N.W.A. ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Album Review by Dead End Hip Hop

29 years ago today, N.W.A dropped ‘Straight Outta Compton’.

The crew from Dead End Hip Hop, give us a classic album review on the ICONIC project that changed Hip Hop forever.

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James Valaitis says:

Disagree that it’s not timeless; I listened to this for the first time 3 years ago, many times since, and revisiting yesterday I still think it’s so great.

In the Woods says:

I don’t mind the simpler rhyme schemes. I can get down with any era

Gamex Simmonds says:

It takes a nation of millions should be next

David Rowe says:

MC Ren murdered every verse on this album… shame he always get’s way less credit than the rest of the group

DreamBigProd. says:

I went to a middle class mostly white school in england and in 2003 the song was still making its way around the playground

TheGooseinator says:

This is awesome. I remember on a previous video someone left a comment about how Dead End needs a parent company to fund them so they don’t have to ask for money, and it looks like that’s finally happening 😀

Dimension Omega says:

N.W.A. always and forever will be one of the greatest and most realest of all time! The group as a whole and each rapper individually is fire! Great review.

Moe Os says:

Reality Rap at it his finest

TayTouchdown2THEMAX says:

I was wondering why I saw this preview on the All def channel CONGRATS FAM!!!!

Dimension Omega says:

Should do Wu-Tang 36 chambers next. Best rap group ever imo. Onyx, Outcast, G-Unit, Three six mafia, Digable planets, Tribe called quest, The pharcyde or Bone thugs would be a nice addition as well.

ShowTime says:

Can’t get into this album. This album sounds very outdated sonically.

Rupert Ross says:

Drips was left off the clean version of the eminem show

Rahul Raheja says:

Man fuck why couldn’t ya’ll make that mmlp review free doe

MrRoboto66 says:

As an audiophile, I don’t think this album sounds dated at all. In fact, this is one of those albums that you can test speakers with, like Steely Dan’s Aja, the first Rage Against The Machine album, and Megadeth’s Peace Sells But Who’s Buying, and Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue.

Spectre says:

Man, i really want them to do college dropout for its impact on the rap scene, mbdtf for the same reason, or 808 and heartbreak just to mess with kings

MrSecretSentai says:

did yall even listen to the album again cause yall didn’t really talk about the songs besides 2

Christopher Adams says:

Fav tracks:
Straight Outta Compton
Fuck Tha Police
Gangsta Gangsta
If It Ain’t Ruff
Parental Discretion Iz Advised
8 Ball
Express Yourself
I Ain’t The 1

Joseph Bailey says:

Do a Review on THE D.O.C 1ST ALBUM

Mathieu Arsenault says:

After B talked about his father, I desperately wanted him as a special guest to just talk sampling in hip-hop, respect to him.

Bathin Nate says:

the album might be dated but u cant deny that dre’s raw 808 drops be bumpin in the ride even to this day

Geron Fletcher says:

Real shit, before this album the good in every city in America was totally ignored and an afterthought in general. No one gave a fuck and no one even wanted to think about the fact that they existed. When this shit dropped and was saying what actually happened in the hood on a massive scale it shook up the world. REALLY shook it. America has never been the same honestly.

Ace Tre says:

50 cent 1st album they took the song heat off the clean version

Shane Warren says:

You can see why Beezy became a beat maker from his talking at the 9 min mark. He talks about how his dad pointed out samples in the music which I’m sure peaked his young interest in sampling. Cool stuff.

Ryan gaur fjg says:

Feefo couldn’t wait to get that jab in

kidd72bc says:

too many young cats you gotta have one OG in the discussion

Lynsey Jio says:

y’all said you were scared of LA by this album and you guys also relate to themes in their music that alot of people do not relate to or deal with so while you guys look very deeply into Fuck the Police, a kid from somewhere else might just take yea, “Fuck the Police!”  i dont think that alot of parents were trying to suppress their voice but they didnt like the vulgarities in the music

SuperHoppsZ28 _ says:

Happy birthday Straight Outta Compton

imsteezy1 says:

Kinge out here looking like the uncle from The Last Airbender

Anthony G says:

Y’all should do underground classics like below the heavens

dangrel says:

Amerikkka’s Most Wanted should get a classic review, Cube in his prime going off over Bomb Squad production is one of the best things I’ve ever heard and I came to that album super late.

Shaun Wright says:

My boy “Old Man” Ken look like he from Philly with that beard lol

d3v says:

also born in 1984 but i loved this album when i discovered it in 99 or so, mad powerful!!

Jeffrey.S 103 says:

2Pac 11:05
Suge Knight 10:40
Eazy 10:21

Shaunzy3790 says:

Man they tried to play Myke like a pooh butt for a minute

Kandle Guii says:

Yall Bored Huh ??

2221lol says:

my taste in hip hop is quite interesting. I’m 15 but my love for rap started with straight outta compton so i do like old school rap as well as modern rap and i think the album held up well.

facelift says:

It’s popular, sold a shit ton of albums. Lit a fire under the youth regardless of color. Iconic.

TinyMontgomery204 says:

Agree with Myke re: the album sounding dated, with the exception of “Parental Discretion Iz Advised”. That track still sounds fresh as hell.

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