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Hey guys!
So Kanye West & Kid Cudi just released their new collab album, titled KIDS SEE GHOSTS, which contains features from artists such as Ty Dolla $ign and Pusha T.
But did I enjoy this album? Well this is CDTVThaG, and watch my first reaction/review of KIDS SEE GHOSTS to find out!

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Kanye West & Kid Cudi “KIDS SEE GHOSTS” – https://amzn.to/2kWoGu9

KIDS SEE GHOSTS Full Tracklist:

1. Feel The Love
2. Fire
3. 4th Dimension f. Louis Prima
4. Freeee (Ghost Town Pt. 2)
5. Reborn
6. Kids See Ghosts
7. Cudi Montage

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RAP 2018/HIP HOP 2018


TheCrazyGoat 22 says:


MR.CHARLES 2789 says:


InFamousSs says:

Two vids from the CDTV brothers in one day. YAY

Alex Yacoub says:

Woopdidy scoop

Illuminati says:


ViewsFromGarrison says:

great vid bro, feel free to check out the reaction I made on KSG bc I would love some pointers! keep up the good work!

Brad Pearson says:

In all honesty I feel the album was made for diehard cudi fans

scott fletcher says:

Listen to Man On The Moon: The End Of The Day. You’ll feel differently about Cudi

Logan Shuffit says:

Tha g stands for great accent

Cass Karns says:

You have pubes ALL over your face

mp3some HD says:

The last track is not called Cudi montage

Moe Alhassan says:

You don’t know wth you talking about

Killerzjug YT says:

React to “man on the man: the end of day” if you’ve never heard it or even “man on the moon 2: the legend of mr. ranger”. They’re great albums

kylef8 says:

I absolutely love this album. The first listen I was iffy as to if I actually liked it but the second and third listen it completely grew on me. I’m glad it did because every other track that Kanye & Cudi have done has been amazing. If you’re still on the fence about it, give it another listen.

Manuel Reviewer says:

Rip ads

William Gercke says:

kid cudi is a genius. Listen to his solo shit

Osprey says:

Can you please say the g stands for Google search words that start with g

what says:

“Kanye doing the ad-libs ruined the track for me” – opinion discard

mike meyer says:

Quit talking dude you just ruined a perf vid.

TCT says:

“This should have been the intro track” …

Lil Fonsy says:

AOTY. “Cudi Montage” is the most uplifting song I’ve heard all year.

ThiccBoi 97 says:

The G stands for George

Brodonamus says:

The album on spotify is in order I don’t think it’s right on Apple music yet, love the video!

lebCa says:

Running in empty, FOOD (music)REVIEW

Archie Thornton says:


Gonçalo Mendes says:

Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Logic is biracial

joosh says:

It would be dope as fuck if you listened to one of kid cudis albums… preferably man on the moon 2 or passion pain & demon slayin

Gonçalo Mendes says:

React to Juice Wrld plz

Kpmixez 316 says:

listen to man on the moon by cudi

Dylan Fabiano says:

I kinda like the album overall but feel the love was very disappointing, it started off AMAZING then took a nose dive with the gun sounds for 2 minuets

Don Al Corleone says:

great review. Had the same thoughts

yoyommabulldog says:


iisadragonborn says:

i agree

Austin412Coyle says:

Ya lost me at I’ve never listened to Kid Cudi.. did you start listening to hip hop 2 years ago?

Diarmid Thomson says:

Most disappointing album of 18 so far for me , soul sampling was way overdone and as well as Ye did with his verses I felt the majority of the prod lacked character, other than Reborn and 4th dimension,and Cudi is still stuck between rap and rock.
PS: if your looking for CudYe chemistry listen to Welcome to the World by T.I.

Dmarsolutions says:

How can you even begin to give a credible review if you don’t even know who Kid Cudi is lol. Anyone reviewing a Hip-Hop record should be well versed in Cudi’s sound and style.

Whoman _Hegehog says:

“I think I like cudi’s background vocals more then his main ones here” thats funny cus the background vocals aren’t even cudi – its mr Hudson.

HoodRichIce1017 says:

React to a kid named cudi or man on the moon PT2 bro

Chris Garcia says:

Listen to Man on The Moon an Man on The Moon 2

Thraitor says:

This album was so good, it took time to grow on me but now i have it on repeat.

SHAQ says:

You should listen to MOTM & MOTM II

Dave.R says:

Can you please do a “worst rapper” on Lil Peep?

Colonel fuhrberger says:

Reborn is amazing

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