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After dropping last years Section 80, the anticipation immediately swelled for Kendrick good kid, m.A.A.d city album. Following Section 80 were stellar albums by Schoolboy Q with Habits and Contradictions and Ab-Soul’s Control System setting the bar for Kendrick’s album. good kid, m.A.A.d city finally hit stores Monday, October 22 and the internet went crazy. As a matter of fact, everyone went crazy. Even Shyne. Here are our thoughts on Kendrick Lamar’s good kid, m.A.A.d city. Hit us up and let us know what you think about the album.

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JustMY OpinioN says:

Check out my review of Kendrick’s album here –

Fichii says:

Amazing album.. When I hear Money trees on late nights I just get this weird kind of haunting feeling of past memories. That song has been the soundtrack of so many summer nights. It’s like I can sense how that song will make me feel when im 70 and hear it and remember all the stupid shit I did as a teenager.

biggestfanofroger says:

good kid maad city
To pimp a butterfly
(untitled. unmastered.)

one of the greatest album streaks of all time (even though untitled is not a really a full kendrick album)

ezwar99 says:

12:57 I know it’s old af at this point but #KenAnticipated

Brenden Burg says:

But does it bump in the whip?

Eric Legend says:

This album is waaaaaaaaaay better than TPAB.

Chef Sweaty says:

Art of peer pressure and good kid are my favorite tracks on there. So fucking relatable man

AnTione Tha Don says:

Just waiting on that “good kid, m.A.A.d city” movie…

Breezy says:

herd mentality is responsible for gangs, terrorism, cults, etc. it’s one of the most destructive things humans do naturally. people are deeply influenced by the group. That’s why i value introspective thought, individuality, and avoid conformity at all costs. The edgy goth kids from south park were right when they said “fuck the conformists.” I really related to that at the beginning of the video. people have no idea how much impact group mentality and peer pressure actually change the way you think and act.

samd1453 says:

ya bitch

filiberto Zuniga says:

Money trees though

Buster And His Mates says:

New Video Darth Vader Theme.

Justin Crawford says:

“When you listen to the whole project, it all comes together.”
That’s the magic of Kendrick’s music

braiden45 says:

Its always nice to hear Beezy actually passionate about a project and speak lol

James Fralick says:

i love all of KDOTS WORK

Cristian De Leon says:

mayyyne I don’t like the dark skin nigga wit long hair there’s just something bout this needs to get to steppin

Mars Rover says:

Is this album a classic? 5:20

eduardo leon says:

Bring back #FeefoCares

Reid says:

16:42 Did Myke catch somebody littering

Keagon Louw says:

Beezy looks like Taye Diggs

Draven Ayles says:

& here we are 4 years later and this album has solidified itself as the illmatic of my generation

Aidan Moore says:

One of my favorite albums period.

Joel Malloy says:

This nigga really said “sing for me” and “thirsty”…

Georgiaboy2016 says:

First time watching this.

TheKeyboardPacifist says:

been neglecting hiphop for about 7 years (for other genres) came back, dusted off what’s been happening and found this instant classic last month. Of course, people told me about “swimming pools” but I had no idea what to expect. Honestly, I had low expectations. First video I played “king kunta” hooked me. Went out & bought my first CD since 2005, lol (i’ve been buying/jackin mp3’s since 1998 & buying a lot of vinyl oldies pre-1979). .. This is crazy – everytime i play this album i see deeper layering. You can dispute his lyrical mastery (perhaps Marshall flows smoother) but this is the storytelling here goes beyond Ghostface and Outkast, and as deep as Nas and Pac. And everytime i play it – i get more foreshadowing, more amped out the sample selection, and truly appreciate the track sequencing. … The only detract – is the extra content takes away from flow of the album. Make that a seperate EP.

Charles McBrian says:

This was a great conceptional album

SL1M3 . . . says:

Re-review this classic to see how you feel about it.

Cliff Holtzman says:

Best hip hop album of the 2010’s bar none. And the second is probably TPAB lol

Ryan Wilson says:

This so old lol

Evan Bevis-Knowles says:

The edit at 1:14 to a new shot made it look like Feefo told a story about a time when he was violent and they were like ‘we can’t leave that in”

Luis Aaron says:

“sing of me” thats a neck

Livin Large says:

Money tree is my fav Kendrick song

Jaida Raymond says:

half a decade ago.. Happy 5th anniversary GKMC

Deangelo says:

I like chance the rapper

Josiah Charles says:

this dope lookin’ back at it, word to Kyle, wish i could hear it for the first time again. But yo.. yall dropped yall review for this Oct 25th, 3 days after the album dropped & yall was fuckin up the titles of the songs … #OldAssYoungNiggas

Rodrigo Granja says:

100% wit Mike

rubberbans fou svn says:

“Sing for me and Thirsty”

Alagie Ceesay says:

it’s gkmc day. happy 5 year anniversary!

Preetam Raj says:

5 years later, Turned into a classic.

That one guy says:


salute100 says:

I still can’t believe Macklemore won best rap album over this

LJ 10 says:

lmao “sing for me, I’m thirsty

GTA Boomin says:

The Art of peer pressure still gives me chills…

1's Bundy says:

How y’all ain’t talk about money trees tho ?

Tim Gates says:

I still haven’t heard anything fuckin’ with this album & it’s almost 2017…

Otis Burrell says:

12:55 #KenAnticipated

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