OutKast – Aquemini Classic Album Preview

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Beezy430″s Full Solo Classic Review of: OutKast – Aquemini

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DEHH presents: Who the hell is Damone Tyrell?

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Big Tuna says:

I thought Feefo was Teddy Perkins for a sec

Sykii 5 says:

My favorite Hip Hop album of all time!!!

Len VDL says:

I usually don’t ask for reviews but y’all gotta listen to that new saba album, album of the year by a landslide so far

WhoaNellyJake says:


Eye says:

Big L was so ahead of his time

Amun Ra says:

ATLiens is waaayyyy better than this album, stop it with the propaganda.

Donovan Simmons says:

1:55 x)

Matthew Noel says:

My favorite joint is Da Art of Storytelling Part 1

Ras Dam says:

I skip Yall Scared and most of the interludes.

Zambato says:

If I donate to your patreon and I suggest a project that isn’t in English but I’ll give you the translated lyrics can it have a chance?

CKdine says:

kind of rude to mock ur fans like that tho man. i understand its only 9% but questioning ppls hip hop iq is kinda fucking wack

Keith Alexander says:

What about liberation

Prolifik_NC says:

I don’t really care for chonkyfire either. People skip mamacita but that song isn’t bad except that dude rapping with the fake ass Spanish accent at the end lol.

ATK says:

Whats the name of the beat playing in the background? Its FIRE!

Messvayne says:

Chonkyfire??? really Ken??? sigh…it’s not your fault Bruh

Renecide says:

Big L next please 😀

step17 says:


Dexter Oddie says:

Do a classic review for Big L!! That would be so sick!!!

William Lavagna says:

Speakerboxxx/The Love Below

muti bacon says:

Y’all gotta give the Saba album a listen

Eye says:

Everybody that can vote let’s vote for that big L lifestyle of the poor and dangerous, big L was so nice, ahead of his time

jwood8769 says:

Release that Food & Liquor review!!!!!!!

ilovefatpussy11722 says:

The infamous needs a video

4youreyezonly says:

One of my favourite albums ever! This will never get old from me; even though it’s a throwaway from Southernplayalistikcadalliscmusik, West Savannah is definitely overlooked! Just off the strength of Aquemni, Da Art of Storytelling Pt. 1, Chonkyfire, Return of the G & Slump this a classic but even the deep cuts are amazing.

Jonathan Miller says:

Aquemini is perfect. PERFECT! Even though “Mamacita” is not awesome, this album is perfect. One of the best ever made. “West Savannah” is still my favorite track.

Autumn Giordano says:


Fresh4eva says:

Review Chuck Strangers – Consumers Park

MC COOKE says:

Do The Infamous by Mobb Deep next please.

Self Protected says:

Flatbush zombies?

Ricky says:

return of the g…

YOURMOM230 says:

Andre 3000=goat

Frederick Davis says:

What’s up ya’ll this is one of childhood favorites album

Eye says:

If you guys to do big L that would be awesome

DJ DEE ! ! ! says:

Hell to the yeah

Boeren Cole says:

I skip mamacita

Ebony Boop says:

I really hate I missed the last concert. Smh….. The only person I seen from the Dungeon Family is the Witchdoctor.

Chris 23 says:

Aquemini, one of the best albums ever made. Only behind All Eyes On Me and The Marshall Mathers Lp

YoungPhenix says:

Wait was he hating on Ace?

Dotty Waad says:

These reveiws be killing me smh

wisewilltcp says:

Mamacita was skippable except Dre verse

Mark Quick says:

OutKast got too many classics too much fireee ahhhhh they goat

Alejandro Ramirez says:

What aesop album was it? Please just pick it, patreons

nPlatin says:

finally rich is a classic. there arent many in this decade but finally rich is one. barter 6 too imo

Shane Baxter says:

This album was was unlike anything else of its time. I remember the fuss when The Source gave it 5 mics.

Classic. Most definitely.

Iconic? Perhaps not.

Avery Salak says:

My mind warps and bends..

Michael Laurenza says:

Love the classic reviews I wish they got as much views as your cardi b videos so you’d be motivated to do more of them, haha

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