Lupe Fiasco – DROGAS Wave – Album Review

For my 1020th review, Lupe Fiasco delivers an unwieldy, obtuse, and frequently frustrating album that can still deliver flashes of absolute greatness.

Best Songs: ‘Alan Forever’ ft. Crystal Torres, ‘Jonlyah Forever’, ‘Stack That Cheese’ ft. Nikki Jean, ‘King Nas’, ‘Mural Jr.’, ‘Gold vs. The Right Things To Do’
Worst Song: ‘Cripple’, ‘Stronger’ ft. Nikki Jean


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Lupe Fiasco – DROGAS Wave – Hip-hop – Album Review

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TheLuiscelaya says:

While I disagree with you pretty heavily on this one, you give me a different perspective on the album and you’re points overall are pretty well detailed. Great review. One of the best hip hop albums for me.

Jared Budden says:

Lol I find it too funny when ppl do album reviews and they mention a line or 2 they didnt like/agree with and use it as ammo basically. Especially when that album has an immense amount of great lyrics.

damonmd3 says:

Your opinion is really based ignorance

Demon Fucker says:

Review new Yves Tumor and Low

TheAngryj says:

Do people really not no the story behind Drogas Light. Atlantic would still receive a cut of his 6th album, so he dropped Light as a collection of throwaways so Atlantic wouldn’t get any of the money Waves made

William Solis says:

The second half of the album is about resurrection…

Maztuhmind says:

Was thrown off by Lasers even receiving a little praise from you. It’s the album that almost turned me away from Lupe but thanks to Tetsuo and and now this, he has exceeded my expectations of him and has only made me look forward to see what he does next. This low key might be the best rap album this year (just like Tetsuo was its year).

Yurum Fernandes says:

how are people missing the link between the story of our ancestors as long chains and then Lupe becoming a long chain himself in the second part of the album. come on man do better research.

King Benny Garcia says:

I still can’t believe like hates the show goes on

MrFlipperInvader792 says:

Funny mark thinks one of the worst songs is called “cripple”

YouGot2BeKitten TM says:

Typical from you to dock points on an album cause of “homophobic slurs” this is why certain people shouldn’t review hip-hop. This album is an 8-9/10. Your complaints are pretty off and bad. Production is great, the album length is hardly as big of an issue as you claim. I fucking REFUSE to listen to any album over an hour long, but I gave this a shot and it breezed past. Didn’t even realize it had been an hour and a half by the time I finished it. Can’t say the same for when I decided to listen to shit ass Scorpion earlier this year.

Hate to say it and you and your fans are gonna say “Oh you’re just a Lupe stan” but I don’t agree with a lot of your complaints and I think a lot of the stuff said on this album went over your head.

Aarif Majeed says:

I’m not gonna defend the questionable bars on it but Cripple is crazy. Did y’all catch the acronyms for CRIP/PLE and BLOOD in the hook

Svetz Series says:

I like this album a lot… BUT, I haven’t seen anyone criticize the length or say point blank an editor could have made this an amazing album. Thank you for saying it because while I really enjoy the concepts and the overall theme (remember it is intentionally a double album, that’s why the themes change up) I can’t help but believe 4 or 5 cuts from the track list could have made this an album of the year candidate, while also not compromising Lupe’s vision.

Of course: He made this album for diehard Lupe fans. As he said on Twitter and no one else.

Shogun J says:

good review,brought up bunch of points that I’ve never thought of
but I think you misinterpret the lyrics on cripple though,he’s being sarcastic on second verse deliberately

B-Mint1994 says:

I have this one sitting at an 8/10 for now. To me their’s no weak tracks which is impressive considering the length and I really love the concept.

DLilly says:

Hope your arm recovers soon!

André BM says:

7 is too low. I’m shocked manillas is not on your favs

Zakk Official says:

Stronger and Cripple as the worst tracks????????? Easily top 3 beats on the whole project, and hooks. Honestly just all around incredible tracks. You really think “XO” is better than “Stronger”?!?!? I’m sorry man, but you’re tripping. Stronger may be my favorite track, it feels like it has the most fleshed out, dark, thematic beat.

chaosinorderrr says:

This is one of the best albums of the year. The overarching theme of the album is resurrection instead of the more direct slave narrative. Once you view it thru that lens, both halves of the albums flow way better.

The Negan Guy says:

Meh not really into this album sorry score 5/10

Anthony Anderson KJ says:

Yeah a 7/10 isn’t going to motivate me to listen to an hour and half of the same music.

Focus Hip Hop says:

“Man alive!”

WhoaNellyJake says:

Really grew on me. My first impressions was that it was mediocre, weird, and too long. Now I love a bulk of the tracks on the album.

TCARTR // TheDrumaddictOne says:

It’s weird hearing you criticize the album most of the time but give it a positive score. Good review. 8/10 for me tho

Luis Martinez says:

I put her on the pass and she lemme smash

mariokarter13 says:

So you’re saying Lupe Fiasco jumped ship from Atlantic.

Ryan Evan says:

7 is too high. This was a slog.

Tyler D says:

You’re a fucking moron go spin some Ke$ha. So many lyrics and concepts that went right over your head. Also it’s GOLD vs the right thing to do not God.

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