Gunna – Drip or Drown 2 Album Review (ft. The lowmid Podcast)

lowmid Podcast: R Smelly –

Gunna released his new album Drip or Drown 2 on February 22, 2019. The album was released on Young Thug’s YSL Records and serves as the sequel to his Drip or Drown EP released in 2017. The album has guest appearances from Young Thug, Lil Baby, and Playboi Carti. The album has production from Wheezy, Turbo, and more.

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Haris Ahmadzi says:

I wish they had reviewed Oxnard instead of Father of 4 and this trash ass album

Vithushan Esan says:

these guys grew and improved so much on their reviews…proud to call myself a dehh fan

ATL Knowledge says:

Hold on, Y’all never reviewed a Young Thug Project, only one Future Album, barely any other ”mumble rappers” yall never even talk about.

Askell Tomlin says:

album is trash

Kris Owens says:

35 is not old. 35 is grown.

Mayham beats says:

They just trying to be Playboi Carti. Who has the best sound out of the trap artists today.

D. MUSA says:

Been a fan of DEHH for years now. It’s good to see the Boys at LowMid doing their thing.

Jonny Boyce says:

What kind of mythological creature is black, outspoken against white people, and refuses to date black people? Can you be outspoken against the only race you date without looking like a hypocritical loser?

Coach Pettigrew says:

No Myke no watch. We control the content

Groovy Jay says:

THey did gunna before reviewing GHerbo…. k

Nicholas Colantonio says:

Not surprised Myke didn’t show up to review lol

Ak DaScholar says:

Review DAVE’s album Physcodrama, one of the best artists in the U.K.

AQGOAT24 says:

I like Gunna but he’s more of a singles artist not an album artist to me. He has some great singles but if I listen to an album it does get boring a lot. It seems like his albums are good for finding a few good singles to put on a playlist

matt M says:

myke made a good call not discussing this one. Gunna’s too generic

crimsonblad5 says:

“You got to listen to Gunna on a playlist” But…It’s an album review so..?

DreDaDon__ says:

Myke said he good on this one lmaoooo

Chris Bosh Neck says:

Birkin bag

Miraj Patel says:

Gunna is amazing. I don’t think y’all understand.

Zai// says:

Childish Major is actually from South Carolina. He moved to ATL to further pursue his career

Marwin Nel says:

Should do a review on dave psychodrama

ozzyzak says:

LowMid podcast is dope

Ys - says:

Feefo is struggling with his beard

Tez Mania says:

Who you foolin & Yao Ming is my two fav

Nicholas Colantonio says:

The fact Beezy missed the hooks was wicked funny.. I couldn’t differentiate them either

It's Me says:

Looking forward for *Blu & Oh No*

The Hip Hop Times says:

You know this album bad when Feefo said his favorite song is “Car Wash” and the song is called “Cash War”

Expatriate777Life says:

Album is trash. One long song…smh!

Robert Liscio says:

Common guys no Yelawolf Bloody Sunday, Mountain Dew Mouth and Elvis Messy. Those 3 are straight fire Yela is in his bag right now and crazy beats, serious bars, multiple style switches, voice/tempo changes, singing, talking, rapping, funny, smooth, fast, hard as fuck, some straight redneck country smooth rap, riding the crazy beats the best he ever has! Yelawolf is in his prime right now, he found his sound and is going to be a superstar if he keeps this shit up!

Donte Etheridge says:

can’t believe they actually reviewed gunna… sheeshh that album fire doe

New JoeButtons says:

The vibe with Lowmid is fire. Make more review with them.

lucariojet says:

I’m not gonna lie – the first video that had these guys felt like they were forced in (I partly think having all 3 of them in and not getting a chance to see them one by one, like we did Kon, hurt). Now – I love their inclusion. They really bring that new perspective and look at things differently from the OG members. They’re honest and not trying to cater to anyone, while actually bringing opinions worth listening to (I feel like Huey, in particular, has really found his groove and place in the group). Genuinely excited to see them again

Desmond Hawker says:

IDK why y’all bother posting reviews without myke. He’s clearly the best reviewer in the crew and when he doesn’t feature I just stop caring.

G12 The UndaDawg says:

Yo i fxck with this show tough. Im bout to watch the review. But this isnt necessarily yall realm of music. Im not hatin’ but after years of watchin, you get a sense of what folks like. Salute to yall doe

Mayham beats says:

I only liked 4 songs tbh.

Ryan Hamilton says:

Gunna is trash he’s nothing without lil baby lol he can’t carry his own album at all

Alika Ostermiller says:

these young guys have good perspective.

00ABBITT00 says:

Terrible music, worst “review”.

Marco Herrera Chico says:

top 3 songs
On a Mountain

2.Derek Fisher

3.3 Headed Snake

Jonny Boyce says:

I don’t ever wanna hear Myke C-Town say anything about white people when he refuses to date black women. Uncle Tom-Town.

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