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PrOt0typ3-V says:

Feefo slacking! For a hip hop reviewer he seems to not listen to much hip hop lol

sdghv lvhgngv says:

bunch of madvillainy profile pics gunna pop up in the comment section any minute now

Fgarfio01 says:

Lmfao myke said negroid

Alan Woller says:

I think what kinge is trying to say is that this album doesn’t have the hype vibe of rap that you’d typically play for a group of people

Philip Luckasavage says:

MF EP is the one you’re talking about Myke.

khordkutta says:

Goonie googoo, loonie coocoo, like Gary gnu off new zoo review….

Andre Novacaine says:

Living off borrowed time, the clock ticks faster

Hambloko says:

Can we just get a mutiny on feefo cos he rarely says anything that contributes to the conversation.

Julio Ferreira says:

I’m grateful for this album, it’s a savior, it’s still ahead of its time, masterpiece, they forgot to mention that madlib was on some serious shrooms doing this thing!!!

Will Pickowitz says:

Its some psychedelic hip-hop

Euclidclack says:

oh my aching hands

from raking in grands, and breaking in mic stands

James Sweeney says:

I totally disagree though with the particular conclusion, that if you missed this whole thing in 2004, then that’s it, you can’t be into it WTF you on about… I’m into all sorts in music. like prince, Faith no More, The clash, Deftones, pink Floyd, The Smith’s and even Big Audio Dynamite…. But even when I listen to this, it’s still just completely out of this world incredible!… GREATEST ALBUM EVER!.. Remember all caps…..

Existential Crisis says:

This album was my favorite album I listened to in 2016. I tried to listen to a bunch of what people define as classics last year, and Kate Bush’s hounds of love and This were the two best. MADVILLIANY is my favorite classic I’ve heard yet.

K Cole says:

first santa, then jesus, now quasimoto is doom??? fuck outta here.

LargeMcChickenMeal says:

give it like 2 more months beezy bruh that beard gon connect im with u

long banana says:

Pretty sure Em was in his prime before DOOM put this stuff out. But nobody can touch DOOM. Top MC of all time for me

Bryse Reynolds says:

My boy text me last night saying that I was foul for not putting him on this sooner. Album is insane

Quote The Producer says:

Never forget hearing all caps for the first time on the boondocks. Shit opened the door to underground rap music for me. As far as influence, you hear him in new rappers like Earl Sweatshirt, Bishop Nehru, Capital Steez, Chester Wattson, and even in Joey Bada$$ earlier style. On top of that, dude has one of the best discographies in Hip-Hop. Definitely deserves a spot as one of the best MCs to ever pick up a mic.

Troy Farris says:

Shouts out to like wire for putting me on to DOOM

monteself1968 says:

Def a Legend…..Respect.

DaWinglessFly says:

What about Dead Prez “Revolutionary but Gangsta”?

IntellectualDesp says:

When he had the mic you don’t go next.

Chris Nitti says:

One thing I love about Madvillainy is that there aren’t really any choruses. Doom just spits for like 2-3 minutes and then you’re on the next song

Giovany Brice says:

“Regular ass negroids” lmaooooo

GeorgetheGreat says:

DOOM somethin else man….Madlib too prolly my fav Hip Hop producer. Cant wait for Bandana with Gibbs

Phelicks says:

Enter The WU is next

James Smith says:

how was this uploaded 5 hours ago and has comments from three months ago?

kaleale says:

compliments from the the town jeweller

David Fontenot says:

My first time hearing Madvillian was watching the Boondocks. That shit was epic.

Jeff says:

Fondle Em Records birthed the MF DOOM train

C-T ROET says:

get busy with the Syre album

TheSnoozeFox says:

idgf MM..FOOD is better, Madvillainy is still great though

Zack Rincon says:

Livin’ off borrowed time the clock tick faster

Sad Giraffe says:

As an awkward white guy, this is the album that converted me to hip hop.

Def Rocker says:

DEHH. Can you guys do a classic review on any Eric B & Rakim album?

Will Howell says:

Low key I kinda wish they didn’t spend every review jumping on feefo, just cuz he has a different perspective on hip hop doesn’t mean his opinions aren’t valid

Sir Robinson 22 says:


BS says:

Merry Christmas, loving these classic reviews.

ShellacSoup says:

Still the greatest rap album ever released, and the second one will always remain the greatest one never released. Lightning in a fucking bottle.

Jamichael Johnson says:

I’m 21 and this is my favorite album,,, I’ve been listening to MF DOOM non-stop since like “08 and when I finally listen to this full album, OH MY GOD!!!! I’m so glad y’all did this classic album

Logan McCord says:

4:39 Feefo’s reaction when Rod interrupts him. Somebody needs to tell Rod to just hold the camera.

Ashen Calks says:


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