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The fourth installment of the new Good Music Friday’s was one that had be most hype out of all the collaborations. Nas x Kanye. Did it live up to expectations? We give you our breakdown in our review of “Nasir”.

Special S/O to LukeyCage

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Derek Rodgers says:

They were not in the studio at the same time

KrymsonSkyz says:

I think everyone who’s listened to majority of Nas’ albums dislikes it but all the people who have heard none or illmatic think it’s great. Nas can UNDOUBTEDLY do better than this


INFINITE 2020 says:


The Genius Director says:

I’m ready for Malib & Redman joint Album

KrymsonSkyz says:

How the fuck can anyone like Bonjour that’s not what the fuck should be on a 7 song Nas album

Ernest Afoakwah says:

Lmao DAYTONA is better than Nasir. No disrespect. Just facts!

Mtr 02 says:

I really liked this album. Am I the only one that thought Nas did solid with his flow on the beats. Nothing crazy, but since when have we expected Nas to switch his flow up that much?

Sedrick says:

I am sketched out by that whole beat and album cover being taken thing.. Like the album cover I already knew about, but he very well could have just gotten it from where that other artist got it. But the two beats that are like the same? Whaaat? By the same producer? I’m losing my mind over that, because it just screams ‘Kanye literally just took these beats and/or bought them off this guy’ and I can’t think of an alternative possibility.

Craig Bandy says:

I like Nasir (it’s 4th though) but here’s why this album disappointed me: Jay-Z got The Blueprint, Common got Be, and Kanye West does MY GOAT LIKE THIS!?! Album cover stolen, beats sounding 1000% like they were stolen, and the mixing on this album is everywhere! GOOD Summer Rollout ranking: 1. Daytona 2. Keep That Same Energy 3. Kids See Ghosts 4. Nasir 5. Ye

Lawrence Carter says:

This album was so dope! Did they hear ‘Everything’ and ‘Adam and Eve’? Album of the year so far!

blackman26 says:

This discussion happens every time Nas drops an album. He is NEVER making another Illmatic. EVER.

Mixed by Cas says:

Musicianship is about chemistry. Artist, Producer & engineer. Jay Z embodies this process. Kendrick Lamar embodies the process. This Nas project sounds rushed, incomplete, lazy, as well lacks effort. I had lots of anxiety listening to it. I can go as far as saying cringe worthy. 7 songs from Nas & Kanye should be magnanimous. Missed the mark!


Ken loves hating Kanye….


KLHY (Ken Loves Hating Ye)

s c says:

this comments sections goes to show that old heads really are the most fickle fans. can’t take any criticism of the shit they like or you trippin lmao

Fernando Bravo says:

I think y’all are buggin but I get. Best thing I can say is listen to it a few more times to get a better understanding but if you don’t get it then you don’t get it or it’s not for you

INFINITE 2020 says:


Trinitk45 says:

I think the problem with this album was that Kanye didnt challenge Nas… As a producer you want the artist to sound as great as possible and challenge them… And instead of challenging Nas, Kanye treated him as just a legend

C. MACnificent says:

You guys are killing me..he dropped knowledge..y’all make it like he didn’t kill Adam and Eve or what he was saying in Everything..Not for Radio..your expectations are making you not appreciate what is being said..

Screw The Media says:

The people have definitely spoken. Nas album dope.

braiden45 says:

Completely agree with Mike on this one. The production was dope to me. Nas just brought ok bars to em.

Quentin Banks says:

Simple things my favorite song.

Nelson Savage says:

Streams Of Thought Volume 1 is better than Nasir.

Tanasha Bunch says:

Life is good had some great production. There was a lot of different sounds on that album. And Nas killed everyone of them. This album was disappointing especially after the anticipation.

bobbyw223 says:


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