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Kanye West has made more noise this year for his antics than his music. That has changed. Kanye West dropped Ye on June 1st, 2018 after holding a listening session in Wyoming. The album is 7-tracks total and 24 minutes in length. Here is the Dead End Hip Hop album review of Kanye West’s latest album ‘Ye.’ Let us know what you think of it in the comment section.

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matt M says:

“Ye” is basically a really cheap version of jay-z’s 4:44. It lacks the growth, introspection, and the maturity. It’s a dad album the same as jay’s but if you had a really really bad dad.

0o I Died In A Time Machine o0 says:

albums boring af.. i liked it at first the first few listens but now I basically have no desire to listen to it again lol.

Suede Component says:

Real Nigga Beezy.


This album review sucks

Sebastian Lopez says:

Kids See Ghosts > Ye > Daytona


A liberal and two dimensional review.

iseerashonal says:


Kris Jackson says:

This album was a beautiful painting of his thoughts. People are expecting this album to be an apology or an explanation of what happened at TMZ. (Which of course his message was lost in delivery but no one bothered to dig deeper or even listen past what the publication decided to present). I’ve replayed this album plenty of times and each time I’m learning it gaining new insight into this complex individual. He’s literally a living piece of art. From his feelings of being targeted, ostracized, overly confident, contrite, cautious, confused its literally a different perspective every time.

DirtyMoney410 says:

I wasn’t feeling that line Kanye said either “I don’t take advice from people less successful than me”.. Kanye think hes way better than what he is,   the album is all over the place,  I just wasn’t feeling it

Travis Douglas says:

Damn y’all be dying like y’all heard the best joke in the world

mountnstream says:

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse of reviews: Positive, negative, middle-of-the-road, and neutral/apathy.

Kitto Katto says:

Nothing but respect for our #Beezus!

Jermaine HD says:

Ken you gotta be more objective to music man. Theses albums vibe with ppl for a reason. As a critic shouldn’t you be considering that instead of biases? Or not show up like Beezy… I’m js if you don’t like it it doesn’t mean it’s trash. This Ye album was better than his last couple just didn’t meet expectations. Thank you Myke for speaking truth. Get ya mans

KING Zy says:

This old heads hate anything that’s not deep dark and suuuper lyrical

Stefanie B says:

To Myke’s point about ppl loving this album….I was on I think balleralert IG account and the top rated comment was how much ppl loved the hook on All Mine. I’m just as confused as you lol

George Nico says:

24:21 lol

Thraitor says:

Lol Beezy at the beginning

Matthew Alpert says:

Myke is exactly right, it’s water-downed

JayEssArr says:

Honestly this album is way better than TLOP for me. It feels loose and off the cuff but I still think he managed a very very good album. Lower end of the spectrum but still great which shows how amazing Kanye can be.

My theory is that since the response to the album has been middling and everyone hates him again he’s gonna hunker down MBDTF style and drop a 70 minute masterpiece again

Omari_X 65 says:

Myke’s shirt dope

Anthony G says:

Dislikes thru the roof lmao

Hunter Kasper says:

The like and dislike bar is crazy

Coach JG says:

Ghost Town is great. 070 Shake will be a star. That said, this is in Kanye’s bottom 3 with TLOP and Yeezus.

Toxic Masculinity says:

Imagine not liking 808s. Delete this worthless channel already.

Orest B. says:

1k dislikes… this about to be good


I disliked this video for one main reason, for the fact that Beezy refused to listen to it. If you’re not going to give your input don’t be there…and I value Beezy’s opinion whether or not he likes a project.

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