Hip Hop Album Review Part 134: N.W.A. Niggaz4life

Album Singles:

1.N.W.A. – Alwayz Into Somethin’ Video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxAEXUyGM94
2.N.W.A – Appetite For Destruction Video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvIGS-ea_Gk
3.N.W.A – Approach to Danger Video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIzmo8FcbvU

N.W.A On Arsenio Hall- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPJjb5JIMEU

NWA – Interview @ Yo MTV Raps 1991- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UL9aqCEhZnc

RARE: NWA @ THE MTV AWARDS [1991]- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrlfzN2TclQ

1991 NWA Concert- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1L6WomMTA1Q

N.W.A. – EFIL4ZAGGIN: The Only Home Video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DO7OrcQBJzs

Music Played:

1.House Of Repz- U Gotta Love Us
2.Jungle Borthers- How Ya Want It We Got It (Native Tongues Remix)
3.The Lost Children Of Babylon- Revolution In Now
4.No I.D.- State To State (Beatnuts Remix)
5.Scaramanga- What You Deal Wit???


VodCrack says:

I love both Straight Outta Compton and EFIL4ZAGGIN equally. It kind of annoys me the way everyone talks about NWA like they only put out one classic album but all of the real fans know that the second album is just as dope.

chennao says:

Very underrated album

Kizz my Azz says:

Niggaz4life >>>>> Straight Outta Compton

Frankesson says:

Funfact: This was supposed to be Eazy’s 2nd album but the others couldn’t get him to record the songs because he was always in the streets hustlin.

Mike Sears says:

Approach To Danger is my favorite song I meant

blackturkdog says:

I appreciate your honesty and input..that’s the sign of maturity. I like what you said there.

blackturkdog says:


blackturkdog says:

10:22..actually the “I smell pussy” phrase was from Spike Lee’s “School Daze”

Mike Sears says:

Excellent Review my dude. Niggaz4Life is without a doubt my favorite N.W.A album. Approach To Danger. I seen the movie this afternoon. 12:00 PM showing.its fucking Phenomenal. highly recommend it!

boris demelkboer says:

can u maybe do a vid showing us ur rarest cds and maybe a review on jamal, english frank or herb mxgruff if u have any albums great review btw

Dank Dank says:

2011 9th grade, had this album on rotation heavy.

Nesta Mwape says:

I think it’s a very smart album and can be taken to be quite tongue in cheek when you listen to it in depth

Eric Stewart says:

Do the review about NWA’s 1987 album NWA and The Posse if you have S.O.C., 100 Miles & Runnin’ and Niggaz4Life as well. In my opinion, Niggaz4Life was too much misogynistic and porn-ish for me to listen. MC Den shined on this but it never match to SOC w/ Ice Cube. I can’t understand why Eazy would keep Jerry Heller on his side until 1994 in the first place. No Vaseline tops it all by shut down the NWA machine for good. I’d Rather Fuck You was sampled by Bootsy Collins’ song I Rather Be With You. Eazy-E on that note was too wildness and craziness with that unprotected sex stuff when Niggaz4Life came out. But I respect both Dre and Eazy altogether even both guys never write their own lyrics in the light of day. She Swallowed It was the sequel to their other song Just Don’t Bite It from 100 Miles and Runnin’ EP. If you have NWA and the Posse album, review that!!!

MovinTargetGaming says:

Your cd ain’t come with a poster?

xtremeone4 says:

This was always my favourite album generally speaking for a long time. I enjoy it less after realising that although the songs were entertainment (with a little bit of a reflection of social commentary) these guys really did some of the shit they rapped about and spoke highly of on this album I.e … Dre beating up women and Ren actually catching a rape case in 93. The album still has timeless production and the flows and delivery were top notch.

Mads Toftgaard-Hansen says:

Man Niggaz4life is one of stupidest albums i’ve ever heard, and by that i mean it’s a good thing, like the lyrics are so over the top it almost sounds like a parody of gangsta rap and it’s just hilarious. And the beats are just sooo, FUCKING Amazing! better than chronic imo. I tried to count how many times the words “fuck” and “nigga” were used and i counted “241 Niggas” and “258 fucks” :D.I kinda get ridiculed for listening to hip hop cos they say it’s nothing but “WE HARDCORE MOTHERFUCKING NIGGAS THAT ARE FUCKING YOUR BITCHES BUSTING SLUGS IN THE MUGS OF SNITCHES” and i say No that’s not at all what it’s about but Niggaz4life and the Geto boys are two of my favorites so they’re kinda right 🙂 Anyway man good video 🙂 Also it gets my vote for Album of 1991 followed by Ice Cube and De La Soul

SuperOldschool1994 says:

Nice review man, seeing this on my lunch break. I’m definitely seeing Straight Outta Compton tonight, but you best believe the bandwagoners are going to fill some movie seats with no respect or knowledge of NWA. I mean, it’s whatever, even my girlfriend is seeing it even though she knows like one song from them. I’m curious to see how they fit the Niggaz4life era in this movie because that’s when they were at much controversy with Ice Cube gone and how this album was more hard edge than Straight Outta Compton. I agree with everything you said about this album, just listened to it at work a couple hours ago. “Automobile” is fuckin annoying to me, easy skip on that shit and the fact Dre allowed something like that on the album he produced becomes questionable. Anyway, I checked out your Shock Of The Hour review today as well, missed that review. Peace man.

Underground Hip Hop says:

I’m so fucking tired of these high school fucks pretending that they know who the fuck nwa is when really all they ever do is listen to drake, that shit really pisses me the fuck off!!!

Shark Theory07 says:

just wish u played some of the songs instead of some off topic music.

Mike Sears says:

Excellent Review my dude. Niggaz4Life is without a doubt my favorite N.W.A album. Approach To Danger. I seen the movie this afternoon. 12:00 PM showing.its fucking Phenomenal. highly recommend it!

TheJManGames says:

Ice Cube did killed ’em on that No Vaseline joint

The ultimate sayian says:

Hey man I’m only 13 and I listen to this stuff all the time. I love this album I love mc ren shock of the hour album to I also think straight off the streets of muthafucking Compton was dope.

vefover says:

I thought this was their 3rd album?…or was N.W.A and the posse not considered one of their albums

T wrocks says:

I love this album. Extremely overlooked in comparison to their debut.

Raymond Frand says:

even though cube left, the album still a classic

Kevin Umba says:

The album was better production wise.

Nath Jones says:

Good production, crap lyrics.

BluRayNation says:

Appetite For Destruction has always been my fav N.W.A song but this whole album is dope and is an essential hip hop/rap album

chaunt100 says:

classic!! and also one of the funniest albums of all time as well. automobile and id rather f–k you, 1800 madd and the other skits are hilarious! word up

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