Hip Hop Album Reviews Pt.14 (The Black Friday Edition)

Just showing you guys some of my music collection and doing mini reviews.

Albums Reviewed:

1.Nas- Illmatic (1994)
2.Busta Rhymes- The Coming (1996)
3.Busta Rhymes- Anarchy (2000)
4.Method Man: Tical 2000: Judgement Day (1998)
5.Nas- I Am…..(1999)
6.Nas- Nastradamus (1999)
7.Various Artists- Ghost Dog: The Way Of The Samurai- The Album (1999)
8.Redman- Muddy Waters (1996)
9.Snoop Doggy Dogg- Doggystyle (1993)
10.Various Artists- Wu-Chronicle Chapter II (2001)
11.Redman- Whut Thee Album (1992)


MaadAzzGang says:


Breaks Ups 2 Make Ups was featured by D’Angelo. Janet Jackson was only on a skit which was called Message From Penny.

chaunt100 says:

c’mon Ra, Kane’s, Krs’s verses have withstood the test of time. i’ll take Raw, Ra’s ghetto or no competion, follow the leader, Krs’s- my philosophy, outta here, love’s gonna getcha, cmon there is too many to mention. These guys are the bearers and the standard
of mcing. They did not have to create a ficticicious character-drug dealer or killer They put it down with the LYRICS!

Khalil bartlett says:

What song playing 0:12

DaRapPhenonmenon says:

according to the ghost dog soundtrack  you should start doing full length soundtrack reviews

chaunt100 says:

RZA beats were crazy were on that one. Cakes with G-Rap and Stay with me- 12 0 clock were my favs. T2 is so slept on-Killin Fields is my fav track.

chaunt100 says:

who’s your top 10 mc’s of all time? Is Jay-Z the greatest?

Oliver Hernandez says:

Yo word that nastradumus album and song was his wackest but has some good songs

The Daydream Sound says:

Good reviews man!

Raymond Frand says:

illmatic, the coming, doggystyle and whut thee album are my favorites on this list

Anthologylife14 says:

Yo I can’t decide which one is best! Redman Muddy Waters or Dare iz a Dark side looool

MaadAzzGang says:


Another thing, 2pac also had 2 nr 1 albums the same year with All Eyez On Me and 7 Day Theory

TheJManGames says:

What’s that song playing in the background at 6:52?

King FelixJ says:

Break ups 2 make ups with Janet jackson? Cone on Bro you mean D’Angelo. Lol its all good. Judgement Day was Method Man at his best

chaunt100 says:


Anthologylife14 says:

word up!

prince112233 says:

whats the background song at 16:40 (is it reggae?)

Arup says:

damn i thought u was my age (16)… all of those albums i enjoyed, except i havnt listened to ghost doug nor the wu chronicles

redlanternman says:

Im a sub of yours and was wondering if you have had a chance to cop that Redman joint from 06 called ”Red Gone Wild”Its a Great Red Album!!And was hoping you could do a review of that release and give you’re thoughts.Thanks and Peace.

sebastian aykler says:


sebastian aykler says:

GHOST DOG soundtrack oh man, i remember playing that in my cd discman being driven to school in the morning. the track stay with me 12 o clock feat. tekitha GOT ME HOOKED. man, 12 0 clocks verse was 12 seconds long, it was like 4 bars and i had it on repeat until my discman started skipping. yo, one of the best soundtracks to date! thanks!

Anthologylife14 says:

YO! thats exactly how some of my friends are i live in UK and everyone doesn’t like early 90’s and late 90’s they love mid 90’s which is just 2pac and that’s it and mostly listen to French montana and rick ross all day and claim they are hard LOL. Also i love 80’s hip hop too and EPMD 🙂

Anthologylife14 says:

Ahaha Same here man. Whenever I play Dare iz a Dark side its my favourite and when I play muddy waters thats my favourite too loool but not to put whut thee album down I love that album too yo 🙂

Raymond Frand says:

woo haa came out in early 96

051290ma says:

Everybody liked Muddy Waters but I loved the Dare iz a Darkside that album hit that note for me.

spacecake bermudez says:

whats the second song at 4:00?

darren ford says:

Tical is such a good album, and Muddy Waters is one of my favorites. Good review man. I’m a big fan of 90’s hip hop.

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