Lil Xan “Total Xanarchy” – ALBUM REACTION/REVIEW

Lil Xan “Total Xanarchy” – ALBUM REACTION/REVIEW:
Hey guys!
So Lil Xan just released his new album titled Total Xanarchy. This project was supported by some pretty huge singles, such as Betrayed, Far, Slingshot and The Man.
Lil Xan is someone who has come under fire for his Tupac/2Pac comments recently, but will his newest album put that controversy to rest? This is CDTVThaG, and here is my first reaction/review of Total Xanarchy! (aka me losing my sanity over 20 minutes)

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Lil Xan “Total Xanarchy” –

Total Xanarchy Tracklist:

1. “Who I Am”
2. “Wake Up”
3. “Tick Tock” featuring 2 Chainz
4. “Diamonds”
5. “The Man” featuring Steven Cannon
6. “Saved by the Bell”
7. “Moonlight” featuring Charli XCX
8. “Shine Hard” featuring Rae Sremmurd
9. “Round Here” featuring YG
10. “Basically”
11. “Deceived”
12. “Betrayed”
13. “Slingshot”
14. “Far”
15. “Betrayed (Remix)” featuring Yo Gotti and Rich The Kid

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lil addy says:

Lil xan i feel bad for him


I would rather listen to “Crank That” 100 times than any of Lil Xan songs 1 time. How are people like Lil Xan even famous? Just how??

CDTVThaG says:

Hey guys! APOLOGIES for the music being quiet again on this one, like I said, I recorded this at 3am and my sister was schleep so I didn’t wanna wake her up. Enjoy!

S Mac says:

this album is probably the worst thing I’ve heard in YEARS.

Felipe Nanba says:


ThatOneGuyKaboom says:

It is an anti xanax song because listen to the first verse, pop the trunk I open up I sold my soul a good price but after that tbh he goes off topic as well as the second verse, but he still does get a message across

Ny'Geal says:

If Lil Xan can get attention for his music then I don’t understand why so many in the underground don’t get the respect they deserve.

skulls 'n' fun says:

OMG!!!!!! I can rap better & I’m a 14 year old who has no flow. A 14 year old that can barely talk to people can rap better than you. HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is is the same person who gave tupac a 2/10. Rather it be “Total Shitary” than “Total Xanarchy”

NoDoubtAboutIt says:

So is this channel going to replace the Is It Good? series or no?

Father Gascoigne says:

“and her pussy tastes like skittles”

“Okay… w-what does that have to do with xans betraying you?”

Jacob Williams says:

“But are you getting money like me? And do you have drugs and girls and face tats? No so let the kids have the music you broke boy” -lil xan, probably

Andrew Garcia says:

And this is from the same guy that said a LEGEND was boring

Chris Little says:

Make a worst rappers in the game video about lil xan

Sandmanspops says:

This was the most disappointing album I have ever listened to

Dylan Lanning says:

Moonlight pretty decent dawg. Heard it when I was fucked up and it made me feel good. But yeah, besides that, deceived, saved by the Bell, and the one with Rae Sremmurd, the album was trash. After I listen to these songs I just named and wear them out I’m completely done with Lil Xan lol

Alexx Thomson says:

Can’t believe this is the same guy that made betrayed

th3on3thatb3atu says:

Check out Rich the Kid’s album (after Vacation in Hell of course). Good features and solid beats.

p.05 says:

react to Killy: Surrender your soul

mikeymike says:

do a review on Rich the Kids album

insert random name here says:

CDTVThaGandhi’s flip flop

Creative Username says:

In the words of lil xan, 2/10…just boring music

Struggle says:

U look lik Sid from skins… U probably heard tht b4

Noa K says:


zodiac says:

I couldn’t make it past diamonds. Might go back and check out the Charli XCX verse though. I’m going to listen to Wu-Tang now and hold myself.

Jake Holub says:

Seeing that the you did mention Bryson Tiller during Far, is there a possibility u may make a video about him, I’d be interested to see ur thoughts on him as for me is one of my favourite Artists atm, maybe ever because the vibe on TRAPSOUL was just, amazing.

X Dog says:

This guy is just a hater

LYR1CAL Music says:

React to the Undaground Choppers 8 I feel like watching you react to that would be funny as fuck

julia chavis says:

Lil xan has his own style, you don’t agree with it probably because its not your style.

dtbreitling says:

Who‘s Lil Pump? I think you‘re talking bout Jetski.

Harry Eden says:

You should react to surrender your soul by killy

Anopa Munemo says:

thank u just helped me

J Beast says:

At least with the lyrics we know he doesn’t have a ghost writer… Gotta stay positive I guess

Free My Nigga Joe says:

lil xan gave me a headache

Mortos S says:

Keep in mind, this is the guy that said Tupac’s music is boring.

the stinch of discovery says:

Good sleepy voice….I just realized your actually younger than Xan lol

Miguel Romero says:

Please listen to Flatbush zombies vacation in hell amazing album by 3 amazing rappers

Furry Scythe says:

Worst Yung Lean-copycat there is atm.

Rapperjosh13 says:

We gonna get a WRITG for Lil Xan?

DVS says:

skirt! SKIRT!! 5K1RT!!! $K!RT!!!! YEAH!

Fred Odeta says:


Ref says:

I turned it off after 2 songs, I can’t listen to his shit alone but I guess I can handle a cdtv video with cuts in the music. album was fucking atrocious

Jay Bob says:

He called Tupac boring, but he didn’t listen to himself…

ProtoMan666 says:

You should review music from ghostmane

KJ Stiemke says:

Listen to idk, iwasverybad

Matt says:

This guy is too fucking annoying

GameKing _X says:

We have the same birthday

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