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Lil Wayne – Carter III Classic Album Review:

Lil Wayne’s Carter V has been one of the most anticipated albums in the last few years. Carter V is Lil Wayne’s twelfth studio album. The album has features from XXXTentacion, Travis Scott, Nicki Minaj, Kendrick Lamar, Sosamann, Reginae Carter, Snoop Dogg, and more. Lil Wayne’s Carter V was held up in a label dispute with Birdman dating back to 2014 and it was finally resolved in 2018 when Wayne was released from his Cash Money contract in June. Here is our album review of Lil Wayne’s Carter V.

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DEHH presents: Who the hell is Damone Tyrell?

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A M B I T I O U S says:

Nicki Sounded terrible.

Alex Guillen says:

So y’all really skip over “I want to die in New Orleans”?

Lee Harvey says:

It’s really hard to impress Beezy


So nobody is going to talk about Beezy’s naked face?

StupidIsAsStupidDoe2 says:

The way people take in music is crazy. I fully enjoyed this album. Can’t force people to share my opinion but this was a necessary album for Wayne. A more mature album. He doesn’t have anything to prove to todays audience. Like Drogas Wave, this was for his true fans. People expected hits and party music and that’s just not fair.

CiTYLiGHTS says:


Fuck Mann says:

Please review iridescence

Ralph Lauren says:

i hate it when these guys review wayne music theyre so biased like charlamagne when it comes to southern rappers

Georgia World says:

Most of Lil Wayne’s albums have about 20 songs. People complaining about C5 being “too long” just have short attention spans.

Peter Ortiz says:

The intro should’ve been let it fly. Those opening bars from Wayne’s verse are perfect as an intro.

Marcus Garnot says:


Andrew Mowbray says:

Dude, bring back Dope Knife. Really did an amazing job. I loved the questions he was bringing up and he brought a great perspective. Really didn’t feel like an overlap on one of the guys.

Jay says:

Speaks to the album how most of your favorite songs differed more than usual

Wayne Kerr says:

this album sucks

Coop says:

Can we see Sophie more

Nate Alyn says:

Definitely was waiting on this review

J. Lew says:

Carter 1 n 2 the best

jonjoe89 says:

My first impressions of the album was similar, but something i realize is that you have to let albums marinate and not rush them. The simple fact you guys were expecting something you didn’t get, turned you off right from the beginning. And then there’s moods. You have to be in the mood to listen and not force a listen. When I came back to the album, I was able to appreciate it. Carter V for me, is the 4th best Carter, definitely being than Carter 4. Oh and one other thing. How did you guys miss Can’t Be Broken? Best track on the album in my opinion. It’s hard to take the review serious when everyone on the panel miss a obvious banger like that.

Run The Likes says:

Is the definitely one of Myke friends

KainerDog says:

Supported you fellas for a long time.. Years. But every vid turning into a debate on word choice and diction. Get off that

Luis Garcia says:

Myke right don’t Cry fire

Kenneth Baker says:

Myke is right on this one. Weezy came thru for the fans on here

??? ??? says:

Yes the album is long but the thing is that if you asked 100 people what 5 tracks they would cut you would get a lot.of different answers. I feel like all of the songs in this project at least have something going for it whether its the beat lyrics flow or feature

Fairplay Terrific says:

Tha Carter Is Wayne At His Pinnacle Flow, Song Structure, Lyricism…. He’s Dropped Dope Isht But Tha Carter Will Always Be His Crowning Achievement….

Paul Anthony Zapanta says:

whats up with the guy in yellows mouth?

96 God says:

Beezy didn’t say nun !!

TexasNightmare210 says:

YSIV review?

Jalen Clarke says:

I Did too I Thought Carter V Would Be Another Detox Or Street King Immortal i told everybody not to be fooled but I Was Wrong i admitted it to anybody i told and i loved the project Uproar And Can’t Be Broken are my favorite songs I Mainly Like Uproar one Cause G-Dep Special Delivery Is A Fucking Classic i was in My Health class i heard that Beat I Was Like Oh Shit that’s Special Delivery haven’t heard that Song In A Bit

Anesu Chimkupete says:

Carter 5 exceeded my expectations but time but I don’t rate Lil Wayne tho. But when something is undeniable you gotta respect it. Wayne did a madness

Dre Thomas says:

Gotta remember a lot of these songs like 4 -5 years old…..I put it like 3 in the carter series dope ass alby

Lapa Central says:

The god Roc Marci Behold A Dark Horse we are waitin for that review

Sevy Studios says:

please give logic album a chance a lot of reviews are shiting on his new album I love legacy iconic and last call the

Young Graham says:

If Tha Carter V was 7 tracks like Kanye’s format:
1) Dedicate
2) Uproar
3) Let It Fly (feat. Travis Scott)
4) Mona Lisa (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
5) Famous (feat. Regina Carter)
6) Don’t Cry (feat. XXXTentacion)
7) Let It All Work Out

Chandan Brown says:

Can’t Be Broken, Used 2, Let It All Work Out

Farooq says:

There’s nothing to compare with Wayne and Kendrick they both executed perfectly. The conversation to be had is the influence that Wayne has on Kendrick

cakkyboy says:

Can someone tell me what the significance is of this Carter series? If he’s releasing albums in between then why are people so amped about this FINALLY coming?

J Maltby says:

It sucked imo way too much hype just because its Weezy. Huge let down on the music it’s cringe.

Preston W says:

How come nobody likes “took his time”.. that was a dope ass song

Dre Thomas says:

This album seem more grown I wouldn’t like it if he was rapping like these new niggas these songs more my speed

Arthur Bueno says:

Yo that OG Swing Kids ThreeOneG shirt is so sick!!! shout out to Mike for that one!!

Dominique Ballou says:

Mona Lisa is so overrated, ppl like it bc the names involved wayne and kendrick song overall has no replay value

Skyler Atkins says:


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