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Chay Wonna says:

Great Vid. Kings of reaction channels.


you guys are my favorite!!!!

Nicholas Getty says:

Pls react to Roc Marciano the Bitter dose pls

Keep Calm and Hakuna Matata says:

You guys should react to the full album of A Sailor’s Guide To Earth by Sturgill Simpson.

Dai1lest says:

Man real awesome reactions, thanks guys you got me subscribing.

Marshall Stevens says:

Do a reaction to ice psypher 3

Lost In Vegas says:


INTRO 1:50

KOD- 2:54

Photograph- 5:13

The Cut Off- 10:06

ATM- 15:43

Motiv8- 22:23

Kevin’s Heart- 25:07

Brackets- 33:30

Once An Addict – 38:40

Friends- 43:44

Window Pain- 53:03

1985- 59:56

Dean C says:

Another great review guys big fan!!!

Fiskgyrl2 says:

JID’s album please guys!!

William Hay says:

Greta Van Fleet – Black Smoke Rising or Safari Song

Hi Hyun says:


CursxR says:


Abraham Darius Aristide says:

ATM means addicted to money

Диас Шадыкулов says:

“This (reaction) is a masterpiece.I don’t throw that word out loosely. This is a masterpiece”. Now this is what I call a quality content. Keep on with these reactions. Do your thing. And don’t hesitate to pause a song, because this is what we’re here for – your comments and thoughts, which are so on point. As a non-English-speaker I find it kinda hard to catch the meaning of some songs, especially rap (non-repetitive and fast, and all those references) but rap is pretty much all that I listen to) i.e. under pressure reaction really opened my eyes. Thanks a lot for these vids, really appreciate the thing with decoding the lyrics and reading between the lines. You’re off the chain)

Marco Coppola says:

Yo guys showed showcase ur playlists

Goldy Locks says:

Once an Addict definitely hit home for me too George. I damn near tear’d up listening to it for the first time, like damn Cole!


I love these dudes man lol

Ros Aly Christian says:

Was waiting for this, the breakdown of this album that you guys gave us amazing! Great job

The Midnight Train says:

Didn’t think I’d sit through an hour long video about this album from guys I’ve never heard of. But god damn! Y’all had so much knowledge and broke it down to someone like me who couldn’t grasp what J was throwing down. Thank you guys for the insight and I will keep coming back for more

Fuck off says:

Russ “sore losers” just dropped…react!!

Haris A. says:

LOVE THIS REVIEW! way better than anthony fagtano who has terrible taste in music

Kevin Blaize says:

Hey what’s going on I am a new subscriber to the channel I love how y’all break down the lyrics! Best channel on You tube. When you have a chance I want to know what y’all think about the new Kanye West track the people vs Ye please make a reaction video to that thanks.

Kenny Smith says:

Yall need to react to the video for Kevins Heart

Andreas Silas Hansen says:

Just perfect. Perfect breakdown. Seriously been bumping this album everyday sinde 4.20. I love the way you break it down and you even added values I didn’t get from myself or any other place. I guess that goes to show how well you understand music and the human being that’s making it. Really enjoyed this! #coleworld

King Dejen says:

This album is great I’m giving it a 8/10 my favorite songs are ATM, KOD, Window Pain and 1985

Rashaan Munir says:

I love the fact that you guys not only react to the album but you broke it down, dived into the deeper meanings and also give us a perspective of someone who grew up in those environments. This album meant so much to me before seeing your reaction, but watching your reaction and analysis has given me a deeper appreciation for the album. To me this is Cole’s second best album behind 2014 forest hills drive (which hopefully you guys can do a reaction for someday). But I will say this album is more complete and has a singular theme around it with more jewels that shows his progression and impact.

Jacob says:

Even young people know that trap and mumble rap is just club bangers.

it's Liik says:

if practice makes perfect i’m practices baby.

Roger Garcia says:

You guys are one of my favorite reaction channels. It’s real commentary on the music they listen to.

Chilltbh says:

Just a dope album, all good some great tracks

Andy says:

Man I love y’all. This album is gonna be in my rotation now. So much good commentary on the lyrics and the musicianship. Keep up the good work y’all!!

Brandon Cuevas says:

wonderful review y’all. thoroughly enjoyed the entire hour and ten minutes. salute!

Gavin Jundt says:

react to flatbush zombies

Mujtaba Irfan says:

You guys are LEGEND. PERIOD. One of my top and favorite reaction chanel fr. Thank you guys for saying all the real things and not bias. I’m mad that I found the channel late but I’m glad that I found it in this dumb traffic channels. #FREETHINKER
Love from Pakistan ❤

Osuman says:

Damn I really liked this reaction tho, it’s the first video i’ve seen on you guys and you got yourselves a new subscriber it’s clear that you know what you are talking about and it’s really pleasant to not have just guys that shake heads and don’t get the whole message of the project. I honestly think Cole should see this you interpreted his project perfectly

Liam Singleton says:

Great review as usual lads, was wondering if you could review Locksmith ft RA the Rugged Man – House of Games.

Jaime Uvalle says:

Edward was also coles stepfathers name

Jatsi says:

Please review
Anthrax & Public Enemy – Bring The Noise

Samuel Akers says:

Great video, definitely deserved a sub!

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