Ghostface Killah – Supreme Clientele Classic Album Preview

We know this came out in like 2000, sorry we took so long to get to it…lol

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DEHH presents: Who the hell is Damone Tyrell?

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Stin Herrick says:


1443 says:

To what’s that on the background beat?

Ralph L. Baer says:

How can y’all speak about this album and not being up gems like Mighty Healthy?!? Y’all reflecting back on when y’all first heard of Ghostface??

Big Pump says:

Okay, so which album do y’all think is better? Supreme Clientele or Fishscale? Cause, for me, I go back to Fish more often than Supreme, but I feel like that’s the opposite of most Hip Hop heads

Tim Drake says:

Still remember that feeling of excitement the first time I heard this album

Adam Hyde says:

We need a YSIV revisw

Roger says:

Wtf is this tease

sluggish _ says:

classic 100%

Slacker says:

GZA made a diss track towards 50 Cent called ‘Paper Plates’ and 50 cent gets killed

Oscar Salinas says:


Loren Latino says:

Listening to this album for the 1st time back in 2000 gave the immediate impression of a true masterpiece.



12w0 says:

Jedi Mind Tricks – Psychosocial […]

Lil Faggit says:

Review some K-Rino, Deprogrammed please

Quake SRK says:

No diss to smif and wessun but heltah skeltah is the better group in BCC. Great album though.

Jama says:


str8todamoney says:

We finally get a new beat!

Smittytheking1218 says:

Man imma sign up for their patreon just to vote for that slept on Smif N Wessun

Quincy M says:

Y’all niggas reviewing everything BUT C5

Donta Feazell says:

They need to do: Action Bronson’s Rare Chandeliers with Alchemist, Currensy’s Carrollton Heist, Willie the Kid Masterpiece Theatre, Action Bronson’s Well Done, Roc Marciano and DJ Muggs Kaos, Creestal Difference’s, Little Brother The Ministrel Show, Most Def’s Black on Both sides, 6black’s mixtape with problems.

James Whitman says:


Konta Marah says:

Bruh where is Carter 5 at?

James Gandfini says:

Nutmeg is one of the best hip hop tracks ever

Kumar Prakhar says:

Carter V?

Kampala Twich Kampala says:

Ken be looking like DEHH lawyer making sure the team does not disrespect the OG

Rap Bst to wst says:

Still waiting on doomstarks
Btw review mm food or madvillany

Aces says:

Best ghostface album, to me ..

“Doctor Kanabuta. Iron Man, he is invincible. His remarkable armor is SUPREME!”

Matthew Wylie says:

Rest in Power to Lord Superb who held Ghost down during this time and had some influence on the album. Truly believe Ghost wrote this whole shit but I think he had a lot of dope mc’s in his affiliated crews to keep him hungry though. Classic album.

ijerk777 says:

Roc marciano badh

King Divine Master says:

This is the best solo album out of the Wu, Fishscale is it’s spiritual processor…

David Rosen says:

What album got mentioned at 0:40?

Narcissistic Batman says:

me against the world should of been a go

Saleem Gyau says:

Rest In Perfection Lord Superb

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