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http://bit.ly/14tkUYA Myke C-Town takes on a disgruntled Kanye West fan.

Yeezus is the sixth solo studio album by American hip hop recording artist and producer Kanye West. There has been a lot said about this album during the last week and finally, finally, finally, we have our say so on Yeezus. During the last week, hip hop has been divided on Kanye West’s latest project not knowing what to make of the album. So here is our review of the album. Leave your thoughts in the c-section limited to discussion of the album.

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Tyler The Inhaler says:

“If you love me so much then why’d you let me GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”. – Kid Cudi

Nathan Moore says:

For the record, I love death grips and I also love this album. But I agree with myke about most people liking it just cause it’s Kanye.

ignacio maciel says:

If you want to like yeezus , All you need is , 1 good sound system, 2 be mad 3 enjoy.

Sami Ali says:

I’m sorry but I love this and every album kanye has put out.

Namikaze Naruto says:

Didn’t like yeesuz the first time either. But after a while, after you let the frustration and anger in. I absolutely loved it. Just an amazing album. Ahead of its time. Not for everybody, but one of my fav kanye albums.

xabies Zamudio says:

is that guy faking his jamaican accent??? He’s lame af?

Taylor Knight says:

I mean I’ve listened to death grips vs Kanye, they sound shit

Ric-72 says:

That Fisher-Price comment though :’D

randy K15 says:

blood on the leaves,hold my liqour,blackskinhead,newslaves only good songs

Michael says:

Watch you bitch niggas a few years later say this album was good

Qu Banski says:

you guys are awsome! much love!

Just a Guy With a Microphone says:

“I am a god” I wanted to turn heads. Because I can be whatever I want. People hated me for saying that. Do you think people would be upset if I named it “I am a nigga”? No and that’s fucked up

Noel Carranza says:

If you listen to straight up rap/hip hop of course you won’t like it.

HalfKocked says:

Gotta love the nuclear holocaust gleam in the background. Exposure can be a son of a bitch.

Ryan Flood says:

Completely agree with Myke

LA FLAME says:

I will cry my eyes out if I ever have to listen to this shit album again. Worst album Ive ever listened to.

Dan says:

Did any of you notice that MBDTF was kanye trying to make the “perfect” album so he decided Yeezus to sound like the exact opposite. Yeezus is the rebel in Kanyes discography

killumbus 6onefo says:

I enjoyed Yeezus as a whole project a lot when it first came out but I haven’t listened to it much since. Amazing experimental project but didn’t have much replay value, Guilt Trip is the only song I still play from time to time. The outro’s and samples were genius on this project, ending to New Slaves, Outro on I’m in it and the outro on Hold my Liquor were all great examples. Plenty of amazing moments on Yeezus but most of them were from a production stand point rather than a lyrical side.

Jeremy Sevilla says:

I like Yeezus. Here’s why, the album plays with my emotions really well. The album gets me pumped almost immediately and throughout the album i can maintain that level of excitement. I think lyrically yes he is lackluster for the majority of the album but in my opinion there are times when he does shine. I think its a solid Kanye Album. I am huge Kanye fan and when this album initially came out i did nit fuck with it, but as time went on the album grew on me.

xdd xdd says:


Unboxning says:

It has been a long time, but this album is fucking hype imo

_J4r3d _ says:

Yeezus is fucking amazing, its like a fucken energy drink. If you feel dumb or sad or some shit, listen to Yeezus and youll feel like God

Quinn Jones says:

I love Myke C-Town’s opinion. Every time I wait to see his thoughts because his views almost mirrors my opinion. He’s harsh and I like it.

Tripper Getem says:

Kanye did something right. Listening to Yeezus in 2017, it still sounds like a fresh new album. So far, it has aged perfectly.

wowzaz97 says:

Who’s that nega myke?

Aleksandra Jovic says:

I don’t really like Kanye West’s music, but I actually find some enjoyment in this for once. Even though it wasn’t the most cleverly done experimental hip hop, Kanye’s drive to do e music that sound slightly like Death Grips is slightly infectious

zacklton says:

It’s taken me a few years to understand Yeezus. It’s an album you can’t listen to just once to get it. My favorite Kanye West album.

Clive Clivington says:


Cordell Bodezi says:

How can you say it’s not different. Other rappers didnt do all that the kanyes albums did

kai brainard says:

Beezy wins reaction of the decade (Ken ties)

Alan Araneda R. says:


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