Is Drake The Biggest Hip-Hop Artist Ever? | DEHH Convo

Here’s the heated spin off debate from our Drake So Far Gone 10 year anniversary review/convo.

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reyrza80 says:

Drake is being courted for residencies in Vegas. Thats huge. No rapper is being offered that.

goldmineken says:

Drake has been able to sell out Arenas for like 6 years now.

Southern Districts Under 11 2019 UnOfficial says:

Drake isn’t just hip hop tho, he caters to a pop audience also which some of the legends don’t do which is where the numbers come into. He probably lives more in pop than hip hop atm

Askell Tomlin says:

eminem the biggest rapper ever no one will ever compare but drake doing great fore his generation

Da Wonsuwn says:

These nuggas just be chatting shit with no facts

Orlando Gastelum says:

Why was rod acting like that man lol. Stop reading the comments bro I see you in here it’s not lucrative at all

reyrza80 says:

Jay not touring by himself. Jay started doing tours with Justin Timberlake then Beyonce.

Connor Menz says:

Rod and Ken live under a rock lmao

MostHated James says:


reyrza80 says:

Drake is the most streamed Rap/R&B artist

reyrza80 says:

Jay Z has one of the longest runs ever.

J.T. R says:

Eminem is the biggest hip hop artist right now world wide.kamikaze sold more than scorpion,I live in syria,most ppl here know who eminem is,almost no one I know knows who drake or Jay r.

david bell says:

mikes face at 13:03 lmaoo

Jonny Boyce says:

I’m calling my lawyer over discrimination mothafucka

Tristan Films says:

You’re forgetting too, Drake has the Latino fanbase through features. That’s like a billion more people who will never listen to Jay-Z.

Brandon W says:

Eminem and pac definitely are bigger hands down

Shawn Nelson says:

Rod LOVES to go against the grain omg

Simple Complexity says:

Ever=All time numbers

Drake being bigger for a long time in recent history wasn’t enough apparently.

Motlatsi Raolane says:

Lol come on are you guys serious.

Connor Menz says:

Jay stans mad annoying good lord Rod you aren’t even listening to them lmao

reyrza80 says:

Jay Z has a Multi-million dollar deal with Live Nation. He has set himself up to be able to tour and market on Live Nation’s dime. Smart.

MrNotaComedian says:

“Dammit I can’t see drake omg “ – white kid

King Kese says:

Rod has to be on something. Regardless of if he brings the Migos or Future with him, Drake is still bigger than all those dudes.

Simple Complexity says:

Ken is confusing biggest with best.

Bobby Shmurda’s Hat says:

Damn bruh Ken sounds so old hating on Drake lol, when he was a child, rainbows were in black and white.

StamkosToCoast says:

Rod throwing out the worst takes and I’m not even 5 minutes in oh boy

Rahul Raheja says:

Kinda mad y’all didn’t mention Eminem. All time Em is bigger than Drake and Jay

kafula mulenga says:

Do theses guys realise that drake hasn’t outsold recovery…. by that I mean all his albums < Eminem recovery

LReigh84 says:

drake is super gay

Ben Nell says:

why is eminem not in the conversation?

itsyaboysharrod says:

First of all, drake aint even “all the way” hip hop, dude be makin raggae music and shit, so i don’t even know if you can put him in the hip hop category. 2nd, dude said that he’s the most illegally downloaded hip hop artist ever, as if that means anything, bruh, the internet wasn’t even invented back then in the biggie, tupac, eminem era, so who knows the numbers they would’ve done “illegally”. 3rd, hip hop has become the biggest it ever has in this generation, and drake is benefiting off of that, along with the HELP of his backings like Apple, etc. tupac and eminem didn’t have HELP like that, and STILL sold an extreme amount of copies, which is more impressive. drake is a tool at the end of the day, he’s not all that legit.

ye zilla says:

Kanye can’t sell arenas???? He had The Forum sold out. 97.000 people in 2016. WTF

reyrza80 says:

Drake has a deep catalogue of single hits

Jonathan Isaiah says:

Great conversation. I love how y’all distinguish between biggest and best but please get a moderator lol

Mikey Dangerously says:

Myke’s guffaw around 18:30 lmao

Simple Complexity says:

content wise it makes more sense for Drake to have a bigger white audience over Jay.

alex cordova says:

I need an argument to be settled I’ve asked multiple groups barber shops friends family and I still haven’t came to a conclusion is 50 cent top 10 rapper from New York

Jay2Gud says:

It looks like feefo had Myk shook lmfao

kafula mulenga says:


Deanz Beber says:

You guys please review daves album. Phychodrama. He’s a young insanely talented uk rapper. Alot to say for his age!!

Terryon McMillion says:

I think with those Jay z vs drake all time numbers you have to take into account the fact that Jay has been doing it for longer.

WeAreThree Official says:

Round of applause to Jay Z for capturing the hearts of these guys lmao. Everyone with wifi knows he’s not as popular as Drake

Deanz Beber says:

Eminem is the highest selling ever

Adrian dash says:


Battle Rap Is Dead Tre says:

2pac is the biggest hip hop artist of all time

KING P says:

Eminem does stadiums
The highest selling rap artist…he sold at least 70 millon more albums than every other rapper

Its no debate that Eminem the biggest artist of all time

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