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Logic’s released his latest project Young Sinatra IV a few weeks ago. This is the final album of the Young Sinatra series as Logic is looking to focus his effort on his ideas for his five albums. We sat down and discussed Logic’s YSIV, his decision on ending the Young Sinatra series, and more. What are your thoughts on this album?

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Dominique Ballou says:

Logic is fake deep

Alan Van Ora says:

No matter what year/yen I’m in, I’m current see/currency. That was a dope bar

Johnny S says:

Logic during his mixtape days and his first debut album Under Pressure was great to me. I didn’t mind The Incredible True Story either. However, I started to enjoy him less and less after that. There was so much potential but he kept trying to appeal to the majority especially after his 1-800 song blew up and imo lost what made him special. That’s why people crack jokes about his music because they’ve only listened to the new Logic. But even on YSIV where he tried to bring his old self back, it just isn’t the same.

LucasTheLudius says:

100% agree with this review. Great job guys, really appreciate the hard work all while covering a wide range of projects.

marc777danielle says:

I totally agree with Logic. Many hip hop fans will flip when their favorite artist gets big. They look at underground, unknown rappers like a pair of sneakers and really have zero value in the actual rapper. They just wanna be known for being up on the new new. These guys may not be like that because they arent those type of rap fans but many rap fans are exactly like that. I remember being into rock back in the 80s and I notice the same thing…once a band got big, the band would lose their core audience because they weren’t really fans, they were enamoured by the mystique of the young starving artist on the come up or they really wanted to be known for being up on the new new.

JM Bossy says:

You guys got this 100%. I’m really into logic, and have been for a long time, and I think his recent albums (the incredible true story, everybody) have been the best work he’s ever done. Not everyone agrees with that (which doesn’t bother me) but it seems like Logic took that disappointment personally. This album is defensive and proud, and like you guys said, he’s got a real self reflection problem. This and Bobby 2 have been my least favourite logic albums he’s ever released, and i think if logic can’t take a step back and go after topics he cares about (like everybody) instead of all this self hype, I do think he’s let fame change him for the worse.

Nawa Mumbwe says:

“Album review”

Brian Meza says:

I didn’t think the album was that bad but I do think that Logic is doing the following: he’s creating as many projects for as many audiences as he possibly can. That’s the part that sets him apart from other artists. His producers are making beats no one else is making. Now, as far as CONTENT, I’m not seeing much of it, and I’m guessing it’s probably so he can reach more audiences. On the other end, I wonder what his future plans are. I hope that at some point he makes a legit content and lyrically based rap album. Right now he’s just riding the wave and I’m sure people would agree (if you really know about rap) that it sounds like he’s freestyling or freewriting. Tech N9ne and Joyner both didn’t like that Logic freestyled on Siracha. “You were supposed to Chop” is what both of them said and I couldn’t agree more. His flow, delivery, and accent is super dope and unique, but that’s all he’s caring about right now. Comparing to his Datpiff underground mixtapes, his mainstream music is … just a different story/world. As an artists, I kinda can’t blame him. I know what it’s llike to have two main audiences, and to have to meet both of them in the middle. What he can do is make both kinds. Make sick shit, and groovy shit in the same album, or per album, and worry less about always meeting everyone in the middle.

owned powned says:

The fall of Logic was from 2015 TITS was his last good project and now everything he makes is honestly trash he’s contantly forcing out music non stop without taking time. Logic could of gone down as one the best of the generation as was on the right track classic mixtapes that caught the attention of Lupe and nas in fact Lupe said logic was better lyrically than kendrick at the time but its been a downward spiral for 4 straight years and it can only get worse tbh. Logic of 2010-2014 was fireeeeeeeee

C.H.I.E.F. Treasurer says:

Logic is just a “meh” rapper now.. I’ll listen to his new shit but I don’t expect to be blown away anymore

Dominique Ballou says:

Album mediocre… Periodt always have been and always will be

TAE Streams says:

Eh, Album is ok, but to nitpick here, Eminem was pretty justified, he put out ONE terrible album and everyone acted like he got took out the list and discredited everything he’s done, he came back correct, he’s allowed to defend his shit. Logic really didn’t have a defense besides “I do what I want” which is fine IMO he doesn’t owe ppl anything but don’t act like you’re the greatest and people owe you all this respect, when you haven’t earned the mantle and with these last 3 projects won’t come close to claim your spot. It’s cool Wu Tang fucks with him but he has 1 close to classic album. Dude is int the same boat as J Cole IMO.

cedric dowdell says:

This sounds more like a critique of the artist rather than a critique of the album

NAF Music says:

Myke C Town blocked me on Instagram 🙁

Grant Inskeep says:

I used to think Logic was going to be GREAT. All he is now days is passable mostly, bad a little bit, and glimpses of greatness.

YB&I – 6/10
YS – 9/10
YSU – 8.5/10
YSWTF – 7.5/10
UP – 7/10
TITS – 8/10
BT – 2/10
EVBDY – 3/10
BT2 – 2/10
YS4 – 5/10

How I’d rate his work

Jacob Martinez says:

Album was better than the lil waynes

Who Am I says:

This album so dry

OMG ItsRyan says:

I wasn’t really feeling this project, it felt forced to me for some reason

Dominique Ballou says:

Logic boom bap isnt even real boom bap a low and high snare doesn’t equal boom bap he finessed the sound “boom bap”, “mental health” and “biracial” hes a walking niche in hiphop who speeds rap with same flow hes has no growth nor ceiling as an artist he is what he is.

Dominique Ballou says:

Best song can’t be wutang forever and you’re barely on the song thats an L

Jerad S. says:

Logics music has been going downhill ever since everybody. His shit just seems rushed now and he actually believes that it’s the greatest shit he’s ever done.

DJ Cayne says:

Y’all still haven’t don’t MnM’s latest album…?

King A.P.E. says:

Feefo looking like Russell Westbrook’s little brother.

braiden45 says:

Thankfully it was miles better than the Carter V

XdaPoet says:

So basically Logic a sellout …?!

Dexenation Gracey says:

My problem with Logic is what I don’t like about Eminem, I understand that they are really good lyrically but man, do they hammer home a certain point why too often (Logic with being biracial and Em about his dysfunctional family.) Granted, Eminem is self aware about him bringing up his family way more than necessary, however, Logic hasn’t grown that sense of self (or is in denial about it.)

Bobby Snake says:

Iconic best song on here that shit had my mouth open whole song

Dominique Ballou says:

Logic proves flow and speed rap doesn’t make great music or an great artist… Hes overrated

Fairplay Terrific says:

It’s Like When Jay Z Said On “Death Of Autotune” He Would Give That Beat To The “Mixtape Weezy” Lil Wayne On Mixtapes Are Way Different Than Lil Wayne On Studio Albums……

IceColdSophist says:

I trashed it at first but it grew on me… now it’s up there with one of his better projects. But the One Day and Ordinary Day joints r too poppy for me.

Varun Narain says:

Dude, Logic seems to have this craving to be liked by everyone. If 1 person on this planet doesn’t like him that shit keeps him up at night.

B Sinita says:

Wow………sad first 10 minutes in the video clearly this album wasn’t as good as you guys thought and I’m sad because I really wanted to listen to this album but I know you guys don’t lie and logic is a bit arrogant, so maybe I’ll passed some songs on this project unfortunately. And listen to a few of them.

YouYouYou!!! says:

Top 5 album of 2018.
1. Drake
2. Logic
3. Kanye (Ye KSG Daytona)

Wayne Kerr says:

Logic just makes boring ass albums, he’s dope, but he doesn’t make dope albums, end of story.

Alijah Jameal says:

I thought Logic just got tired of trying to appease the “Culture” (black people) since they seem to make fun of him the most whether its about his style, his own race, or the fact he sounds like others (Cole, Drake) at times. He gets made fun of on most of these shows (Hot 97, the complex show, the joe budden show)

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