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Run the Jewels 3 Early Access Review:

We’re back!!! 2016 is in the books. Hip-Hop presented some interesting moments last year along with great conversations. This year, we don’t know what we’re going to get but you can bet that DEHH will be here to cover it all. As usual, we kick off the new year with our most anticipated albums of the new year.

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DEHH presents: Who the hell is Damone Tyrell?

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Demsky83 says:

Ken was correct Can is back and dipset is on the way. Cyhi just dropped shit is fire. Big Krit just dropped shit is also fire.

Elijah Salahuaddin says:

How do u guys feel about xxxtactecion

jordancargiulo says:

joey badass??

Tucker Cauliflower says:

Jay Electronica
Kanye West
Jay Rock
SchoolBoy Q
Tyler The Creator
ASAP Rocky
Earl Sweatshirt

John Miles says:

Yea im a Juelz fan and im excited 4 his comeback

Sly says:

wale drops Shine 5/5 y’all sleep lol

Y Lime says:

Kodak Black Painting Pictures

advocatefish d says:

Yo I’m with Ken. I don’t anticipate music like I do other mediums. As a teenager, sure, but now I’ll find out about a project the week before or after it drops. Artists will put out a song like 6 months before the drop so there’s no sense in anticipating or getting hyped up.

narmaK says:

off to the old videos!

Strife says:

In the mick jenkins review, Ken clearly said he was excited for his album to drop though.

Sevag H says:

Can’t believe you left Logic out of this.

dfm Don't Fear Music says:

Lupe – Drogas Wave
Hopsin – Savageville

jroh85 says:

DEHH review on Ken’s anticipation

Gr33nPhoenix says:

How old are all these guys?

Mikey Romero says:

Nigga beezy look like freddie gibbs

Akira Kai says:

Anybody know any channels like this but for other genres also?

Rj Bennett says:

Hey Rob what’s man huge huge fan just wanna know if u guys can do a best versus track like forever and swag like us and more appropriate it homie

pogiflinja415 says:

feefo be looking like a bobble head when he gets passionate lol

Bob Gerard says:


Caleb æ says:

What about Eminems new album

Kendra Cruz says:

When they review asap rocky album ken said he was really interested in hearing that album

Messvayne says:

LMAO Ken is like Rick Grimes…the longer his beard grows, the more psychotic he becomes….and he’s anticipating the 808’s & Heartbreaks review

yeeh d says:

Cant stop laughing

BooBass says:

this is not a new position

ezwar99 says:

7:39 DAMN. 14/4/17

Jante Fazaldin says:

I just wanna say Kinge WAS lying about the whole anticipation thing. Go to Good Kid Mad City album review at 13:02 HE SPECIFICALLY SAYS “anticipation”

Alpha Omega says:

I hope Rakim drops an album soon.

ThePalm_Tree says:

We need another worst rap lyrics video

Musiq 310 says:


Chase Potter says:

That beard balled guy is retarded lol…. doesn’t understand the meaning of anticipation… if he says “oh kendricks dropping a new album next week, cool!” That fucking means he’s LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!

MightyDesperado says:

Did Tech N9ne fall off? I haven’t seen any reviews of his stuff since 2013, so I was surprised to find out he’s released so many albums since. I haven’t heard anything since those EPs tho.

muna says:

These man are talking like Ken ain’t there lool

getlifted1212 says:

please review Von Poe VII of Organized Threat, emcee, artist, director, idk how no one has reviewed any of his material. His latest project is ” The Purity of Love & War. Also Papa J. Ruiz of Organized Threat, another slept on artist. Really looking forward Tod their material this year.

Sid Hayward says:

What’s the album Feefo said nope to?

Dedrick Grandstaff says:

Been waitin on my dude Cam’ron to drop “Killa Season” 2 or “Federal Reserve” forever.

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