O.A.T says:

Can you listen to Flatbush zombie preferably thug waffle

Hippie Red says:


niko loncar says:

Gedthony Kidano

Chros Meatif says:

Nice video man keep it up

MrChepe 209 says:

Aye been following you on instagram and saw this video on your story

Daishawn 15 says:

New favorite youtuber

Charles Hernandez says:

That kanye seen i get that Get Out reference

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