Hopsin – No Shame ALBUM REVIEW

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJC8lwHej-A&ab_channel=Hopsintv

No Shame is not without a few highlights, but on the whole it’s Hopsin’s most tone-deaf album to date.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Gunner Dohrenwend says:

So you’re telling me no shame > cherry bomb?

Explore deez nuts says:

Dislike. Psh you buggin.

Krafty says:

I genuinely thought you’d like this album more haha boy, was I wrong.

Trev says:

jesus, why do you fucking hate everyone… the rotten tomatoes of music

g u says:

Is “self-serving” really a valid criticism? Art is self-serving.


Lil pump tape: 7/10…

Hopsin (No Shame): 4/10
Kendrick (DAMN): 7/10
Jcole: never got a 7

only a white boy with glasses and a receding hairline can give ratings like this about rap.

Tim Romberger says:

You dumb fuck, just stick to those bitches who pay you to say highly about their shit rap

Angel c says:

Happy Ending was fucking golden

Tim Romberger says:

So why exactly does this dude hate on Hopsin? It’s not just this album, but all of his albums. This dude gonna make his situation involving his baby momma, seem like just a reason to rap??

John Mark says:

Shut the fuck up you prick, don’t know shit about rap let alone music in general

marty sheehan says:

this dude dumb as fuck lol

FERDA says:

Review Lil Dick Jeffrey dad

Ashe O'Drane says:

This is all the needle drops opinion. It makes me laugh when people stare their opinion as if it’s a fact

John Mortimer says:

Someone sounds triggered

CrazyDude 1267 says:

Happy Ending was trash

MrManDude says:

I hops in the pussy and no Im not talking bout Marcus

Ryan Rivera says:

Just waiting for Dizzy Wright-State of Mind 2 album review…

your mom says:

hip HOP

Gabriel says:

This guy gets laid once a year

rampage_misfit says:

So Eminem threatening his wife for 5 minutes on the song “Kim” is brilliant and introspective but Hopsin taking about how his girl cheated on him and got him kicked out of Australia is narcissistic and self serving? Stop lecturing him about his life choices and review the damn music.

CrazyDude 1267 says:

Hopsin need help with his problems

Justin B says:

I used to like Hopsin when I was an edgy teenager. Now I can’t stand him. He’s a grown ass man that whines and cries like he’s a fucking emo kid in middle school. It’s gets really annoying, really fast. Eminem used to be the same way, but his songs are still interesting and he wasn’t always up front about it like Hopsin.

K . I . D says:

“he has an Eminem complex” an album that was released soon after he gets fucked over. That’s an unfair critique. Kinda like getting upset with someone after a Death because they’re grieving.

SpooxBeatz says:

Complains about mainstream rappers being bad with storytelling….

Finally someone starts storytelling and he calls it “ petty drama “ …make up your mind fantano

TIRION And more says:

Correction: Pound Syndrome came out in 2015

SerialVapist says:

I don’t enjoy hopsin’s latest album. mostly him bitching about his ex’s. kind of depressing. even though you feel the same, you’re a piece of shit. I won’t even say why. why should I? you either won’t agree or will be proud to be that sort of person. aka trash. please don’t have children. for the love of humanity

Tim Romberger says:

Who the fuck is this bald ass bitch anyways? You one of them White boys who can’t appreciate real rap

Daniel Ryan Craig says:

jut do the rating so when can make fun of you

Alexander Nevermind says:

@ ThE cRiMiNaL bLaCk: Mr. Fantano didn’t give Hopsin 4 stars because of he had a problem with Hopsin advocating for the equal rights of Black folks. That’s bullcrap.
I’m Black and even I think Hopsin’s musick is TOTALLY GARBAGE. Please don’t make this particular discussion on a NO TALENT “artist” exclusively a racial issue. It’s not. If you suck, then you suck PERIOD. Regardless of your race, gender, or genre of musick you perform.

Angel c says:

Okay this review sucks ass honestly and he did not get the album

SmellMy Feetus says:

Your reviews suck, but the comment section is golden!


Bruh you clearly don’t like hopsin, this is not a transparent review, idfwy

Ben Aaron says:

7? oh

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