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Migos returns with Culture II, a follow up to their album ‘Culture’ that garnered a lot of acclaims last year. Culture II is an hour and forty-five minutes long and already has a few songs that are starting to generated hit potential. Here is our review of Migos’s Culture II album. Let us know what you think in the comment section.

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Azraf Ahmed says:

Do dedication 6 reloaded!!

DameSmiff says:

also if you dont like the music try to be objective otherwise ur not using technicality in ur review. BUT ur opinions are hilarious!!

Kaleb Ward says:

This is the migos we’re talking about what else did y’all expect lol

Bruce Kent says:

Are they in Feefo’s house?

Brian Murphy says:

I loved this review guys, been watching you guys since early 2015 and been through all of the back catalog and this is one of the most insightful and interesting reviews you’ve done in the last 6 months or so. Keep up the good work fellas!

Jack Anzul says:

Review Jpegmafia

Bizarre N Rugged says:

Migos = 2018’s Three 6 Mafia

Fritz Manguerra says:

JPEGMAFIA review when

walt234234 says:

I notice I just zone out to Migos tracks…I can’t recall one verse from them but the beats bump in the whip lol

Corey R says:

Culture 1 is a classic…?

Logan Porter says:

Play 14:22 at half speed that shit is hilarious

ShutYoMouth says:

Feefo made a good point on them riding the success of Culture 1. I’m not a Migos fan, but that would’ve been smart for them.

DameSmiff says:

Lol yall didnt hear quavo’s ‘woooooo’ singing lol

Pardo says:

Evidence Weather Or Not next pls

$KINNYBRAGG601 says:

Quality Control the producer? whatever i’ll ignore it either way Culture 2 was 2 Long and 2 Spit and Rinse.

Joe McRoberts says:

These dudes had a whole conversation about a line on a song that ain’t even on the album..

Jonathan De Santis says:

The general feel of culture 2 to me seems more sensitive and softer than culture 1. It`s also obviously clear that they Migos just made this a long album to get a lot of streams on spotify, which means more money for them. Liked the track Gang gang. It was cool to see them play with an EDM tropical house type track.

Sean Savage says:

Myke got that mumble rapper hairstyle.

DVD says:

the queer thing wasnt on culture 2. it was on yfn lucci’s song

yosoymejor says:

Crown The King is the best one to me

gucci eyelids says:

It’s pretty ironic how there was seemingly no quality control involved in the making of this project.

Boo Taylor says:

Now review that lil Wayne D6 reloaded…..

Rokas Moc says:


Craig 4rmFriday says:

This should have been a mixtape called Culture 1.5

Vinesh Mistry says:

Dope getting your perspectives on a variety of artists and you all come correct, but now that you have had some time to sit with it I’m really keen to hear what you have to say in regards to the new Evidence album.

Thomas Caliveri says:

I just wanna say I been in jail since 2004 and you are all truly an inspiration, its been an honor, but I tried to donate some money to your group and it seems as though my funds are running low. I’m a good Christian and out of money quick. But the news that I’m away is now received, how do you pay cash or credit?

chaunt100 says:

Migos have no business making music. They are trash and have the nerve to boast and say they are goats as far as rap groups. Rapping aint for everyone

roknkawk says:


J Lew says:

This what u get when u make meaningless music

Angelb1235 says:

Ski Mask The Slump God – You Will Regret (Reloaded)

Christopher Kanski says:

Kinge’s beard and new glasses – what a combo.

Disappointed to hear about Culture II, I’ve really turned on to Migos after Culture I and No Warning, but I haven’t even tried Culture II because of how huge that tracklist is.

LoinclothRising says:

Damn Feefo looks beat up in this vid.

Mary Quinn says:

Nicki had a way better verse than cardi she had way more punchlines than her, if I hear her say anything else about fucking offset I going to scream, Nicki just need to release NM4

DSBPMusic131 says:

I can’t hold you, their career was supposed to been fizzle out. They been making the same music for years now. Childish Gambino really saved them with that shout out

Isaac Duff says:

You guys should listen to Nujabes. Very good jazz hop shit. Ken and B would love him. Classic review maybe?

Edgar Rivera says:

Jpeg mafia veteran

AwesomeTreZ 4LIFE says:

D6: Reloaded

Bizarre N Rugged says:

Sorry Not Sorry, Migos NEVER had music good enough for it to be 20 tracks long. Migos was TRASH with Dope videos. that bloopity- Bloopity flow gets old real fast.

phantomzzz says:


YourKingReturns says:


Jwitzzz says:

Get some white stripes feefo

GDA_Media says:

You guys gotta review the new JPEGMAFIA album. Mike is bloody referenced in the first song. I mean come on mate

Trezze says:

Review Dedication 6 Reloaded!!

Leafy 585 says:

Culture 1 was, Aye World We are the migos. And C2 was, aye world, We learned about Culture.

Cracks Ware says:

Rich Brian “Amen” review please

Squad Reacts says:

Gang gang has a beautiful production, and y’all forgot it existed

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