Most Anticipated Hip-Hop Albums of 2019 | DEHH

Myke, Beezy, Feefo, and Kon go through their anticipated hip-hop albums of 2019. 2018 was a pretty strong year for hip-hop culture. Will 2019 continue that trend or will it fall off? What’s on your list? Let us know in the comment section.

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DEHH presents: Who the hell is Damone Tyrell?

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supranormal says:


Fabian Ruiz says:

Ken’s a historian baby. Ken wants to see those trends and the direction history is moving in. I feel him.

Aye_Jones FKA Marvel_Jones says:

Kendrick, Tyler, Schoolboy Q, Earthgang, and shameless plug but Real Definition of Hip Hop Vol. 4 by Opus World Recordings

Roscoe's Wetsuit says:


SandersRobin24 says:

I don’t care if nothing else good drops I need Ab-Soul to release another album, hopefully Kendrick gets involved this time.

Dylz says:

Yelawolf – TM3

MartinMiner says:

2019 is the year of griselda. Real grimy east coast hip-hop.

Zod Magus says:

Right now Malibu Ken started 2019 off proper.

Matthew McGahey says:

New Tyler, The Creator?

Sam Johnson says:

Can’t wait for that damn Weeknd album!

Noj Paul says:

That Black Star might be getting mixed to sound fresh but if yall thinking they actually working on new BS songs you’re tripping. Throwaways from the past and mashed verses is what i expect.. But who am i too criticize.. i won’t know all that when im listening to it. I want Tyler and Rocky to drop that Wangsap

Curly Hair Messiah says:

We need a 21 savage I am>I Was album review

billion billz_ says:

Instead of all or most TDE artists dropping projects in the same year, why don’t they spread them out like ever other year for Kendrick for example

Lady Cyprus says:

I just want to see if Yahndi is shit or not

Sweet G says:

First and foremost Danny Brown

Dylz says:

The Weeknd’s newest album will not be tilted ‘Chapter 6’ – it’s his 6th project after ‘trilogy’, ‘kiss land’, ‘beauty behind the madness’, ‘starboy’, and ‘my dear melancholy,’.

TheLee267 says:

New game albums sounds crazy

Miguel Weaver says:

First dope album of this year, Aesop Rock and Tobacco- Malibu Ken, great album

Kelvin Lockhartjr says:

Schoolboy Q
Freddie Gibbs and Madlib
Danny Brown/Alchemist
You Can Throw In Kanye

Fleezy81 says:

I wonder if Tyler is gonna release something

The Mass Experience says:

Imagine a tde and dreamville album “tde vs. Dreamville “

Vincent Williams says:

Planet Asia dropped two dope albums last year that you guys totally ignored

TheQupus says:

dont forget bout yelawolf trunk muzik 3!!! he’s been dropping fire freestyles lately…sounds like a return to form

devaughn850 says:

I’m anticipating anything from Griselda

Charles says:

Bandana definitely.
New Isaiah?
Earl? He doesn’t release too often but I can only hope lol.
New Cudi.
Pusha maybe.
And I want Drake to redeem himself for Scorpion and drop something dope this year.

That’s off the top of my head.

Kid Rex says:

Need another Joey Bada$$ album. Need Q and isaiah Rashad to drop something. Ab-soul hopefully will drop.

Jared Budden says:


K.Bates Films says:


Crowbra D. Crow says:

Y’all know Mos Def was on Kids See Ghost

Balla Rone says:

Y’all gotta review that westside boogie album

TheeChronicle says:

Redman – muddy waters 2, Skyzoo and Pete rock – retropolitan, Joey badass album etc

Zod Magus says:

And I’m still hoping and holding on tight for metal clergy lol

DreDaDon__ says:

Frank Ocean
J Cole
Isaiah Rashad
Skyzoo and Pete Rock
Gibbs and Madlib
Joey Bada$$

Derrick Zorns says:

Donald Glover in lion king that’s coming this year so I don’t know if he coming out with an album

K.Bates Films says:

Myke got that witch shirt

Ezequiel Renovato says:

DEHH is my favorite channel on YouTube now


damn i didnt hear anybody say anything about Nas. is this the year we get that RZA, Swizz and Nas album???

Armando Ramirez says:

Skyzoo & Pete Rock- Retropolitan
Czarface vs Ghostface
RA The Rugged Man

Sobeitmusic says:

Tierra Wack and Goldlink

Pats Ballin Out This Year says:

*Even though its not going to happen I want to hear Andre 3000 drop a project.*

AJ Tucker says:

Who else hype for RTJ4

Arturo Bellones says:

Max B & Harry Fraud- Negro Spiritual

Jahliyl Robinson says:

Drake needs something better than scorpion

Dwayne Pierce II says:

I feel Ken I do the same thing

Zod Magus says:

If Jay elec dropped a surprise album he’d literally break black internet lol

RaisingBran says:

Isaiah Rashad….. that is all

PharoahDMG says:

NBA YOUNGBOY… gaahhhhhddd lmao cmon fellas I don’t listen to him either but y’all butchering his name lol

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