Lil Wayne – Dedication 6 Mixtape Review | DEHH

Oh yeah, we reviewed this too.

Let us know what you thought about it in the comment section below.

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DEHH presents: Who the hell is Damone Tyrell?

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Angel G says:

Already starting off hating on Drake. SMH, Feefo the only real one here lol. Surprised Myke liked this. Good video. Nice to see yall show love to Wayne by reviewing this. #FreeWayne #FreeC5

Steel Proven says:

anyone here from NIKBAGTV recently ?

GreySolidusSnake says:

Where’s brockhampton 3?

C.A. Hall says:

4:20 lol

Zeddy Johnson says:

Dude with the and one basketball sweater stfu why are you even there reviewing it

Dr Funkenstein says:

Review Maxo Kream – Punken

Brenden Moheit says:

Guys please review the new maxo kream!! It’s great I think you all would love it

Speakerboxxx _ says:

i thought he retired

??? ??? says:

At least Beezy could’ve talked about why he didn’t like the album instead of just saying he didn’t like it.

Burnt Cat says:

He literally just said “I don’t like it” with zero reason why. That’s not a review man up your game lmao

220tv says:

Why yall always take so long to do review , there so good

The Choosen1 says:

My man with the hat on must of never been a fan of a Wayne mixtape because all of his mixtapes are pretty much the same. Just fun loose witty raps and he delivered exceptionally well on D6. Wayne is the goat of his era. Ppl stole so much from him it’s crazy when he came out he was unique a lil nigga with dreds covered in tattoos and diamond teeth and now you see damn near every artist with his look his whole rock star swag. He don’t get the credit he deserves. He created so many different sounds and gave the hip hop community a broader scale because got the ears of the consumers to listen to different forms of hip hop. The nigga had a rock album go gold if not platinum by now. He just made so much shit cool and I don’t think people really understand

Jakiee P says:

I rarely say this, but Beezy looked like a whole hater in this review

Tony Chase says:

Im with Beezy on this one. Dedication 6 is 6/10.

sid1417 says:

They actually liked a new lil wayne project? They slept on few others but im glad to see this.

Crashme222 says:

Yelawolf-Trial By Fire review? 😀

kobito says:

This tape was fire

advocatefish d says:

I’m with y’all, I didn’t expect much either. I was stuck in traffic, threw it on and was blown away that I cared. There is a lot of trash on there for sure but when Wayne is spitting it’s great. Not really feeling Cory Gunz like y’all though, I thought Gudda Gudda was better.

isiahalston says:

Beezy sound like a single black mother at a parent teacher conference

Rone Da StreetPoet says:

Real talk..

Alankrit Goel says:

How y’all didn’t mentioned XO Tour Life?????

Yolanda T says:

Lol Feefo. This needs to be a meme 2:37

Jeramy Grayer says:

Wayne killed that family feud went harder then drink wayne has better bars

EscapistVibrations says:

Wayne’s verse on What’s Next might have been the coldest verse of 2017

00ABBITT00 says:

Bootlegged it, ran it a dozen times, tossed the CD-RW out of the window on the freeway. On to the next.

CKdiner says:

B and Kinge been getting to lax over the years…. did yall review that black ken lil b tape???

Carlos Rojas says:

I think it was over hyped

TheDarkDrummer43 says:

Beezy’s face at 10:39 lmao

Esharido says:

Bank Account>the entire mumble rapper era

ManMilk says:

Review CupcakKe Ephorize ALBUM

Darth Traplord says:


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