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Jacob Cole says:

Do more album reviews. Love the album reviews.

Kouta Stone says:

So this is kind of what the Revival reaction would have been if Youtube wasn’t doing any fuckery to our favorite two!!…

Silver Lee says:

I feel like he’s talking about the 7 deadly sins in his songs

DontTripNig 222 says:

aww these foos did us dirty i was waiting on that 1985

Dice.2.20 100 says:

React to Dax

Nicholas Cojocar says:

I find it kinda funny how the song after “Kevin’s Heart” starts with a Richard Pryor joke

GameTuber says:

Where’s the my dear melancholy reaction guys

I’m Boras The PortaPotty says:

Where he get that coat/windbreaker at

Anoubis13 says:

you guys don’t switch seats anymore?

Luis Colon says:

There’s rumors thats another Album coming out because of the last 2 songs

Fr3sh That2kDude says:

“That deserve a full dissection” LETS GOOO!!!

Martian King says:

Yall gonna leave us with a cliff hanger tho….. damn, ill be ready

Jacob Naofal says:

Need that 1985 review, you guys playing with my emotions

R R says:

50 Cent – Crazy

Scrobbles says:

The audio echo is so annoying

kanaele kalili says:

Dammit 1985 intro to the falloff was the best one

Mansa Mula TV says:

Another Dope video

Justus Levesque says:

this whole albums meaning is the rap gospel for me and im greatful that it is gonna always be here to restore my faith if im ever down in my ways

Xavier Lucas says:

Ya’ll dickheads for that ending i swear lol

hiphoplover1997 says:

I was waiting for that last track… dammn


React to flatbush zombies

ShadowBRUH 4266 says:

Where’s BT2

ཋཇ༩ །རས says:

Check out Token. And if you’re a viewer scrolling down reading the comments and don’t know about Token, check him out yourself. You won’t regret it. Have an awesome day!

Panda One says:

Albums wack

FroZeNGoD48 says:

React to Social Club Misfits Coogi Sweater The Song is BadAss And Fire

G Spitz says:

I’m an 18 year old rapper and I don’t want to sound cocky but I feel as if I am underrated. Gimme a listen?✌

Nomadic_Goddesss says:

Wait! Lol how ya’ll gonna just end it like that

alijahno graham says:


Ubert Batista says:

U guys miss 1985 i wanna see you reaction

Jesus Salcido says:

What happened to bobby tarantino 2?

Kengo Athoi Oguchi says:

Here before 50 k

The FlimsyFob says:

finally , an album reaction

Ryan Astbury says:

Talking to lil pump

Derrick Williams says:

Lol full dissection for 1985

Gabe Collins says:

Man, y’all dive really deep into music after the first listen off the top and I appreciate it. Really dope.

Amber Brown says:

Is that the right snippet to play before the theme of this album…?

Bro We out here says:

He really flamed kevin hart in a song that’s tuff

Hamwick says:

Yes!!! Thank you for the full dissection!

Mia Lii says:

Invasion of privacy – Cardi B

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