Hip Hop Album Reviews Part 171: Ice Cube Kill At Will EP

Album Single:

1.Ice Cube – Jackin’ For Beats Video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTfkAicXmEo
2.Ice Cube – Dead Homiez Video-

Music Played:

1.KRS One- Throwdown Feat Cold Crush Brothers
2.O.C.- Burn Me Slow
3.Alucard- What They Gone Say Feat L.I.F.E. Long
4. Raw Produce- Cycles (Grooveman Spot Remix)


Johnny Rio says:

Recently (re)bought Cube’s first four (essential) albums, but somehow left this EP out… perhaps I should rectify that.

Jimmer-man Dunne says:

Good shit bro. Have you done defaris album focused daily?

Nath Jones says:

….Yeah I wish he would go back to this sound too.

KillahTapes'93 says:

“the product” my joint off this ep. still got my og cd press & a vinyl re-issue. always wondered if that pre scuffle skit to “jackin’ 4 beats” is a sample or not!? loved your celebrity rant ha! I had a similar experience with WF wrestler “the ultimate warrior” back n the day ha! Another dope review! thx 4 sharing your thoughts.

Mr_Mayhem_101 says:

Another dope album review

Dope- C says:

I found it at best buy but I was broke

Cable75 says:

i got that on a vinyl double album with amerikkka’s most wanted.
do ya collect vinyl?

craig strachan says:

Have this ep with the 2002 AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted reissue and the 2015 reissue and there was a 2011 reissue on a label called Rockbeat Records but don’t have that 1 .This was a great ep with the Endangered Species Remix ,Jackin’ For Beats,Dead Homiez ,The Product was an underrated but a dope song and I Gotta Say What Up which is him giving shoutouts to his peers.Also liked the Get Off My Dick And Tell Yo Bitch To Come Here Remix which was kinda funny but telling male groupies make it quick get your autograph,picture and step ,Overall a great ep and a must own .

Tony Richens says:

ice cube hard to kill

Brother Biz says:

https://www.discogs.com/de/sell/item/364675534 sellin this album for a nice price.

freddie lugo says:

I1, u right he really isn’t funny, just saw some of his performances. reminds me of Reggie from the Nutty Professor. look like Reggie and Sherman traded places!! good review my dude!!!

Retro PAL says:

Dude, I just ended up copping a near mint condition 1st pressing Vinyl of this album.
How much do you reckon it would be worth?

SuperOldschool1994 says:

To this day I still don’t know why MC’s didn’t get at Ice Cube for jackin their beats. Lawsuits should have been left and right……but then again most of those songs he jacked had samples……so maybe the artists of those samples should have went at Cube? Along with the artists beats? Man, Ice Cube got away with mass murder.

DjPlatform204 says:

Yeah dope review man.. I remember buyin this album and the 100 miles and running ep by nwa back in 1990 on casette tape!! That video Dead Homiez was always on the music station back then.. Cube in his prime for sure.. he only put that out I think cause of the nwa diss from 100 miles and runnin tho

Brother Biz says:

Sean Price – Kimbo Price
Boot Camp Clik – Triple Threat Box Set
Goretex – the art of dying
ill bill – whats wrong with bill
Necro – i need drugs & gory days
Organized Konfusion
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five – The Message (First CD Release)
!!!!ALL RARE! ON SALE ON EBAY!!!! for anyone whos interested in purchasing rare Hip-Hop CDs. i have a ton more to sell, but i have to sell these first before i can sell more

freddie lugo says:

had me rolling over when u said “he ain’t even that funny, fat fuck”!!!

Nath Jones says:

Killer ep, al the tracks are solid.

Dead homies was the killer cut, great review Steve.

Joey Harman says:

Gotta pick this one up real soon

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