J. Cole Fans Hated Our KOD Album Review | DEHH Convo

So we decided to talk about it.

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DEHH presents: Who the hell is Damone Tyrell?

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Juan Quiroa says:

Please do more of these response-type videos! This shit was so funny, and the silly-ass piano was a great addition, peace.

Joe O'Donnell says:

Keep doing what you do once you start pandering to an audience base its a slippery slope. I kinda like last couple of j Cole albums its unusual in hiphop for rapper to reinvent themselves and improve, that said reading some of the fans comments…he’s not THAT deep a lyricist lol and his delivery struggles to maintain for whole album.

Fulltime Panda says:

definitely need to do more videos like this. People need to stop using reviews to validate their own opinions.

Afro Jamz says:

Nahh fam lmaooo Beezy definitely typed that comment out hahaha 14:28 *pathetic* loool

jozz says:


Chris - MichaeL says:

God separated lightness from darkness and placed them on beezy’s neck

jwood8769 says:

People hated 4 your eyes only but I actually got to live with that album for a couple weeks, this album was 1 and done

Chris - MichaeL says:

Mike in his feelings

Henry Sadlo says:

Where’s Kens giant ass tablet

Sergej Krynycký says:

😀 😀 😀 I love you guys. 😀

Parthib Goswami says:

Theese cole miners need to go listen to “Book of Ryan” then listen to the J cole album

Isaac - says:

I been a Cole fan just as much as I am a fan of DEHH, and the only thing I didn’t fw about the review is that the team’s failure to fully comprehend the 3 meanings of KOD, I think had you guys understood the meanings and how each of them appeared in each song, you’d appreciate it a slight bit more.

BigA says:

It’s all these people who think cole is like beyond next level and I mean he’s good but far from great… He made one classic one shitty and a few ok albums

Lewis Coleman says:


Chris Kusiolek says:

Why do you need your opinion on music you like to be validated by someone else in order to enjoy it? And PS, J Cole isn’t some savior of the people. Fuck out of here, fanboys

Chris Kusiolek says:

More insecure male fan base – Drake or J Cole?

ToroidalVortexLove says:

I liked KOD. But if we ever needed proof JCole has dicks for fans this video is it.

Adam Joseph Noel Laurence Clifford says:

Review was shockingly poor and half hearted, this is sub par. Stop using his name for views and move on.

newrecruit100 says:

TBH the review I did feel was not taken seriously and I was like “ah whatever”. But I didn’t expect you’d make a video like this.

Y”all said, or rather Myke said, it doesn’t matter about lyricism if it’s not conveyed interestingly. Well be consistent then. Don’t just apply this to Cole. TPAB sonically isn’t very appealing to me. I hated it at first then it grew on me but that said I’m not in love with it.

Dave McDonald says:

Bahahahaha sounds like a bunch of Coli stans in the comments.

Sean Sullivan says:

“the cole miners came for yall” im weak

uza uzah! says:

the album is very good yall trippin

Crashme222 says:

I love J. Cole and this was amazing, quality content always! <3 LOL

Alexandro Machuca says:

Do you guys just not like Cole period, or just his dramatic change from when he came out to now? For instance his shook ones and water break freestyle, and nothing like it song are among my favorites by him. Not sure if you’ve heard them before or have and just don’t like it, but if you do like em, curious if would you guys would enjoy him if he continued with that style/flow.

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