Kanye West – The College Dropout I DEHH Classic Album Review

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I don’t even like black people but I like this channel

IAmMelloYellow says:

Didn’t they already review this?

ChrisJ Fox says:

Tbh, I’m not big on Kanye lyrically as a rapper. His production is where he shines as far as I’m concerned

DejaquezernDenaster says:

HYPED for this week! Thanks for also thinking of those of us who can’t afford to support you guys on Patreon!

Aquil Rose says:

I totally agree with Mike C-Town I got put on Kanye during the LR period. I was the guy putting his nose up at College Dropout for being too pop. Now I look back this album is classic but Kaynes best album for me is LR

K says:

Do Feefo have a speech problem?

Malik Dillahunt says:

I think if “new” Kanye had a conversation with “old” Kanye, the “old” Kanye would probably quit rapping

potlovingchef14 says:

The line white gurl looklike Michael Jackson was on slow jams lol

Alex says:

Why did it sound like kinge was about to start rapping on that beat at the beginning lmao

kofi devall says:

Ye ain’t them

seeingjustseeing says:

In the Old Kanye – New Kanye convo, I’m surprised none of them mentioned the “leave yo ass for a white girl” line. Another album, I know, but still.


This was literally the only cd I listened to until Purple Haze came out.


Could all y’all do like top 10 videos like….where each of you do your own top 10 of whatever the subject is like E.G. top 10 KANYE verses or top 10 albums of all time

Hunter Marsh says:


X says:

not a classic

Eric Davis says:

I love this album and get why people say they miss this Kanye, but for me this is his 3rd best album. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Late Registration are ahead of this for me.

Nick Harris says:

What court is that I be tryna hoop in a Atlanta

AR654 says:

I like late registration the most

JEFFMAN90 says:

We need this Kanye back ASAP. This album made me a Kanye fan.

Tim S says:

just waiting on the comments to say what classic to review next

Josiah Whitfield says:

I think it’s interesting they mention how many of the tracks from College Dropout got radio play. Lest we forgot another album where the majority of the album was on the radio, Sremmlife – certified classic.

Kobbe says:

That like to dislike ratio tho

Rob Mald says:

Kinge looks like gift of gab..lol

Scuba Yoga says:

Old Kanye would be super proud of New Kanye in my opinion. Mans always believed in himself

ArnoldFTW97 says:

Yo Myke is so right I agree with him College Dropout is definitely a classic but I’m a huge Kanye fan but I don’t really listen to that album that much to be honest. People kill me when I rank Late Registration,Graduation,808s,MBDTF and Yeezus over College Dropout.

Jack1uptone says:

The first time i remember hearing Kanye is when i heard “through the wire” on the radio. I thought it was 50 cent because Kanye sounded a little mumbled due to the injuries with his jaw in that car accident. Mike C slept hard on Kanye for 3 years. You never know how you may perceive a artist at first, where you were, what you was doing, the state of mind you’re in play a big role in what you like at the time. The first time i listened to “the college drop out” i didn’t realize exactly how good it was because it didn’t sound like most of the hip hop they was trying to push in the early 2000s, then on the 2nd and 3rd listen, i realized Kanye was a genius. He got even better on “late registration “. I can see how Mike C or anybody would become a Kanye fan off of “stronger.” Beautiful dark twisted fantasy was classic too.

Deon Knott says:

Every Song was Great. No good songs. No album fillers. No bad verses. No bad beats. No bad hooks. No bad concepts. Sequencing was perfect. Skits were great. This album is still underrated. This album, this Kanye, this vision, has left the biggest impact on pop culture than any album since of any genre. It started here. The sound, the visuals, the aesthetics, the aspiration, the topics, the tone, the lyrics, the beats, approach. Kanye wasn’t the first, arguably not even the best. But, no one has had a bigger impact than this. This is the stone that caused the ripples we still feel and see. Kanye now and Kanye then are two different artists.

Saqib Munir says:

Dr west Kanye

d347b2 says:

back when Kanye was David instead of the Goliath he became.

von carmichael says:

Old Kanye and new Kanye… Like two completely different people now lol

GhastlyGerald says:

Even though this is probably the objectively better album, I still think I prefer Late Registration. I feel like Late Registration’s aged so much better than College Dropout.

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