Kanye West/Kid Cudi – Kids See Ghosts Album Review | DEHH

Kanye continues the new version of Good Music Friday continues in album format with the release of Kids See Ghosts, his new collaboration project with Kid Cudi. Kids See Ghosts is seven tracks long and runs a total of 24 minutes. What version of Kanye do we get on this project? What version of Kid Cudi will we get on this project? What does a Kid Cudi/Kanye West project sound like? We touch on that and more in this review of Kids See Ghosts.

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DEHH presents: Who the hell is Damone Tyrell?

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Sean Dafny says:

Beezy is upset

Preye Yinkore says:

What Kanye did on “feel the love” was to sample the Mike scream on “do you remember” but like a DJ, he changed the tempo and sound configuration to sound different. Something also similar to what Big shaq did on “man’s not hot”. Kudis hums on “reborn” reminds me of “Ocean drive”. The voice texture of Kudi bears semblance to that of the lead singer of ” Lighthouse Family”, by name Tunde.

Eric Smith says:

I think they titled it like that because kids can see the ghost or skeletons in the closet that adults have. Even thought we say they don’t understand.

mexia23 says:

That camera man gotta shut the hell up sometimes. Ken just don’t like Kanye.

E FT says:

when’s the Nasir review? I know Beezy finna listen to that s**t haha

Anthony KIID says:

Kanye did not produce all the tracks.. these guys are too hype on the word kanye.. look at the track listen or production credits and you’ll see that Cudi had a big hand in it

matt halsey says:

Why all these EP,s Pusha T was excellent but the last two were average, Needs to step it up for the Nas album

Malick says:

Feefo been coming with the smoke these days lmao

Keon Thomas says:

U all are taking too long to review Nasir damn it!

Oliver Farahmand says:

Atlanta S2?

Marquetta Reed says:

I loved cudis montage that’s about it

Tyler Hartsell says:

more than anything I am just happy and surprised that Kanye said all these albums were coming out and they actually did. All of these albums released have been good. GOOD Music has taken over this year/summer so far.

Styled Prince says:

Why does a lack luster album mean his downfall or whatever. It could just simply not be a stellar album lol wtf

foxc1819 says:

CUDI DID THE PRODUCTION FOR “Cudi Montage”, “Reborn” & had production creds on all the songs. THOSE DRUMS ON CUDI MONTAGE WERE FUCKING CUDI, NOT KANYE. I love you Myke, I know you’ll take notice if you see this…. not editing what I said originally just adding that I’m a die hard Cudi fan so people failing to recognize his production is frustrating, all love y’all

BananaWamma7 says:

Ye lack luster? Wat?

The Genius Director says:

Breezy is still here. Dude got to take a day off when it comes to Kanye projects

Xangrief says:

Beezy should grow up and learn to differentiate art from the artist. The fact that he said he’s gonna check out Nas is just hypocritical.

Travarris says:

B got the head nod like I just spoke to my ancestors and they told me to choose not to listen to this either

Octavian Johnson says:

Beezy is going to be torn with Nas’s album. It has Kanye on it too lol

C_F1asco BF says:

I don’t understand why ppl are hating on Kinge’s point. Nasir, Daytona, KSG, are well put together albums and Kanyes’s sounded garbage. If you pitch a comparison between all albums Kanye is on the bottom. When he makes a sound for someone he’s find experience. Kanye alluded to such multiple times.

Kinge is laid back saying his point and everyone coming for his neck with personal attacks or getting louder then him.

Mr Mojo Risin says:

I loved this album, and still do. its just to short. cant wait for the NASIR review… Cops shot the kid!!!! POW

dead leaf says:

please do Testing and please give it a careful listen

jfraz1992 says:

beezy corny for not listening to the album there was no point of him being there

James Valaitis says:

I usually appreciate disagreement because it makes for a better review. I just feel that this particular video would have been better without Ken.

K. Colin's says:

Beezy look like he needs some tampons

dakidblack says:

Why didn’t you guys bring up the fact that Kanye redid YE after TMZ?? There was no time to give the same polish kids see ghosts had. An album that was months in the making

Johnny Jackson says:

Bee be acting lame why is he there if he not go say nothing about the project

Jeric Domingo says:

They just need to stop putting king on anything related to kanye. He just ruins the reviews because everyone just needs to counter all the hater shit that comes out of his mouth. He thinks everything is a deception when he cant just give him credit for being dope. Hes biased.

Debo Datta says:

6:11 Kanye has said he completely remade Ye after the TMZ interview which means he made his album in a matter of 3 weeks while the rest of the albums he produced as well as Kids See Ghost have over a year of production and meticulous detailing…

jonyboyishere says:

best episode in years…

German Del Villar Jr says:

How is beezy going to not hear this album because of Kanye but is going to hear Nas?

Andrew Rodriguez says:

You guys have pretty strong opinions that I can agree with for the most part… but… what I get from the title of album is the idea of Ye and Cudi getting back to their kid-like mind-states CREATIVELY and expressing their perceptions of where they are at currently, but in the sense of a child-like mind. It’s pretty widely known that the child-like state of mind is the closest we can get to tapping in to the 4th dimension because our perception of life hasn’t been corrupted by the things we know, see, and feel in the physical realm as adults. So with everything they have experienced that has altered them from being curious, creative, and open minded, they are expressing how they are freeing themselves from those burdens, hence the ghosts, and getting back to a mind-state that isn’t corrupted by society’s woes. We are all brought up to believe that we don’t have the God given right to think freely, which also coincides with thinking creatively. The education system, judicial system… pretty much everything that society tells us, teaches us that “THIS” is the only way that you should be thinking and “THAT” is the only way to be free, or be successful. We are prisoners of our own systematic beliefs. Artist’s tend to express a rebellion to those popular beliefs because they are constantly in a state of bliss when they have the freedom to think creatively. But not industrial society. We are all taught to count, organize, and obey. That doesn’t leave any room to be a creative thinker. That’s why Ye always praises people like Steve Jobs and Disney. Because they always expressed the freedom of creating things that are unimaginable. People who work at Disney aspire to be “imagineers”, and people like Steve Jobs designed handheld electronics with a simplified yet efficient template that is accessible and easy to use, and are visually sleek and forward thinking. These are masters of design and creativity because they weren’t afraid to think about things that the common person wouldn’t dare to explore, and in every right, Ye has been that type of person which is why he tends to champion himself in the same realm as those people. He just wants to inspire the world to think freely, and creatively. Those are the two things that are immediately snatched away from a large majority of the human race at a very young age. That’s why when they say the education system isn’t working, it’s because of these things. We teach our children to be guided by a curriculum and a very specific system, that doesn’t allow them to explore beyond it. We are naturally curious creatures, and to slap the hand of a child that asks too many questions diminishes our ability to become an advanced society. The more open and accessible information becomes, the more free and advanced we will become as a species.

matt halsey says:

In the uk dope is heroin

Shariqwa Witwicky says:

First of all why be in the video if you haven’t heard the album

Sarkazm CZ says:

Ken is trying so damn hard to stay biased in this one lmao xD

Richard Sedillos says:

Ye, Daytona and kids see ghost listen in that order it’s like a 3 part album Together! MF doom style album

Th3PandaDen says:

Am I the only one that saw that Kanye scrapped his whole album after his TMZ interview? ye was recorded in 3 weeks & unfortunately it shows

Zelinc says:

Kinge just doesn’t like good music does he? I get he hates Kanye’s bullshit, but god damn. So many of these projects are better than most that has been put out this year.

James Di says:

do a review of Mike Shinoda album Post Traumatic

Jatrell Williams says:

Lol Beezy is lookin hella corny with his Kanye protest of refusing to listen to his music. You really that upset with him cause he has a different opinion then yours? Smh that’s super lame.


Anybody knows the name of the Beat at the end of the convo ?

marcni says:

Myke be disagreeing dude, gotta respect his passion

akili mcelroy says:

im not sure if yall even see this but you guys should review c-mob devil in dickies you guys would love it subjectly of course I just wanna see yall reaction

Propane & Propane accessories says:

How does Myke not understand how its easier to produce for other people? You know what that person should sound like to you, so you can make music to suit them

secretcountry says:

I completely agree with Ken that Kanye seems to be putting more effort into these albums for other people than his own (or at least this one for sure). He is pretty much an artist first, rapper after that, and just having someone else creatively seems to give him more to play/mess with and expand/build on. And then like Cudi’s vocals, that’s a whole ‘nother instrument completely unique to play with and go off of that he has at his disposal for this whole album (and which obviously he didn’t have for his own).

Also, working with someone else is pretty much a completely new experience, with lots of new things to explore. Kanye’s made a bunch of classic albums already, it’s possible that he’s already said pretty much everything he really wants to, or done everything musically he wants to as a solo artist

Ziggy Xavier says:

Kids See Ghosts = Freedom of indoctrination

MyNamesCody says:

“Hes a grown ass man he can explain himself. He has a masters degree” lmfao

Andre Saddler says:

Kinge becoming a troll. Legit

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