Hip Hop Album Review Part 177: Ice-T Return Of The Real

Album Singles:

1.Ice-T “I Must Stand” Video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUoiFH6Aw7o
2.Ice-T “The Lane”- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cc01E56Pzc8

ICE T rap city 1996 interview (he talks about relationships)- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XTGIBDf3hM

Ice-T on Conan (1997-02-26)- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1umwiC7KX6k

Ice-T – Interview with Jools Holland (1996)- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=161fkq5GJKU

Saturday Night Live Special (05.04.1996) Tupac & Ice-T performance.- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uG8WdTeTn_M

Music Played:

1.Royal Flush- Movin’ On Your Weak Productions
2.O.C. & Buckwild- What I Represent
3.PNS- Slow Motion Lifestyle
4.Brand Nubian- Grand Puba, Positive & L.G.
5.Oktober Zero- Whats The Diff (Bogota & Ochoa)
6.Q-Unique- Questions Feat D Stroy & Freestyle


John Mcdonald says:

how u going celebrate ur 100 CD collection video?

indyvinylz says:

i bought the cd in the 90s (97 i think), and now also have the 2LP version, and i really like this album a lot, and itz def. underrated. i mean, i never was a huge fan of his raps, but some of the beats on this album are super dope.. and the features are also strong, imo. the guys really rippin it on syndicate 4 ever. sure, the laid back girl stuff is kinda lame, but the other tracks really makes this a favorite of mine. nobody talks about this album, and thats a shame, as it should get more attention by boombap lovers. thnx for the review steven… oh and my favorite track off the home invasion album is defenitely “funky gripsta”… i was blown away by the energy this girl had, when i first heard it in 94.. the rawness on this track is incredible. peace, dj skeli

Johnny Rio says:

Must admit I clocked out after Home Invasion. I never thought Ice was the strongest lyricist or had a tight flow to his rhymes, but his storytelling style was always interesting and he was an originator, no doubt.

Ross Hartley says:

Dope review as always, definitely agree with you completely. Certainly a pretty underrated album that more people should check out, it’s a good album. Title track is definitely my favourite, loved the dark production on that. I hope you can get the rest of Ice-T’s discography someday!

John Mcdonald says:

I think u should give a the fans a tour, and show us where u stash ur collection I remember u use to have them in a box that’s how long I’m been a fan of your work keep it up

foreplay1981 says:

immobilarity1, I have some rap cd’s i wanna send you. how can I get in contact with you? so that I can mail you the CDs.

KillahTapes'93 says:

I remember when this album dropped but I had already tapped out after O.G. & never got around to it. I love his lemonade commercial that’s out rite now! “is that ice-t? no, it’s lemonade man! delicious!” Haaaaa! nice review, thx 4 sharing.

blackturkdog says:

Tipper Gore is the ex-wife of Democratic Senator, Al Gore.

She started the PPMRC..a bunch of politician wives who initiated the “parental advisory” label on cd.

MovieJohn says:

never heard much of Ice T music after Original gangster always liked that album and ones before it

Eric Stewart says:

I remember that album when it came out. Ice-T’s steam at that time was running out. I enjoy listen to Return of the Real and The 7th Deadly Sin albums because it was heavily overlooked. Anyway, Ice-T refuses to jump-ship nor dipping into the G-Funk bandwagon because he kept it true and originally without getting no airplay. That’s why Ice-T is very smart of his own. I choose Ice-T and Ice Cube over N.W.A. in my opinion.

Ivan Arias says:

Yo if mc ren and scarface battle each other immobilarty who you think would win

KSA ProductionZ says:

I went off the radar with Ice T when this dropped it just seemed like ice t was running out of oxygen

Finessed Analyzer says:

Could you review To Pimp A Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar?

Nath Jones says:

Not his best but still good, great upload G.

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