Hip Hop Album Reviews Pt.17

Just showing you guys some of my music collection and doing mini reviews.

Albums Reviewed:

1.Onyx- Bacdafucup Part II (2002)
2.Esham- KKKill The Fetus (1993)
3.Smif-N-Wessun- Dah Shinin’ (1995)
4.Lost Boyz- Legal Drug Money (1996)
5.Lost Boyz- Love Peace & Nappiness (1997)
6.Jay-Z- Reasonable Doubt (1996)
7.Lords Of The Underground- Here Comes The Lords (1993)
8.Fugees- Blunted On Reality (1994)
9.Natas- Doubelievengod (1995)
10.Esham- Closed Casket (1994)

Esham’s Website: http://www.acidrap.com/

Camp Lo – Feelin It ( original demo ): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKcXZUoZX9c
Was intended for the uptown saturday night album, but jay-z jacked it


Danil Marks says:

Esham is far from horrorcore by the way pimp

Anthologylife14 says:

Okaaay thanks for the feedback man

Nathan Cifuentes says:

Reasonable Doubt Is The BOMB

Darrion Brown says:

What’s the song playing in the background at 3:52? Sounds familiar

MeeshUniVerSoul says:

Hey bro, what is the song that’s playing at 11:30?

ItayAndReaz says:

I just bought Reasonable Doubt like 1 week ago.. this is my favorite Hip Hop album..

Anthologylife14 says:

I loved fugees 2nd album The Score but I never heard their first one is it good as The Score?

Danil Marks says:

Review some more Natas and Esham please

BomberMonkAssassin35 says:

I’ve been listening to Esham & Natas since 2001 let me say i got hooked on it not instantly but as time went on they’re shit grew on me and i appreciate it cause most wack mainstream rap artists now wouldn’t touch on shit like what natas and esham talk about if you put (natas & esham) in a freestyle battle against all of these mainstream crappers they would all fall like dominoes one by one at the hands of both esham & natas…

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