NOTHING BUT FAXX! | Nas – Nasir FULL ALBUM | Reaction/Review

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Donovan Not McNabb says:

They said hip hop is dead. HIP HOP STILL LIVES. It has been revived

-Im a christian but im not perfect- says:

React to NF please!!!

Manuel Hernandez says:

Dunno if dontai knows but mr bro got the same headphones same color everything. Identical.

Treyvon Smith says:

Can you use your old intro

lava mouth says:

My middle name is NaSir

Ryan Carreon says:

To be kings you have to be above others bruh…

Mash Potato says:

Is that a j dilla beat playing towards the end of the video?

Mash Potato says:

Nas is the greatest rapper of all time

Lildikgirl666 says:

Do Mexicans have something to do with this rasicm because I’m going thru trump trumperty

ZAYWOP says:

One of the best albums of the year … easily a 9/10

Delivery Man says:

Knock em out the park, Rick

Emont Merritt says:

Mark my words “one day my songs will be getting reacted by dontai” -2018

The Duuude says:

Hey why is your music so garbage Dontai???? Honestly like are you too scared to answer you know it’s trash.

Slay It Raw says:

Dontai you gotta react to NF he just released a new Music Video called Why. You’ll love it bro trust me.

Logan Moeller says:

The black dude in the Starbucks was there for hours and he got arrested for loitering, it’s the law

masta shy guy says:

Do jays new album

Austin Lee says:

And your not gonna react t0 jay z and Beyoncé’s album the heckles

Sonofd1ngleb3ry Clark says:


Jaheim Hernandez says:

don’t let this you from the fact that I didn’t say distract

jahh dareal says:

That shit ass

Diffensive e says:

20:26 Um Kanye????!!!

HolyVega says:

Why the promoted song sound like Tyler the Creator??

Austin Lee says:

If there is ass world star is gonna repost that

Nikhil Kumar Ramreddy says:

dope review

lava mouth says:

How you gon put Nas and this ass paid promotion in the same vid

Splatter says:

you gotta spark a blunt and re listen to Bonjour

EJ Rivera says:

Knock em the box rick

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