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One of the most requested reviews in the last few weeks. Months of controversy around just the name of the album. A random unannounced release on iTunes with no warning. Folks, that’s Lil B. And we got the album review. Let’s go!


Ashleah Jackson says:

“Fuckin mentally retarted kids would like this album.”

LetterNumber says:

It is absolutely amazing how effectively Lil B trolled people.

Matt Sak says:

Why is feefo talking about lyrics while ken is talking about production

Ryan Skye says:

Hey! Sorry for the comment. I started listening to this artist who goes by the name Cammy-Kun he is really nice dude, and I wish more people check out his music instead of sleeping on him. You should check him out, he usually makes music about bullying, depression and other cool topics people can relate to. You would love it I promise.

jojohernandez14 says:

myke hasn’t been based yet… he’ll see the light soon enough

Josh Mariscal says:

Damn I almost forgot how damn INTENSE this video was hahaha

Moon Task says:

I love Ken

BLaDEWaLKER33 says:


crackblue says:

who in 2017 watched this review after watching the Lil Yachty – teenage emotions review

Filip Kozik says:

I just clicked on this again just so I can get Myke’s screaming face in my recommended box all the time

Tony Randolph says:

The name of the album is I’m gay
Am I reading this shit right
Now I understand why he forgave A Boogie
WOW I’m done

Maxwell Silver Hammer says:

Kinge just doesn’t want to be cursed

Mr.Badass529 says:

LMFAO! Man if old school DEHH is this damn intense and hilarious with the camera intensifying, I might watch more of their old reviews. Myke sounds like he’s trying to convince people they in the Matrix the struggle XD

NeverForget says:

It’s funny how ken supported this, little did he know lil b is the reason soundcloud rap is a thing

Green says:


Mr Simpson says:

Ken: You cannot say…
Myke: YES I CAN! I just did I’llsayitagain… HE DOESN’T MAKE ANY FUCKING SENSE!!

This always cracks me up… I watch this video just for that exchange.

Space Cowboy says:

just dropping by for my weekly view

Matt Sak says:

This is amazing 5 years later

Nahom Haddis says:

Ay shout out to my based brother Ken, making us proud every day

Soul Thompson says:

Playing Sunday Mourning QB- Myke C Town is the Joe Budden to in this situation….the Same way Joe attacked Lil Yachty…and Ken was right….people actually liked this album- and talk about his positive attitude

John Fornwalt says:

Good thing Feefo was there to moderate. Honestly, I could see this shit getting out of hand pretty quick.

Saint Zenit says:

My go to DEHH review when I want a good laugh, They will never top this review. Click anywhere on the video and Myke is going off hahaha
also loved the Bad Meets Evil review where they all went in on FeeFo and he backpedaled hard.
Bring back the poverty camera work

biruh azmera says:

i like mike real hip hop fan

Adrale4gotten says:

I came back to this review to see if it’s still as amazing as it was when it came out
Shoutout to that dramatic classic DEHH camera work

Amirin Daniel says:


Bryan Asare says:

I was laughing so hard throughout this review that I had to take breaks to keep from hurting myself.

William Gonzales says:

Yo Beezy didn’t talk barley at all in this vid

Bryan Asare says:

Random ppl are in this fucking house.

Bryan Asare says:

C-town is so fucking funny in this review

Lil Uhh Uhh says:

9:02 best moment on this channel

ThaGemiini says:

So Myke was the original Joe Budden

Cornbread says:

Classic video to this day… I’m rewatching this in 2017

Reese NineEightNine says:

Black Ken review will cause even more chaos if they review it lmao

Yxung Drxxpy Thv Dxn says:

I’m still tryna figure out why it’s a shopping cart behind then with floaties in it…?

Jordan Mitchell says:

Lol them two need to get married fuck hhahaa

Rayyan Sayeed says:

C town on drugs here

jet black says:

Review lil b black ken 2017 if you hear black ken it is obvious lil b started hip hop. this is yr last chance dead end hip hop

Dustin Clark says:

I get almost this mad about the new Deftones album. If you claim to be a die hardcore fan and you like it, you’re wrong.

AyeeitsKwon says:

Pleaseeee Review Black Ken by Lil B

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