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Youknowhimasmatt says:

No lie. I’d love to hear Em and JID on a track. I’d like to hear what they do with the same beat. They could play off eachother real unique too. Idk

Maria Augusta says:

React to BACO EXU DO BLUES brazilian artist new project “BLUESMAN”, the video has english subtitles

AvengedSevenfold956 says:

A Tribe Called Quest- Space Program!!!!!!

Evan Hitmarkers says:

When J.I.D. raps I think of a Free Verse Poet that go to poetry clubs. They change tempos alot and say their words like they are syllables and the flow is always unpredictable.. It’s why hes so unique. Dope writing and delivery.

SupremeJeff says:

Y’all are so dope fr

Anthony Cancio says:

J.cole > Nas
Ari lennox > Eryka badu
Earthgang > Outkast
J.I.D. > Kendrick
J.cole is really bringing real music back to life

nomicons says:

Camp Lo shoutout! Ski Beatz, baby!

Thommyboy says:





Joey Ramos says:

Dope as always

Jake Gilbert says:

Mac Miller worked on production in parts of the album with J.I.D.

Lamar Mccloud says:

Objects appearing faster than you ready for is also like when you’re looking in side view mirrors you’re obviously not looking ahead of you double entendres out the ass

Pats Ballin Out This Year says:

*Off da zoinkeys my favorite song off the project.*

Shane Hackett says:

Do Dax – Killshot.

Yukie Service says:

I think the same goes for Kendrick too, it doesn’t matter what he says, it’s how he delivered that gives him the pas to a lot of people. Just my opinion tho

Hans Wurst says:

This ain’t Prog ! = P

Good Music says:

Was a lil disappointed by the album cause I expect so much from him

Lost In Vegas says:

Just a heads up for our new subs! We have already reacted to Hasta Luego as well!


Slick Talk: 3:01

Westbrook: 7:46

Off Da Zoinkys: 11:14

Working Out: 17:16

Tiiiiied: 22:08

Strawberries: 25:59

Hot Box: 29:29

Mount It Up 33:33

Just The Other Day 37:16

Despacito Too: 41:59

Chance VerKuilen says:

could you guys do cheers by anderson paak featuring q tip? its a song dedicated to mac miller off paaks new album.

Tyler Coray says:

this channel deserves Hermit and the Recluse “Orpheus vs. The Sirens”. It’s Ka with Animos production, what else you need to know?

Bj Biggs says:

Mickey factz freestyle funk flex

Akshay Anand says:

Now that we’re done with J.I.D you guys gotta check out Tre Stuckey’s remix to Off Deez. Pleasantly surprising. It’d be cool to see a reactor react to another reactor.

Mark Schneider says:

React to jid freestyles on flex

Alexander Löwinger says:


marchman3000 says:

Not an amazing album, but definitely solid! Great breakdown guys.

Bobby Scarfo says:

Unrelated….GO UNLV!!!!!

Wesley Simspon says:

Mac Miller did the arranging for J.I.D
recording arranger (track 7−9, 12)

isomore says:

next up : Acid King – Aesop Rock and Tobacco pls

Brad Joyal says:

The Band-The Weight (The Last Waltz) you will not regret my dudes

Lord Explosion Murder! says:

Review that new 69 album. I dont plan on listening to it, i just wanna see how long George can go without trashing it lol.

Solomon KBAX says:

Can someone please tell me the intro song

Dmytro Andryeyev says:

love your album reactions 🙂

The Gaming Cubs Fans says:

Hot box instrumental is just like the nas song “world is yours” instrumental, that’s why it has that New York vibe

Douglas Francher says:

30:32 “Meth is dope!” Lmfao

Sam Pinedo says:

I discovered you guys when I was browsing through The Never Story reactions. I’ve stayed rocking with you guys because of your thoughts and opinions on JID. Much love, here goes to 1 mil!

Christian Aguayo says:

“Lil wayne- Let it all work out”
He showcases storytelling and talks about his struggle with depression and how he was given a second life and used that as an opportunity to become successful

Dylan says:

The haunted house line made me laugh my ass off so I loved it, I can see why you didn’t though

DAT says:

He lacked in concept but it’s a solid ass album

Andrew Porsche says:

Check out streams of thought vol. 2

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