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J. Cole felt so confident about his Born Sinner album that he decided to move his album up a week to challenge Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’. J. Cole’s ‘Born Sinner’ is his second album under Roc Nation. His first album, Cole World, received positives reviews from us after its release. You can find that review here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FzkVFXu0Ys

Here are our thoughts on J. Cole’s latest sophomore album ‘Born Sinner’. Take a listen to what we think of the album and let us know what you think in the c-section below.

Album Stream: J. Cole – Born Sinner

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ADAJ3 says:

I liked Rich Niggaz and Villuminati. Even with the criticisms it was still a top 3 Hip Hop Album of 2013, like common, all the other MCs didn’t deliver on their projects.

Daniel Yeh says:

I agree 100% with Feefo on this one. Cole is amazing but he doesnt seem to step up until FHD

Scorpio Lyte says:

2nd video I viewed. I don’t care for someone not liking an artist’s album, but give valid reasons. “He doesn’t have superstar….”
Nas doesn’t either. He should be more cocky like Drake. He isn’t drake. He’s j.Cole. see that’s the problem, if everyone is “cocky like Drake” the game will be exactly how it is, nothing original.

Steven Wedemeyer says:

Ilumanti dont care about how much money you have they care if your popular

Ever V says:

better than 2014 fhd…..

LogicTV says:

Im a j cole fan but i agree with myke and everyone i likeed it but he can do better than thiss

I agreee with them

the JRW experience says:

the reason why I bought j cole’s album is because he and ye and rick ross are the only ones that can hold his own

QGotNoRings says:

I just wanted to revisit this video to just say how wrong Kin was. For 2 straight album reviews Feefo said he doesn’t scream star power….yet Work Out went platinum and Sideline Story went Gold. Then for Born Sinner, Power Trip went platinum, Crooked Smile and She Knows went gold along with the album going gold. So maybe he’s not Kanye West but those credentials along with selling out his tours makes J. Cole a superstar imo. My thoughts on this album were much like Beezy, around the 7/10 mark. 

Christopher Hernandez says:


akaprince343 says:

to me this album is an 8/10 and underrated.

Sam Smith says:

Why did no one mention let nas down
I used print out nas raps and print em up on my wall my Niggas thought they was words but it was pictures I saw

Hiphopniac MusicKing says:

Cole Stans, saying the album is boring, is not saying it’s whack. I thought the album was good, but if it’s an album I haven’t had the chance to listen to and wanted to, so I put it on when I lay down, so I can really listen to it. I’d fuck around and fall asleep. Cause it’s boring. You’re not gonna get good energy and great lyrics like you would with a Slaughterhouse album for example.

lani says:

Who’s a superstar ghostwriting drake? Young thug? Smh. These dudes r damn near as mainstream as teens

Eric M. says:

Man this albulm was voted numba 1 for 2013 j cole is dope nuff said

Mars Rover says:

“J Cole is Drake if Drake was a good rapper” Myke always coming thru with those FACTS! this album sucks ass.

Christopher Hernandez says:

This album is fucking dope, you guys sleep.

Alejandro Ocampo says:

Is this seriously what your hobby is? Spending time commenting on the lives of people in a t.v. screen that couldn’t care less if you were hurt or dead? Use your spare time to better your education and your flaws and maybe even your debts. Snap out of this hip-hop wonderland.

C - 2Da - Jay says:

I like this album review wayyyyyy more than theneedledrop’s review. He didn’t give J Cole any credit for Born Sinner. Smh at least dehh sees potential in him.

kenneth101195 says:

You reaaaaalllyyy need to listen to j cole’s mixtapes. Friday night lights, the warm up, and the truly yours mixtapes. I think your the type to need a big beat for you to like a artist. You need to decide on how a rapper has “superstardom” based on lyricism alone.

Andrew Arthur says:

Check out this new artist I came across….. He’s only 21 but his sound is super unique and I actually enjoyed his music. Very eclectic from the normal in Hip-Hop even compared to the weirdo rappers….. His name is Malik… a.K.a (Kilam) with the moniker  or  which is pretty dope. He just dropped a 20 track EP/Mixtape showing and expressing his skills. Very dope artist…. Please check him out, it’d be awesome if you could review him… 

Hideotic says:

its funny how he said j cole needs to get more cocky in order to get attention and become a superstar because fire squad got him mainstream attention

Danai Duma says:

I don’t get why he needs to be a superstar.

JoeyXcv says:

“I don’t see j Cole as a super star” boy were you wrong

Tawanda Batana says:

+Mike C. Town your explanation on this album Was Crazy good..Cole could have been better on this Album overall even though this Album was crazy good..J cole definitely has gotten better thank the Lord..Great review bruh and the rest of Dead end..Keep up that feel of Music you do Mike

Cinci -B says:

these niggas just being picky and saying stupid shit like he don’t have star quality. First time i heard someone diss this album..smh

Ali Talib says:

this album was hottttt

FuDaizy says:

Overall this review gets a 3.0 out of 10. I fell in love with born sinner, the production was great af! The lyrics, the subjects, the flow, real life ,etc. Seems like this review focuses on Cole’s career and their own thoughts of cole rather than if the album was good or not.

Christopher Overstanding says:

These cats are busters

Louis Hampton says:

They definitely hatin J.Cole is a very dope individual his sophomore album is better than his freshman most people shouldn’t even put an input in on shit

FuDaizy says:

Overall this review gets a 3.0 out of 10. I fell in love with born sinner, the production was great af! The lyrics, the subjects, the flow, real life ,etc. Seems like this review focuses on Cole’s career and their own thoughts of cole rather than if the album was good or not.

austin says:

Overrated album. Boring af

Georgiaboy2016 says:

Lol y’all we’re totally wrong. This is the album that made him a star. Even though I didn’t like it at all.

Sebastian Haro says:

These niggas and y’all niggas sleep on Jcole

智能瘋狂 智能瘋狂 says:

That Jamaican dude got his facts wrong the sample was mystic brew by roonie foster.

Escobar600GOAT_NODEBATING. says:

I agree. Listening to J Cole on TKO, Lit, Aint that some shit, that is the Cole we want to hear more of. The aggressive Cole. Everything else is impeccable.
# IboughtthealbumsoIcancritique

Tafadzwa says:

These niggaz are not paying attention to his movement.. From the beginning J Cole made it clear he is not aiming to be a star, it’s strictly about the music..

50Shot Duwop says:

Eat those words feefo

Jalil Abdul Malik El Shabazz says:

@Casey Smith
I completely disagree I feel if Cole wants to be humble let him, I feel there are too many cocky rappers running around. Generally Hip-Hop being so competitive braggadocio is kind of expected and Cole still gives you that on tracks like Villuminati. In addition, you don’t have to be an arrogant braggart to succeed to a certain extent Kendrick Lamar was moderately successful (Pre -Control Verse) and probably even more humble on a record than J. Cole

sammie saunders says:

Niggas hate rappers that talk about real shit

Piccolo says:

feefo..sometimes u stupid as fuck, still a fan tho

Ali Talib says:

trouble was the shitt

kenneth101195 says:

Here’s how you decide who the best rapper is. Notice how I said the best rapper and not best production or non of that bull. If every rapper were to just spit without a beat or anything. Who could spit the best? Whichever group that can spit the best should be considered the best. In my opinion it’s undoubtedly j cole and his entourage

LouieK322 says:

J. Cole’s mixtapes are so much better… xD

MrASAPAB says:

Such an amazing album

Cam Caffin says:

Feefo “doesn’t see a super star”, skip to 2016 and the guy has started heating up big time!

briane596able says:

I respect…. the fact these guys expect alot from this media … but hind sight they did miss the fact this album is for the Ppl. The Ppl felt it and they were ready to take it in …. the album wasn’t a revolution in creativity …. but Cole gave all of himself on the project…. you got to know him and felt likevyou hangout with him after a listen.

Stars Bruins says:

This whole album makes me think Cole is the goat of today

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