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We know it’s been a while, but we’re officially back! We have a lot of new and exciting things on the horizon for the future of Dead End Hip Hop, so thank you for your patience.

J. Cole returns in 2018 with a new album. KOD finds J. Cole switching things up a bit by changing his flow and beats. Without further ado, here’s our J. Cole – KOD Album Review. Let us know what you thought in the comment section.

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John Long says:

I been a fan of Cole since 2009 and still am…..if you don’t like him by now you probably never will. He makes music for introverts to sit quitely in their rooms or on the bus or train to contemplate life to. Lol There are a lot more fans like us than people realize, which is why he continues to be so successful despite the average fan who finds him boring. It’s more of a cult following than general popularity.

With that said…..he has a score of 73 out of 100 on metacritic…..all of his album are rated around that level and I think that’s just about right. Very consistenly “above average” but relatable to a lot of people.

Josnick Kodia says:

ATM, Motiv8, Brackets, Once an Addict, Window Pain & 1985. That’s it. The first half of the album is boring tho

BigH63DT says:


Grant Inskeep says:

Sideline Story – 4.5/10
Born Sinner – 8/10
Forest Hills Drive – 9/10
4 Your Eyez Only – 5/10
KOD – 5.5/10

Cole is a good rapper. But hes caught up in this vibe where hes mistaking Blandness as Blissfulness. And it sounds lame. About half of most his albums are interesting. The rest is just mehhhh.

Sean Dafny says:

Ken begging for a diss track

Jason Berry says:

Damn…… Y’all slammed the s*** out of Cole lol I’m really surprised y’all are treating this as regular, & overlooking the entire concept.

ActionHank75 says:

J Cole is diet Big Krit.
Don’t reply to me.

Wardell Spates says:

Ken is being really smug this review, it’s as if he really has something personal against Cole, didn’t enjoy this review, not because of the album reviews but the atmosphere in the room. Congrats on the new studio by the way, that’s big!

Darrick Franklin says:

Cole not even the best rapper on his own label.

Fight me Cole fans.

Corey says:

damn congrats! crazy ive been watching yall since high school

potlovingchef14 says:

Mofuka said he gonna retire but done black album came bk

Christopher Scanlan says:

Sounds like we have two guys that never liked J Cole and have biased opinion. If you think this sucks than ya’ll should probably find another genre…

Nick Jakubec says:

lol Mike is waaaaaaay off, blinded by his preconceptions

Bogmen12 says:

Review Hopsin No Shame

Kenneth Marshall says:

I feel like this album is similar to 4:44 from Jay where it’s just not meant for some people. DEHH is cool but I feel like based on who they appear to be they can’t relate to half the stuff Cole is talking about. The album dealt with different addictions & photograph is a real situation for dudes who can relate. Just like some songs from Jay. but if you can’t relate it’s just not for you. Cole just isn’t for everyone and clearly it’s not for most of the dudes on this panel.

Simi Mark says:

I’m really curious to what these guys consider”above average” if J Cole is average lmao

Tavares Thomas says:

Wow the butthurt is real in this comment section. J Cole fans are like the Beyhive, sensitive as hell. They don’t have to like this boring ass, run of the mill, ass album. Sure he has great concepts but he rap basic as hell, no wittines, no double and triple entendres and we ain’t gone start on these average ass Casio made beats. Mofos unsubcribing, making two and three different post, wow y’all really want Ken and Myke to like this huh? And when did OLD become a diss especially since J Cole 33 himself. They ain’t much older than him. They haven’t liked albums I loved and vice versa, they have loved albums I hated. Pull your skirt down B they don’t like the album sue them sheesh!

ThatOneIdiot says:

Oh my god, Myke C’s got a Company Flow shirt. Man, random as hell, but I need to get me one of those.

LordKlek says:

It’s great to see you guys were you are now! Congratulations on getting the new studio! I remember watching your webisodes back in the day and yall are still here!

Noah Davis says:

myke is spot on… j cole is so fake deep and boring. i don’t see anything in this project

Brian says:

I really thought this album was ehhh. I liked like 2 songs, 1985 was cool af. He’s so Boring to me now, he’s just mehhh. He’s average like they said, his old shit was great.

Marcell Wilson says:

Don’t do another j cole review.

Christopher Adams says:

Dead End Studios!! Congrats on the milestone guys and keep up the great work

potlovingchef14 says:

I thought K O D stands for King of daniggas

Shikamaru Nara says:

Kendrick > Cole

Frederick Williams says:

Man it was a great project. Great concept. Y’all trippin.

Alibaba Saluja says:

Damn u got fat bro

Lil Fonsy says:

I feel like if the production wasn’t so bland and boring I would actually like KOD, cause I really like his rapping sometimes. J cole needs to enlist more producers, not just himself.

Donny Smith ! says:

So y’all DEHH not fuckin with Cole or Sean and who else ?????

M D says:

Ken looking more and more like Boyce Watkins.

David Davidson says:

All these fucking stans hyped me up on this shit and i was definitely let down. There are a couple nice tracks but nothing I’m going to be repeatedly coming back to.

Justin DeGruy says:

People really don’t understand what the concept of “deep” even means, you don’t have to be Einstein or Ghandi to say deep things for example like the phrase “make the money, don’t let it make you” that’s not the most complex statement ever said in life but it holds a lot of depth, that’s the whole point of the term “deep” and people confuse that with having to be a scientific wordsmith which is fucking ridiculous… get y’all some pussy to dive DEEP into lol

Erick Mack says:

Album was meh. I like the studio setup good to see the work paying off fellas, salute

jonathan yim says:

Ken’s low key distaste for j cole is so great

Yams G Inc. says:

Love the show but this review was trash

Magnus Jensen says:

You should do Book of Ryan.
Classic status album

Durrelle Bryan says:

Well, I’m so disappointed with this review. Yes I’m a big J Cole fan. Maybe it’s because I’m learning to compose music why I noticed so many elements with the sounds, but this review left out so many things he did well! The use of trap drums and fx to complement the lyricism, nobody mentioned any of it. You think in a time where we’re surrounded by a lack of lyricism you would appreciate it from an artist that’s proved himself to stand among the greatest. But it’s like all you wanted to hear was rap flow, rap flow, rap flow. The perspective of drug use and mental affliction at such a relevant time?? I hope this is the last J Cole project you review because that was beyond disappointing, no way to christen a new studio at all… I need to brush my teeth after hearing this, y’all f up my senses lool

Ken Moore says:

The J cole disrespect is so high right now. But numbers don’t lie. I get what they saying in there review and I don’t agree or like any of it but it is what it is kod still bumping in the whip.

Al Khufu says:

Book Of Ryan = Album Of The Year

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