Nipsey Hussle – Victory Lap Album Review | DEHH

Nipsey Hussle’s ‘Victory Lap’ has been years in the making. How does Nipsey come through on his debut album? Find out here in our review of his new album Victory Lap.

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DEHH presents: Who the hell is Damone Tyrell?

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Kahn Jo says:

cant wait for prhyme

Jordan Clemons says:

I like Nipsey as the businessman and what he does way more than him as a rapper

King Marc says:

Why are you guys uploading so few videos now ?

Avery Lopez says:

Feefo’s best review hands down

Ovni Cabezon says:

d6 reloaded

mktking says:

Sean Combs is NOT an executive producer on this album. False. Executive Production
Samiel Asghedom, Adam Andebrhan, Stephen Donelson, Steve “Steve-O” Carless & Nipsey Hussle. Yes Diddy was INVOLVED in the project but not in the capacity that one of the guys states.

Daniel Emílio says:

Review Skyzoo – In Celebration of Us

Brandon Francoeur says:

PRhyme 2 asap

Lo boracho says:

Bitter Dose!!!!!

YungUpgrade says:

Nobody liked Succa Proof??

Burgzzz says:

12:55 Oooh LOL

MoeMoneyrunstheWORLD says:

Wow Feefo is like a unsigned promoter for Nipsey

Brenden Moheit says:

Why you don’t review Maxo Kream is beyond me smh

Adam Phillip says:

Need to do that Apathy album.

Rashaad Brown says:

Y’all finally did it but yall didn’t breakdown nothing…..all yall said was if yall liked it or not really… mention of the kendrick verse or other features break down of the beats ….this was a lazy one yall….its tough to see yall do a big release this way and cover some obscure artist album from front to back in detail…..we look to yall for the critics opinion not the ….it was cool or not thumbs up down abbreviated version just because yall not fans of the artist…..

Andover Sandlot says:


Mista O Heath says:

I feel Mike beezy

Kenneth Baker says:

review phryme2

Davie Love III says:

Great review bros

Blast This says:

Feefo solo review

Brandon Walker says:

This was a Feefo episode…he went in! The Victory Lap track alone had me hooked. Dope, dope, album.

Lesuel Brown says:

I know y’all have those new Phonte & Jericho Jackson albums on review.

charlemagnebbf says:


Jordan Clemons says:

If Nipsey could just switch up flows. So far Phonte has AOTY

Murk says:

Feefo a huge fan of the most underwhelming and below average rappers who is the generic stamp. I know shit has to bump, but does that also entail speaking about rappers like you take endless bumps to your head?

And Kinge can’t review any rapper without using “motherfucker” a hundred times.

F.L.O.W. says:

This review was the equivalent to when Beezy likes an album and he actually talks about the album for half the episode except this time it was Feefo.

DreDaDon__ says:

I just can get into Nipsey music

Terence Guedes says:

Elzhi & Khrysis – Jericho Jackson
Cozz – Effected
Please DEHH.

Eric Iverson says:

Nipsey album dope

Adrian Romero says:

Same w/ Myke here

TexasNightmare210 says:

Yet again I agree with Myck. I just can’t vibe with Nipsy flow. All the songs on this sh*t sound the same and his voice is just annoying.

Ash Marie says:

Crenshaw showed me nip was talented and now he just stands apart from the rest. Victory lap is an amazing album, I’d put it over DAMN. And 44:4

Give me Your Money says:


The Hip Hop Times says:

So I guess its over for the Cozz review?

Topnotchryde88 says:

Best album of 2018!!!

Daniel Williamson says:

Do Bobby Tarantino II

Nathaniel Lepe says:

Review Chief Keef dedication

Jack of all Fades says:

Nacirema Dream 4Lyfe!

Eric Iverson says:

That camera guy laugh mad annoying

erias wright says:

Y’all should review the Lil Dicky feat. Cris Brown freaky Friday joint. Tooooooo funny. Lmao!!!!

Alex Fdez Palacios says:

Im on that Feefo mood, when you talk about an album/artist like that you know there is much respect there

anthony williams says:

I feel Myke on the rhyme scheme. Nipsey’s old style was better. However the album got hella slaps on it. He motivate black people to make better business decisions. CAN NEVER HATE ON THAT. For the sake of pure rapping, I miss the Bullets ain’t got no names

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