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So it was a tie between Madvillainy and MBDTF, but we had to pick one. After a coin toss, MBDTF came out on top.

S/O to Christian Gonzalez who nominated My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and won! The entire DEHH thanks you for your contributions.

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Nathan Adeleye says:

Devil in a blue dress

hattorihanzo says:

Its strange how this is the best kanye album, but the top two verses on this aint his. I personally think rozays verse on devil in a new dress is the best on this

Max Brackney says:

Please review man on the moon 1

BHRBlmao says:

smh how all of you gonna sleep on Lost in the World…

Fleezy81 says:

808s was ahead of its time. Thats why people didnt like it when it dropped…….

……listen to it NOW tho

lupehn says:

Love this album but 808’s was better imo.

ULchiZ says:

To pimp a Butterfly and My Beautiful Dark Twisted are the best hip hop albums of the decade.

Gaminggod1717 says:

And are you guys going to review G Eazy new album the beautiful and the dam

Derrick Pemberton says:

LOVE these classic reviews. Keep it up my dudes.

josue malvoisin says:

My fav album of all time.

colin rice says:

Gimme dat saturation 3 review

Wes Dew says:

Yo shout out DEHH but real talk, could y’all do more research on an artist/album before y’all review? U guys do a lot of speculating or hyperbolizing and it’s becuz u fellas need to do ur homework. Like ur vids but at this point I’m bout to unsubscribe.

Ant 1 says:

@Deadendhiphop Yall sleepin on the intro song 2nd n 3rd verse…..gr8 review tho, thx 4 letting everyone see a paetron vid.



Peter Barker says:

Build a new route to China if they will have you

B-Mint1994 says:

6/10 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

c-quintessential says:

Suggestions: Common – Be, Pete Rock and CL Smooth – The Main Ingredient, Ini- Center of Attention, 2pac – Me Against the World, Main Source – Breaking Atoms, Fugees – The Score, Mobb Deep – The Infamous, Mos Def – The Ecstatic, Cannibal Ox – The Cold Vein, GangStarr – Moment of Truth, Jedi Mind Tricks – Violent by Design, the Illz – The Pursuit LP, Eric B and Rakim – Follow the Leader, EPMD – Strictly Business, Scarface – The Diary, Company Flow – Funcrusher Plus

M says:

ross snapped

Brandon Gonzalez says:

Mbdtf isn’t half the album that 808s is.

Gaminggod1717 says:

Jaden Smith Syre Review

The Real Legend says:

I’m loving classic week. Keep up the amazing work!!!

Covenant Government says:

“All of The Lights” was first entitled “Ghetto University” and was suppose to feature Drake. He passed on it.

Prince G-MO says:

Late Registration still the best

Yall didn’t bring up MC Hammer?

Joyful Amoeba says:

1. Late Registration
2. Graduation
3. College Dropout
5. 808s & Heartbreak
6. The Life of Pablo
7. Yeezus

Cruisin says:


Everydaypanda says:

Do big pun

ADAJ3 says:

Shoutout to everyone who’s to broke to be a Patreon.

Mark Brunache says:

Gorgeous might be one of Kanye’s best lyrical performances.

Ant 1 says:

“Dont make me pull the toys out, HAH! Dont make me pull the TOOOOOOYYYYS
And fire up the engines…….HAH! And then they make NOOOOOOIIISE”

This album was special to me lol

Known Hustla says:

Devil in a new dress is so fire

X says:

not a classic

Dan Schmidt says:

Review Capital punishment

Howard Stern says:

Can’t believe you guys gave this a 6/10 and gave Lil Pump’s album a 10/19

Jevon Alexander says:

Modest Media is trippin saying Good Friday was too much

Truu Story says:

Can’t believe y’all didn’t mention blame game & Chris rock

The Professional Smartass says:

To many urkels on your team that’s why your wins low classic album in music any genre

Parker Hammer says:

Y’all Are Fools for thinking Kanye “wasn’t big enough for 2 Jay Z versus when MBDTF dropped” ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS!?

Nathan Adeleye says:

Can’t wait for 808s

Fabio0 says:

I agree with Myke here: Even if they’re both dope, I didn’t need Rick Ross and Raekwon’s verses on “Devil In A New Dress” and “Gorgeous”. Those two are examples of MBDTF’s big weakness to me: So much of it is overproduced and overdone. The overwhelming amounts of details and guest appearances works great on “All Of The Lights,” “Monster” and “So Appalled”, but on most of the other tracks there’s just too much shit going on in the mix, or Kanye stretches ideas and lengths of the songs too far. I’m surprised they only spent five seconds talking about the “Runaway” short film, apparently (like myself) Myke loved that one. THAT was the best thing Kanye made in 2010 – and arguably the peak of him as an artist – not this album.

Redim says:

How do you not mention Lost in the World??! That track is hella beautiful not to mention a perfect album closer

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