Ice Cube – Everythang’s Corrupt Album [Review/Reaction]

Ice Cube Everythangs Corrupt Full Album Reaction / Review.

Ice Cube’s Everythang’s Corrupt album arrived later than expected … and just in time.

The project was set to drop several years ago, but was placed on the backburner so that Cube could focus on his other projects. Some fans wondered if Everythang’s Corrupt would ever see the light of day, as the legendary MC hadn’t released a proper album since 2010’s I Am the West; however, Cube reassured his fans that the effort hadn’t been abandoned and that it would arrive before 2019. Ice Cube Album.

Ice Cube Everythangs Corrupt tracklist:
1 Super OG (Intro)
2 Arrest the President
3 Chase down the Bully
4 Don’t Bring Me No Bag
5 Bad Dope
6 On Them Pills
7 Fire Water
8 Streets Shed Tears
9 Ain’t Got No Haters (feat. Too $hort)
10 Can You Dig It?
11 That New Funkadelic
12 One for the Money
13 Still in the Kitchen
14 Non Believers
15 Everythangs Corrupt
16 Good Cop Bad Cop

“It ended up taking longer than expected, but I’m glad it did, because the timing is perfect,” Cube said on Beats 1 radio. “Because if you look around, everything is corrupt. If you look at the situation on every level, there is corruption.” Everythangs Corrupt.

The 16-track album includes the previously released single “That New Funkadelic” and the anti-Trump record “Arrest the President.”

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Mider-Span Man says:

What is the clip from in the beginning where Ice Cube is in the car and reacts to that garbage music?

Alex says:

One of the hardest ice cube lines is the one about a bitch is a bitch is a bitch is a bitch sounds pretty Gucci to me

Shammago says:

When I first previewed the album my first reaction as ehhh but then I fully listened and I’m HOOKED. Haven’t felt this good about an Ice Cube album since Raw Footage.

DharMik TaNk - says:

What is your Outro Song Name Bro !!!!
BTW Live Your Work

Marco Wulur says:

great intro that inspired me

NOLi says:

Still kickin it….. Wish rappers nowadays do the same

thick_bangz_69 2 says:

Albums amazing I just don’t like when cube gets political

Archol says:

It’s great album (as always), but i think Cube is kinda monotone

Amos Melkersson says:

love this album but I’m 16 years old so I don’t know any older songs from ice so can u guys give me some tips? Except it was a good day

Larskin13 says:

Nice review but each political song definitely doesnt deserve a 10/10 they were good dont get me wrong but not each one

Mick Jordan says:

You should try actually listening to the album especially one for the money and can you dig it

Victor Valdez says:

Soo this album was just an album LMAOO

SSplayz HonorOfX says:

UMG is so stupid. Your pitching the sound of every video and they are still copyrighting. screw UMG and WMG

Banaanijärvi D says:

What’s this beat’s name?

Jerell Collier says:

You mean Cube hasn’t been this political sense the 90’s.

Blane The Youtuber says:

Todays Hip-Hop?
Ice Cube”What the F*** is this!!”
Goes attack the radio
Thats like me with todays Hip_Hope, I lov ethe classic. I maybe born in this generation but I love Classic Hip-Hop.The Old School Stuff

Eazy-J Man says:

He’s been a rapper for 30 years he needs to be in a world record

Gabe 789 says:

Who knows that the ‘ain’t got no haters’ song uses the oh honey beat by delegation

its me mario says:

He such a dumbasses democrat! SJW nigga type of shit

Ivalina Passe says:

Nice Beat !!!!!!

Jack Belleville says:

Listening to That New Funkadelic is just like listening to Doggystyle

x Z says:

I will always like Ice cube’s music. But this won’t be my favorite. You don’t get points from me pointing out the obvious. I’d listen to this every day of my life if I didn’t have to hear one more mumble rap song though.

Ohh Please says:

Wait, i thought good cop bad cop was in Death Certificate .Correct me if im wrong i only started listening to Cube 2 weeks ago

Vetoeds Son says:

I don’t really agree with his pov on Donald Trump bu t that’s me but either way I love the album

jason hang says:

I’m just waiting on Dre to drop a album.

Aaron Knox says:

so basiclly a better version of revival

No More ZayFLASH Human says:

Let’s go, ice cubes back bois

Gabriel Oliveira says:

I happy, because brazilian rap is very good.
MCs say about corruption.
(Batalha de rap nacional)

Ivalina Passe says:

Ice Cube is a Genius!!!!!!

Hasan Ashkanani says:

To me, the album was meh

ThePS_ Gamer says:

What’s the name of the instrumental when you make points about each song?

jason hang says:

I bought this when it came out. Just waiting

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