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Championships is Meek Mill’s fourth studio album. It was released on November 30, 2018, by Maybach Music Group and Atlantic Records.
Championships has features from Cardi B, Drake, Anuel AA, Kodak Black, 21 Savage, Jeremih, PnB Rock, Fabolous, Future, Young Thug, Ella Mai, Jay-Z, and Rick Ross. Production was handled by Bangladesh, Cardo, Cubeatz, C-Sick, Don Cannon, Hit-Boy, Hitmaka, Prince Chrishan, Tay Keith, and Wheezy.

Here are our thoughts on Meek Mill’s album Championships. Let us know what you think in the comment section.

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Josean Santos says:


berva says:

Drake came in worth a hook not rapping.

LOCL says:

I agree. It was pretty mid.

mrbrown0629 says:

Why bring in these two young bucks who still wet behind the ears that doesn’t know of any credits from the album??? Lyrics & Impact took a big part of this
This album will be certified gold within 6 months…

adrian krause says:

Need that Anderson Paak review please

Antonio Zapata says:

a lil late but aye, first review of the year!

The Artist Formerly Known As.. says:

I only listen to the first 5 tracks.

Aaron says:

Idk I e never really been a meek fan but after hearing this album I really like the album and think it’s his best work idk I think myke is tripping and isn’t really giving it a chance

Harry Hinzman says:

Damn feefo you been listening to Freddie too much you’re pushin weight too my guy

tru-lee-underrated says:

Thank you I was waiting for this

SlimJim says:

Album was AWESOME

Alex says:

Im 100% on board with them young guys on the reviews

haile 89 says:

damn about time

Marios Demetriou says:

Review Tana talk 3 by Benny the Butcher!!!!!!!!

Harry Hinzman says:

Damn feefo you been listening to Freddie too much you’re pushin weight too my guy

Skrewz says:

Y’all gotta paint that room black.

sammie11905 says:

Da only L Feffo Eva took was “im a Cardi fan”

Sanford Lanham says:

I Forgot What’s Free

food for your thoughtz says:

Intro one of the dopest tracks on here..that phil collins sample? heeaaaat

Phillip Scheid says:

We need a Soulja Boy discussion lmaoooo

Versetti says:

OVO Myke in the cut smh

Richie Buz says:

Respect the Game
What’s Free
Oodles o Noodles Babies
Cold Hearted II
100 Summers

I wish the album had more of that vibe. Meek shines best when he gives you that dark introspective Philly rap. That’s his identity and who he is at his core. I agree with Ken and Myke. Meek missed his chance to cement himself with this album. Album was dope but it was a typical mainstream record.

Meek suffers from the same problem his mentor Ross has. He’s best rapping on soulful production about introspective music or street shit.

Meek has the blueprint to a masterpiece. He just doesn’t have the A&R or the desire to do it similar to rappers like Jadakiss & Fabolous.
I was reading an IG post that Irv Gotti made about Meek. Irv wanted Meek to make similar music to Pac/DMX. That’s the type of lane Meek needs to be in. He’s a street poet. The Meek from the Hot 97 freestyle, the Ice Cream freestyle, the HHS1987 freestyle is him. You that dirty young bull with the nappy braids from Philly. Nothing you make is suppposed to be happy.

Hell Beanie Sigel as grimy as he did Meek was lowkey dropping a lot of gems on him on where to take his music.

Instead he’s either making club joints or these “bosses got feelings too type tracks”

He still stuck in that 50 Cent GRODT/Jay Z Blueprint album model that says you have to have a song for everybody.

Meek needs to make that album telling the story of the cornerboy from North Philly, 21st & Berks. Get in the studio with Jahlil Beats, The Beat Bully, & Black Metaphor and wax poetic about the broken dreams of black people in Philadelphia. Tell that story about you freestyling on the corners, talk about the anxiety of raising your sister as a teenager, talk about how Strawberry Mansion failed to teach you anything like every urban school system in America, talk about life in your first bid in prison, tell the story about how you got beat by the cops, talk about how you were the neglected child raised by the OGs in your neighborhood, talk about your dead homies, talk about how you watched friends mothers turn into junkies. Talk about that anxiety about making your first sale and the disappointment. Talk about how it felt when you first held a gun as a teen.

Meek got a story that can last him the rest of his career. He just got to recognize it. One of my favorite songs by Meek is Polo & Shell Tops. I loved that song because he was able to transport me to the feeling of being a teenager fiending for some new gear.

That’s the music he needs to make.

Ultra Mega Hype Beast says:

The album depended on classic beats too much. It only got hype because of him ending his feud with Drake

The Cynic of Cinema says:

Yeah Cardi sounded good cuz Meek wrote her a good verse…

Dion Jones says:

Need that 21 review

J M says:

Meek doesn’t need a full length album of introspective tracks. That’s not going to help him grow. His overall fan-base is perfectly content with the mix of tracks. He’s been using this formula for years now and he’s only getting bigger.

keerst 11 says:

I hope they talk about oodles and noodles babies

Armand Starkks says:

Oodles o noodles babies alone sold me.
That’s that Meek we need.

dacdan yaboy says:

Myke’s trippin if he doesn’t like Trauma

C H A M P S B A G says:

Good move bringing the ‘Next up’ out on the show.

kafula mulenga says:

Who went to hear drakes part in going bad after myke

Young Simba says:

Album of the Year

Francisco Silva says:

Great contributions from the two new cats. Keep em up!

Della Yassine says:

This album is aaaaight. I don’t mind it.

Henry Frazier says:

Still can’t believe yall skipped Smino and Mick Jenkins those were both top 10 projects

Louis Anthony says:

This is probably the most positive Meek Mill review Dead End Review has given regarding his music lol & for the most part I totally agree with everyone’s individual points made. Great content!

Otto Browne says:

Meek went 18/19 songs for me tbh. Thought it was fantastic. Still listen to it everyday.

Versetti says:

Rick Ross already got “canceled” after that Rocko song a few years back. Plus he doesn’t have any mainstream appeal, unlike Em.

sammie11905 says:

These thumbnails tho

Big Enano says:

Was wondering if I had missed y’all review on this album.

Sm00th-_-BAC says:

Meek the goat loved the review

Versetti says:

Meek’s verse was fire on What’s Free, you don’t give him enough credit.

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