Hip Hop Album Reviews Part 25

Just showing you guys some of my music collection and doing mini reviews.

Albums Reviewed:

1.Jadakiss- Kiss Tha Game Goodbye (2001)
2.Naughty By Nature- 19 Naughty III (1993)
3.Killah Priest- Heavy Mental (1998)
4.Double X (AKA Double XX Posse)- Ruff, Rugged & Raw (1995)
5.Eric B. & Rakim- Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em (1990)
6.2Pac- 2Pacalypse Now (1991)
7.Master P- Mama’s Bad Boy (1992)
8.LL Cool J- Mr. Smith (1995)

Naughty By Nature- Hip Hop Hooray Pete Rock Remix- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-gCpTq6W-M

Naughty by Nature – It’s On (Beatnuts Remix) (1993) [HQ]- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRWCRoau1rA

Killah Priest – One Step / Fake MC Video- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeFB7JNTPLI

Killah Priest Feat. Inspectah Deck & Gza – Cross My Heart Video- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCpspbt4uXA

Double X Posse – Money Talks Video- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILumzSOv38U


djDMANCQ says:

Your Hip Hop Knowledge Is On Point..

dazzledizzledun says:

Jadakiss album was overall garbage, some great tracks but a solid 4 outta 10. NBN album 4 outta 10,not as good as their first album. ABC LOL Uptown Anthem wasnt on first album, on Juice sdtrk…Heavy Mental was a second rate Wu album, a def 4 outta 10, dont waste your money on it if you dont have the Wu albums…

mauriciorapdo says:

for me, “let the rhythm hit ’em” is a great song (crazy percussion), but the instrumental “Eric B made my day” is a gorgeous DJ’s scratch performance; “run for cover” a powerful and hard-hittin’ track; “no omega”…man, that drums are Mad ! he he & “in the ghetto”-“step back” are a slow-tempo’s pretty dope songs…how u can see, the old school is my school, hehe…keep goin’ with that reviews, man, this is CULTURE & KNOWLEDGE for the world….Peace : )

indyvinylz says:

the double x album is one of the best albums from the 90s.. wordup !! 🙂

Nath Jones says:

Double XX Posse Ruff Rugged and Raw was hard as shit and one of my favs of all times, ‘knock it off will ya’ I must have played that track a million times

Keepitfresh02 says:

whats the joint playin at 4:30?

J says:

wait so if eric b didnt do the beats on ”let the rhythm hit em” what was his purpose on the album?

J says:

so what’s the difference between the dj and the producer? sorry if that’s a stupid question

Young47M says:

hm ok lol

The Driver says:

love these vids man thanks

Retro PAL says:

Hey I found two copies of 2Pacalypse Now at JB Hi Fi. Why’d you say it was out of print?

TheJManGames says:

Love that Double X – Ruff, Rugged & Raw album

Tony Avila says:

Damn I wish I had that Double X – Ruff, Rugged and Raw album. That album goes for 100 bucks and up these days.

J says:

so what did eric b actually do when they were making the album? xD

dazzledizzledun says:

In The Ghetto single was a remix which was not on the album…and if you a fan of early 90’s hip hop you will have this album, this dude garbage yo. As P.E. said Give It Up Give It Up Give it up….

A.R.M. Records says:

Double XX Posse is From Jersey City Bk is my cousin and  he thanks you for this review 

A.R.M. Records says:

Well they are not recording anymore bk the dj is producing with KayGee from NbyN. Bk help produce my new album Evelyn’s Oldest Son which I hope you can review on your page. Send me your info to armrecords@gmail.com so I can mail you out a hard copy of my album

Jason Cross says:

That Album Ain’t No Damn Clasic Are You Serious?

kielich00 says:

what’s the name of the track played in 18min ??

Young47M says:

jo bro can u review master p – ghetto postage and gameface?

ProtectedSouls4 says:

Jada mixtapes, especially ones with Ghost or Sheek I still fuck with but I can hardly enjoy his albums today you’re right if he made another Kiss the Game Goodbye that’d be bananas I have same issue with Sheek in recent yrs holy shit the beats are horrible.


It’s a shame that Kiss The Game Goodbye isn’t considered a classic by a lot of people, it has all the elements a classic should have

dazzledizzledun says:

Yeah change that r n b track, ya played yourself there lol

Holiday Styles says:

We Are The Streets is a classic Kiss Tha Game Goodbye and Kiss of Death are dope but his last couple albums aint been that good he need to get off the major labels the commercial tracks they be pushing always drag down his projects. That’s why Styles is the best in the LOX he went independent and his subject matter work rate mixtapes and albums been a lot better than jada. I’d love to hear kiss do a whole album with Alchemist every track they have done together has been a banger

Keepitfresh02 says:

I would appreciate that my man. much respect. peace.

B.B.Z Darney says:

word bondage my homie, i seen some heads mention the Auto focus ticking,
you able to just put on Manual Focus so it doesnt change automaticly?

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