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Here is the Dead End Hip Hop album review of JPEGMAFIA’S new album ‘Veteran.’ Let us know what you think in the comment section.

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DEHH presents: Who the hell is Damone Tyrell?

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Danil Voiko says:

Myke is the only one of them who gets it, as usual. Whenever DEHH releases a review on some less conventional rap album it is all the same: Myke gets it and the others look old and out of touch

bentley230 says:

damn peggy

Ocean Sage says:

Nipsey Hussle – Victory Lap
Juicy J – Shutdafukup
Lil Wayne – Dedication 6: Reloaded
Kendrick Lamar – Black Panther Soundtrack

Swagdude Dude says:

You guys should review black panther! i know its not music but live to see a movie review of it!

dalton fordyce says:

Someone needs to teach feefo some vocab. Like “indifferent” or “neutral”. Because that’s exactly how he felt with Peggy lol. Would be cleared up that whole beginning convo lol

Austin Jones says:

Kinge will never correctly quote a line.

Justin Hughes says:

Dude was hilarious with Fantano

Kyla Tea says:

Mike I had the same issue with Mac Sierra. I saved my stuff tho thanks to youtube tutorials. Shout out to tech YouTube. Anyway good stuff as always.

Zinedin Osmanović says:

Having macOS in itself is a stupid decision, haha

J P says:

The masses are finally seeing the light!!

Dani Lam says:

16:59 Feefo lowkey picking his nose and eating it.

in yeezus name we pray says:


ConvincingPeople says:

Honestly, I love that there’s this clear respect here even when y’all really don’t vibe with what the guy’s doing overall.

Brenden Moheit says:

I’m so happy you guys reviewed this but can you please review Punken next you guys would love it

guerrilla republik says:

please review nipsey hussles victory lap

Noah Barbosa says:

i fucking love the vibe of these reviews, everyone laughing at each other it feels like i’m there

drummaniac30 says:

pause on 2:06 lmao

Justin Hughes says:

That new Skyzoo is LYRICAL!

diggydugg says:

I don’t care…
I don’t care…
I don’t care…
I don’t care…
I don’t care…
I don’t care…

Gaminggod1717 says:

Victory lap nipshey hussle review that

Michael Griffin says:

Was really expecting Feefo to say that Panic Emoji bumps in the whip

Juan Hernandez says:

When are y’all gonna do the new Cupcakke album?

Murat doğuş Soyaslan says:

D6 Reloaded pls!!

Bradley Bennett says:

I went from feeling like Feefo to Myke the more I listened to it. This album just challenges me as a listener the way i want to be

Jeremy Diesel says:

Review Apologies In Advance by Sylvan Lacue

Charles Young says:


bmanhsu says:


ΔϟK KΔV says:

Black Panther review DEHH….Also no one mentioned Danny Brown!!

Ben Tarran says:

5 minutes discussing the album. 20 minutes laughing hysterically.

I joke. You guys are great.

Jared Friedman says:

Thug Tears underrated song of the album

Fluffy2772 says:

I’m surprised the rest of the group didn’t like a few of the more accessible tracks like Thug Tears, Panic Emoji, Macaulay Culkin, etc.

brandonomari02 says:

you know this one bumps in Feefos whip but hes too scared to open the windows.

BlueMage319 says:

200k baby!!!!

Justin Harding says:

I feel like you guys would love Injury Reserve

Madvillainy91 says:

PEGGY’s my new favorite artist

RentallyMetarded says:

It hella wasn’t a diss, he complimented Myke’s hair!

Onika Carrine says:

Hey guys can you review lonzo ball’s new/first album ” Born 2 Ball”? I’d love to hear your thoughts

WHO AM I? says:

Im myke c-town

Karl Frederich says:


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