Kanye West – “YE” Album Review/Reaction | Amazing!

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Wassup Daredevils, Today we reviewed Kanye West latest album “YE”. It was nothing less than expected. A blunt simplistic type of rap.

We Reviewed all of the songs of course. It was a 7 Track album so it was only 24 minutes of a listen. We reviewed I Thought about killing you, Yikes, All Mine, Wouldn’t Leave, No Mistakes, Ghost Town, and Violent Crimes.

Supposedly this album is about a Bipolar Yeezus/Ye and his self-being. He Proposed about Kanye Trump effect to issue that ye vs the people mood to gain attention for this album.


Tony Volpino says:

23 minutes of my life wasted ( actually 46 min, i listened twice just to be sure about the crap i was listening) ! What impress more is the incapacity to rhyme proper words to make sense, not a sentence go with the next and the full songs meaning is unknown , any child in his room can make better music, if you are positive about this pathetic album good for you, means you are coping with this days low quality in everything. Anyway Kanye have reach the bottom few years ago, now is digging!

Bred Eleven says:

9:40 I really just chocked on my food

Romello Owens says:


Dave F. Macias says:

It would be disingenuous to pretend that his evolution into a part-time MAGA hat model doesn’t affect the way this album is received, but West’s politics are only a symptom of a larger problem. What’s really the issue here is empathy, and the desperate degree to which West demands it of others while demonstrating a stark inability to return the favor. Two tracks on “Ye” see West turn his eye toward family: On “Wouldn’t Leave” he lauds wife Kim Kardashian’s faithfulness during his brand-threatening Twitter outbursts, and on closer “Violent Crimes” he takes stock of his own philandering past as the father of young daughters. Both tracks are ostensibly introspective, but it doesn’t take long to notice that Kanye remains entirely self-obsessed even here; his concern is never for how his behavior affects his loved ones, but how their responses to his behavior might affect him. It’s also difficult to hear West complain about his family-man anxieties apparently without recalling that the president he so blithely supports is ripping immigrant children from their parents as they flee from desperate poverty and violence — exactly the sort of inhumanity that the man who wrote “Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Remix)” would have once tackled on record, and which he now seems uninterested in contemplating.

On “Wouldn’t Leave,” West offers the album’s only explicit reference to his recent controversies, rapping: “I said ‘slavery’s a choice,’ they said, ‘How, Ye’?/ Imagine if they would’ve caught me on a wild day.” While the line offers zero insight into his actual political views, it might provide a window into his thinking. Maybe what West actually thinks about slavery, or anything else, is beside the point — maybe what matters is that we pay attention to him, and he’s willing to cross even more lines if that’s what it takes. If this is all another chapter in his long saga of outrages he’s daring fans to indulge (an extreme extension of Kanye the Award Show Interrupter and Kanye the Giver of Long Onstage Rants) maybe it’s time to say “enough.” In the words of a great rapper: It’s not funny anymore, try different jokes.

O Media says:

Dare us y’all should do Kevin gates

Leo Kelly says:

Best albums of 2018 so far

Goodbye and riddance

althea smith says:

You guys are awesome.. just subscribed..

Aj Martin says:

i thought the feature on ghost town was rae sremmurd

Huey Oblongata says:

The Medulla Oblongata is in the back of the brain. Helps control breathing, heart, and blood vessel function lol

jack piccione says:

aux battles are dope but this reaction is trash. MEAMI where it’s at

Wemashema Sangrentarian says:

Absolute doo doo

Navarro Aschenbrenner says:

070 was on Santeria on Pusha T album Daytona

Dave F. Macias says:

consuming distractions while the world around us burns, figuratively and literally. It’s hard to tell if this is ignorance to what really matters or a coping mechanism and escapism from the fuckery of everyday life

dareUs says:

The video is really only 16 mins long. Forget to cut out a whole 2 mins >.>

Magik Curry says:

The album is bootycheeks

Ray Rafool says:

You guys pause and talk way too much

Heinvandah says:

2CB is. Research Chem similar to LSD

Lucky Legacyy says:

React to juice wrlds album

Aj Martin says:

if you listen to the album backwards it shows how his life took a turn from when he started dating kim to now showing how insane this nigga is

Dwayne McDermott says:

Medulla Oblongata is in the back of the brain? Hahahaha get back in fucking school

Shani Baby says:

dude look like 21 savage lil brother


That one death drug seems crazy. This is why drugs are not good. Who would want to feel like their dying?
Dont do drugs kids!

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