Nas Album ‘Nasir’ Met With Praise & Criticism Based On Kelis Accusations Of Physical Abuse

Nas’ 11th studio album, Nasir, was unveiled at a listening party under the Brooklyn Bridge on Thursday (June 14). Featuring seven tracks and Kanye West in the role of executive producer, the Illmatic legend’s follow-up to 2012’s Life Is Good is already getting rave reviews on Twitter and backlash from the recent interview Kelis did claiming he abused her mentally and physically throughout their marriage.

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Camilo Torre says:

ya corny af, most of ya are not raw real fans anyways. band wagons everywhere!

Mario Copeland says:

Dope album!!

LOADB says:

While I don’t condone men hitting women just like some men deserve an ass whipping so do some women. Some of the most disrespectful people I know are women.

Ty Blue says:

Fuck that Bum Bitch Kelis…who done nothing in 7 years but scream at any fuckin idiot who will listen. It’s funny this dusty bitch got married and has done nothing with here self since but has the nerve to slander GODSON. I been a Nas Fan from day one she is the only female to ever say some bullshit and dumb fucks just run with the shit like this shit fact cause she said it GTFOH

on point says:

If its true it doesn’t tarnish his legacy.He’s a recording artist..So everybody’s meant to focus on the music STRICTLY..we don’t need to go into his private life.That’s got nothing to do with music..He’s a recording artist not a tv reality star.

Daryl Johnson says:

Fuck her

Tarnue says:

Can we at least investigate more into this, you know “innocent til proven guilty?”….before crucifying this brotha??…

BodyByKym Fitness says:

I DON’T believe Kelis SHE’S trying to get back at NAS. If you DONT have the proof to back up your claim you need to keep it to yourself…..She has so much hatred for Nas she is willing to throw anything out there to DESTROY him.

David Daukoru says:

“Show me one real man invested in a woman who ain’t hit it just that one time sexually or otherwise? Big deal man I hit a few females in life rested on the arms of other men’s wives. Now am in a noose cos u wouldn’t hang wit who? just right where ur bed lies they gonn bang the truth.”

Red Leader says:

“He say she say” fuckshit as usual. Because syes a woman, people aytomatically assume the male is guilty. Yet she never filed for it legally. She can fuck off. She’s draining the guy wih wild unecessary amounts of child support, but thats not enough. Now she must destroy his image too. Women truly are the lowest of the low. They always hit you with very low blows because they are never held to any sort of standard when it comes to honor or integrity. Fuck Kelis.

I’ll beleive when I see a conviction and court papers.

Santone Glenn says:

Kelis is a basic bitch. How long have they been split up.? She chooses now to say something.?? Fuck outta here

arrwantsyou tuq says:

music is when you live in aparrments and cant work on cars ok when u move out your supoe to get k20 motiors ok doyoy heads in the garage and shit

Seth Cox says:

Oh kelis…who cares…u da man nas

Luke Cowen says:

so everyone in the comments doesn’t care if nas beats a woman but chris brown still gets constant hate for it?

Tony H says:

Go sell ur milkshake hoe (sorry Nas) but fuk that bihj


This Fukin Chick!..Black women will take you down the river then shoot you when they cold..straight to the white man’s media too..thats family business, I dont wana hear that . That’s between them n the lord

Zimbobway Brown says:

Man I can’t stand lying women… where is the proof?

Kohfe Atɔapem says:

Anyone listening to nas talking about “so what he beat a woman he makes good music” is corny

mbx says:

I think that’s none of my business. Not gonna affect my music choices in any way

von jon says:

Kelis is sexy af

Rano says:

INSTANT CLASSIC. Nas need award. They getting robbed from this other whack ass rappers.

arrwantsyou tuq says:

nas is correct kelis bro what ug ona hit the quren with a chicken ice cream baty boy

Notoriouskage1804 says:

if am not mistaking she said she also was hiting on nas, but yt u never siad nothing back than

funnyandabsurd says:

‘Cause the nigga wear a kufi, it don’t mean that he bright
‘Cause you don’t understand him, it don’t mean that he nice

NuSean 2017 says:

King Push had the best 7 to me

tehjamez says:

Fake fucking news

HallWayGang says:

dope album! far as the accusation goes, since when do we accuse someone without the right to defend themselves? wheres the proof? our society is really fucked up

Mdron Bray says:

9 years later come on Kelis

on point says:

His private business OUTSIDE OF MUSIC is NOBODYS BUSINESS. Unless your a CERTIFIED STAN!!

Mel Jacobs says:

Great album Nas. Keep up the good work bro. No tarnish. Only shining. NASIR

dave lightSaber says:

…dam Nas

jackie smith says:

watch whom you stick your dick in, this weirdo bitch is a chef now.

G Lo says:


Niko Davros says:

Fuck Kelis she a hoe

mike pride says:

I hate social media and self righteous social justice warriors. Kelis is an opportunist that would try and mess up the money she gets for their baby. I am beginning to never trust any black woman or American women again. All you that would destroy a black man are going to get exactly what you ask for. Don’t believe me look at who we have for president.

Julien Duncan says:

Ladies have the power to destroy a man. Keywords rape, pedophile and domestic abuse. Whether or not these accusation are true it will always taint a man’s life and his career.

Andrew Gomes says:

it’s alleged abuse, jeez

Rock Steady says:


Isaiah Jones says:

in my David ruffin voice ain’t nobody coming to see you kelis

BigA says:

I just don’t understand why wait so long to come out… there’s gotta be an expiration date for this shit I’m talking bill Cosby, nas and so many other artists… next there’s gotta be punishment for accusations, you could seriously fuck up someone’s life accusing them but with punishment you have to think about accusing someone… lastly keep the music and the abuse apart nas a real one and hip hop needs him

David Daukoru says:

The album ain’t a classic because of no damn kelis it ain’t a classic because it was rushed AF upon kanye’s own selfish targets. I’ll tell u whats a classic the track titled “NAS album done” on Khalid’s project. That’s that real classic NAS shit. Who cares about 2minute tracks on a 7 track project that wasn’t suited in the Escobar tuxedo catalog. Am disappointed, I expected more from a nigga who gave us a real album on a Khalid feature. Its that easy

SuperrrSimon says:

See what y’all not gunna do is tarnish my man Nas’ legacy with lies.

Da BUTCHER says:

If and only IF he did it, then it dies tarnish his (past) character but not his career.

Godscience7 7 says:

2 sides of a story Kelis

shabazz x says:

She needs to wait 30 years and tell it then like everyone else daaam!!!

Obie Sanders says:

Album (all 7 tracks of it) was a little weak, I don’t care about the other stuff, Didn’t sound fire to me.

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