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Feefo Translates the Drogas Track:

Lupe returns with his seventh studio album Drogas Wave. In 2017, Lupe released a Drogas Light which was a prequel to this new album. Drogas Wave is a double album and features different themes throughout the project. The album has features from Nikki Jean, Crystal Torres, Troi Irons, Damian Marley, and Elena Pinderhughes. Here is our review of Lupe Fiasco’s DROGAS Wave. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comment section.

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Gabriel Ajayi says:

watching niggas struggle to comprehend lupe is one of my favorite past times looool

Dominique Ballou says:

This isnt a classic until he comes out and tell us what this album is about…. Im sorry If I dont understand the concept fully im not deeming it a classic.

Bill Sanders says:

Review carter v

Shawn Lee says:

I love yall content and Drogas Wave is one of the best albums of this year. But please don’t skip on Room 25. Take your time cuz i can wait LOL

Dallas Allen says:

The whole theme was the ripple effects of life on a what if basis. Think of a wave. Via sound, water, emotion, life. Like the forever songs are a great example. What if they didn’t die. A wave. A ripple effect. Imagine. If he had done anything different we wouldn’t get the Lupe now. I think as a whole the album has unlimited replay value.

SallyGP says:

I’ve been waiting for this shit, glad you guys took your time with it.

Jose Santana says:

album of the year for me

That Dude Najarian says:

Shawn Cee gave a good perspective on some of the themes of the album. He believes that the theme of The Long Chains is that when the slaves jumped overboard, they saved themselves and in turn lived forever. That theme of rebirth is sprinkled throughout the album, the spirit of the long chains lives on with how Alan and Jonylah save themselves and live forever.

Abdiel L. says:

ALBUM OF THE YEAR ! the more you listen the more you understand , It takes you on a emotional and thought provoking Rollercoaster!

Siyavuya Ngxiya says:

Shout out to Ab-Soul for that D.R.U.G.S reference though

Alex Hartley says:

mike c town and crew i agree with feefo and your camera man sorry i forget your name i am sorry bout that but i am a fan of your show and of lupe first couple albums but also tracks off others albums of lupe but i disagree this is not a master piece this album is clever and got good deep lyrics which is good for hip hop fans to keep learning an decoding something in his lyrics every time ya listen which i luv too but does not make it a classic album in my eyes the beats are mostly weak them average tippy tappy computer sound cloud beats production mostly sounds the same other than a few tracks try and compare this to even mural off his tetsuo youth a future classic track and albumz like slim shady lp or nas illmatic or snoop album doggy style a classic is solid all the way from 1st track to last track with good beats and lyrics and this was mostly poor beats i need to av gud production and this started in spanish which i understand the concept why but bad start to a hip hop album but not to bad as an outro

Dakwon King says:

I listened to this album today after watching this review and after spending some hours listening to this and with the help rap genius (because this is a very complex project) I gotta say this is one of Lupe’s best projects. And its a blessing that an album this achingly beautiful could come out in 2018 showing that real rap and hip hop are alive and well. The multiple layers that this album deals with mainly slavery and the atlantic slave trade, his relationship with atlantic records, drugs=drogas, and resurrection amongst others things makes the whole album almost a triple entendre in itself. And there’s so many moments on this album that are so powerful multiple songs of this album gave me chills it was so emotionally impactful. It was worth spending the long amount to digest this album and there’s still a bunch of the album I’m still trying to figure out but this is easily an AOTY contender without question. This is masterpiece level work! Shout out to Lupe Fiasco! Whether people recognize your genius or not no one can say you don’t rap your ass off on this and are incredibly intelligent. This project was amazing!

h0tr0d0224 says:

This album is drugs. I’m hooked.

EliteBlackSash says:

Lu is the first emcee to not get burnt by Damian Marley on a track, too lol. Even Nas was getting that work throughout Distant Relatives lol

Yellow King says:

wav files brought tears to my eyes

iamtoomany says:

Ima need yall to do a part 2. Track by track and record yall realizing new stuff together

ScreamGeronimo says:

This album, with every listen, climbs to the top of my favorite Lupe album list

Alex Honeyghan says:

THE ALBUM IS ABOUT Resurrection, SECOND CHANCES AND MAKING THE MOST OF WHAT LIFE GIVES…good or bad….i hate the fact that you all are right there and talking around that point

La Bnawd says:

bruh since when have we stopped liking lengthy projects, im used to albums like the art of war by bone thugs. i dont like the new seven song wave.

rainman says:

Great album review like always guys. This album was flipping Fantastic, Lu added a Fourth classic on his belt. Funny how a lot of other mainstream reviewers can barley appreciate it as well as you guys. Like everyone else we all need more time to break the album down, this is whats so rewarding with Lu’s projects. This album left me Speechless , when it comes to rapping I don’t think no one can hang with him. Drogas Wave is my album of the year with Book of Ryan right behind it! You guys should have a lot more subscribers, reviewers like needledrop struggle to review albums like this…while DEHH has the best content and multiple opinions.

EliteBlackSash says:

He did it like that because it’s two albums. I like the Drogas album way way better, disc 2. But disc 1, the story and the crazy anime style imagination on Wave is very dope — and it explained the sound choices, it *sounds* like an underwater type floaty vibe. AOTY easy. He out-Book Of Ryan’d Book of Ryan.

D Gomez says:

DEHH is exactly how reaction videos are meant to be done. Thank you guys very much.

Dah Ninja says:

Alan forever is the end of first album which is called Waves After that is drogas that starts with that sketch with helther kether i believe.

angus merriweather says:

Great review by DEHH. This is one of best albums the year and one of Lupe’s best albums in his entire career. It’s a shame this album is getting slept on. If Kendrick or Cole made this album, people would be freaking out over it. SMH.

Eric Griffin says:

Would love to see a part 2 with Myke, Ken, and Beezy

Grave Or Die says:

Mike is PARTIALLY correct. The album is heavily based in Lupe wanting to create his own Mythology. Source:

Solitary says:

This wouldve worked if he released it in parts. Even if it was weeks apart.

Black Titan says:

Carter 5 review going to be iconic

SX1995able says:

This doesn’t have to do with the music but it came to my attention from your last Is The Mic Still On episode during the conversation on race regarding hispanics. Most hispanics consider themselves mestizos, which is the combination of indigenous and white Spanish, so most hispanics see themselves as mixed mestizos, unless they have african descent, which even then, many black hispanics don’t see themselves as black (something I don’t understand). I just noticed that no one brought up mestizo identity when considering hispanics. Hispanics are a mix. Some white, some black, some mixed mestizo etc

Andrei Zambelli says:

Bruh this album is so beautifully layered and hidden connections… Lupe outdone himself if you think this is average then you are very wrong to be honest.

MrReshiramturbo says:

Hate to be that guy, but are they gonna do the new brockhampton?

black history buff says:

This album went over people’s heads…… waves crashing over the heads of a sinking music industry that isn’t equipped to survive under water…..hmmmmm damn Lupe

Solitary says:

I’m hoping ya’ll also check out that new Ka & Animoss project ORPHEUS Vs The Sirens

paul estrada says:

Slavery was started by the spanish in the caribbean maybe the reason for the first couple songs

Umair Ali says:

Lupe the GOAT!

Eric Iverson says:


bsmi1361 says:

The album has multiple meanings. But I got that it was telling us to find value in the things that actually matter, in each other, in our communities and in the youth. We value material things over the lives of other people, even children.

nanskee says:

Love Myke C Town’s mythology interpretation. He’s right, mythology is so important, Lupe creating a new mythos of the African slaves, Jonylah Watkins, Alan Kurdi.. Never heard anyone do something like this on an album, ever.

Eric Legend says:

I wanna hear Ab Soul thoughts about this album since he is such a fan of him.

Bill Bryant says:

This is a great review on the album. Y’all need to review this album again.

Mozart Lalanne says:

Lupe is one of the very few artists who won’t waste ur time w a longer length album.

Chris M.N Sarille says:

You know the great thing about lupe.. is he brings debate to very standard subjects.

Joseph Jackson says:

The Gold Watch line was great to

Mr. Penguin says:

entirely forgot this album was out. im excited to listen to it

Chin Beats says:

Lupe alwaya brings new topics and conversation to the artform

HiTopSamurai says:

I really mess with this album

bsmi1361 says:

This album should be winning a Grammy..

Edgar Hurtado says:

Review Hermit and the Recluse – Orpheus vs. The Sirens

Diego Go says:

Did they do Tha Carter V yet?? Can’t wait for that one!

Tyler Hartsell says:

loved this album.. can’t wait for yall’s Carter V & YSIV reviews… love those albums as well we have gotten so many good albums this year its crazy. My top 10 of the year changes almost every day.

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