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Jay Z is back with his 13th solo album titled 4:44 released exclusively on Tidal upon it’s release. 4:44 was released on June 30, 2017 via Roc Nation and was produced entirely by No I.D. The album is his follow up to Magna Carta Holy Grail. 4:44 has features from Frank Ocean, Damian Marley, Beyonce, and Jay Z’s mom Gloria Crater. The album touches on a range of topics and finds Jay Z venturing away from his usual status quo. Here is our review of Jay Z’s new album 4:44. Let us know what you think in the comment section.

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Dot Park says:

So is it true that there’s no way to listen this album without tidal? Am I even spelling that service right?
Edit. Nope. I was dead wrong

Yo.boi_ Hood619 says:

Jay went in on this project, he got very personal in this 1. He just didn’t blab on and on about his fame and power, he actually had emotional moments in the album like his Moms sexuality and him shooting his brother. Great work Jay another platinum album.

Cakaholic365 says:

If you don’t like bragging don’t listen to hip hop. At least jay z backs it up. And he doesn’t brag to the fans he’s bragging to other artist who act like they have real money or that think they have better taste or can rap better etc! Bragging is part of hip hop! This KRS looking dude just don’t get Jay! Listen Jay Z Grammy freestyle and tell me if he weren’t dropping gems on that!!! MCHG was a beast of an album

Darrell Dowell says:

Myke is dead on about jay z. Jay z known for kicking bragger raps

fonk u says:

top 5 jay z albums for sure

king vegeta says:

Im sorry, but Kanye is artistically better than Jay-Z and I would take college dropout over every jayz album. I would take graduation over every jay z album. I would take late registration over every jay z album.

allstarme3000 says:

This album wactually was crafted for jay. No ID asked Jay to make him a playlist of what Jay listens to and No ID sampled all them songs to make the album

Darryl Menchan Jr says:

What song or instrumental is being played at 8:09?

Cryo Raps says:


Chris G says:

Why I love this channel, older people focussing on just the word nigga on OJ.

Joshua Lewis says:

Like this comment so Mike C-Town can see.

Messaging to the black community has become very important to Jay Z and Future has some of the worst when it comes to relationship and building as a family.

Future- “If she catch me cheating I will never tell her sorry”
JAY Z- well now you mad im telling the truth that your mentality is poisonous to your own life but also influencing others in drunken spur of the moment instances to ruin their own and childs lives.

Ppl are mad because Jay told the truth, Future has a great sound but his messaging has been nothing but poison, Jay Z comes through with the antidote in this confessional album that will go down as one of the greatest albums of all time period. And im more of an Outkast Dugeon Family type of guy.

Thanks for reading.

Rizzo 660 says:

I agree with y’all. It made me want to go back and listen to all the albums. It’s a classic. Fuck the haters!!! He’s showing us growth.

Lawrence Watt says:

Can you guys review Nyck caution Kirk night project

fonk u says:

“why is it for Jay Z in 2017”??? NIGGA CUZ HE OLD THIS FOR OLDHEADS goddamn lol

Leonardo Franco says:

Myke litteraly be wearing a shirt with his face and name on it

hiphophead555 says:

Feefo for once sounded half articulate in this one lol

OffDaChainChico7 says:

This album is way overrated.

Damian Tomlinson says:

I love Hip Hop

LordKlek says:

Myke is always hating on jay z. He is truly incapable of liking him even if he secretly likes his songs.

Ill Minded Media says:

Solid review as usual; great album but not one of his technical masterpieces. BTW to the hip-hop heads out there, not only do we review 4:44, but we rank his entire discography! Check it out – https://youtu.be/zcvUVAmCyRw

Benjamin Groenewoud says:

Chains are cool to cop,
but MORE important are lawyer fees (2001)

Jay has dropped jewels on EVERY brehs..

Jairo Marquez says:

Logic be like, I’m not white I’m biracial


MightyRawEnt RawTunez says:

Huge Shout Out To The GodMc ..Check Out What This Artist Did On That ojTrack, Worth it , Currently booming on Spinrilla&Soundcloud,u guys #1Tho ,#Luv

EZ says:

Are you guys gonna review the SZA album?

TrashWang Shabbaz says:

Jaybo’s best album since Blue Print 3

Matt Davis says:

Beezy430 I need beats I pay for them I like your beats

Enrique Duarte says:

Feefo ain’t crazy. This shit one of Jay’s best albums. Personally it’s his best work since 2001 (The Blueprint), but that’s just my opinion.

Afro Jamz says:

What album should I start with if I wanna listen to Jay Z? apart from 4:44

J Carter says:

Mike and Feefo just talk over one another

E Hamilton says:

Wow, Myke just doesn’t get it – does he?

Bassit Abdul-Rahman says:

Story of OJ is actually the best video this year

Adam_is online says:

I stay skipping Feefo’s opinions.

Donald Pittman says:

And feefo is right , even tho he talks alot about money to me it’s not just bragging for the sake of bragging

Irving Acosta says:

Review immortal technique revolutionary volume 1

Bassit Abdul-Rahman says:

I really think if u are true hip-hop head and listen to this 4:44 album, your appreciation for kingdom come,wtt and magna Carta shoulld go up,cos I think he was in a weird space throughout those album. I think he didn’t want to drop of all it just like that and had to give it to us in bits. So in a nutshell,4:44 made me see his mindset through those albums mentioned above clearly and my appreciation has definitely gone up for them.

Full Power says:

Original sample from Jay-Z’s 4:44 Hannah Williams & the Affirmations “late nights & heartbreak” live in Paris OUT NOW !!

Gee Bey says:

Jay diss future cuz he was talking shit about jay wouldn’t be relivent if pac and was alive

Patrick Kerrigan says:

Yo can y’all get us a “Big Fish” by Vince Staples or “Scum Fuck Flower Boy” by Tyler the Creator reviews coming up? Two great new albums, especially Tyler’s new project, but I wanna here your thoughts on both.

ASP2778 says:

Jay Z talking and revealing things about his life is fire, but when Drake does it’s corny and garbage smh I hate you old niggas

Don Yeezy909 says:

GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE BRO!!! Blue print 3 was fucking dope to me the whole entire album, the only song that I didn’t was the one did with swizz beats and forever young.. I gave that album a 8.5/10

agk4lfe says:

Weak ass album. Bunch of dick riders

Donald Pittman says:

Damn !!! Talks shit about mumble rap , doesn’t have a radio sound , doesn’t sound like a 2017 record , best since American gangster

Im goin chek it out right now , might be the 1st rap album i like since 1999 , ha

Juan Meraz says:

Great review! You all should review Talib Kweli’s Radio Silence

Wallace Scott says:

You guys are good!!! Love Y’all

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